Sunday, November 26, 2017

10 The Chaos Manifesto vs Iron Sleet #8

"To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times."

With the percipience of war being laid upon us, we are gifted with the opportunity to experience a new beginning.  One in which we will experience unadulterated pain like we have never felt before.  I myself wait with open arms for a life without pain is one not worth living.  Countless souls will be lost to the warp, while many others will be haunted by the atrocities of war.  If you want to be a victim then do so outside my consortium.  If you want to be the ghoul in the night that knocks at pathetic doors then follow me into the void.  

With my models having received a weathering to their lower extremities it looks like my models are nearing completion for the Iron Sleet's Invitational: The Thorn Moons Crusade.  I thought tonight I would play around with my camera, lights and a mirror to flesh out my photographic submission.  At the same time I thought I would expose my models at some new angles to help flesh them out in your minds.  This is pure unadulterated photo porn at its best...enjoy.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

4 The Chaos Manifesto vs Iron Sleet #7

"To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times."

I care little for who wins this forsaken fight but rather only wish to survive as I have done for the hundreds of years behind me.  I will throw countless bodies in the machine if that is what it takes.  I will play both sides against the other and stab them both in the back when the opportunity arises.  If needed I will chew off my own leg in order to survive.  Dawn will come again for me and those that follow me.  This cannot be said for those who jeopardize my way of life. It is fool hardy to think that one can push another into a corner and not expect to have them fight back.  

I pushed hard last week to get the bulk of my painting done for the Iron Sleet Invitational; Thorn Moons Crusade.  I am pleased to say that taking the week off to do this was a success.  I have my 7 miniatures painted to what appears to be 99% completion status.  The only thing left is to get a few folks to critique my models.   One of the most pleasing aspects that I painted were the scrolls on my Rogue Trader.  This was my first ever attempt at painting script on a scroll and painting scrolls period.  The aging of the parchment makes me smile but the scrolls have the dark gods themselves smiling.  In order for me to get them painted this way I actually drew each of the scrolls and mapped each of them out.  This was crucial as it let me practice drawing the characters and made sure what I wanted would fit on the banners.  Another aspect of the Rogue Trader that I am pleased with is the flames.  Overall I'm extremely happy with how the entire warband turned out.  You will have to pardon my lack of posting but as you can see below I have been a busy little rat.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

1 The Chaos Manifesto vs Iron Sleet #6

"To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times."

"Can you hear the angles?  Can you hear them singing?  They loom overhead with plans to descend upon on.  They are are here to cleanse our worlds.  They are hear to extinguish the flames within us.  I stand in the doorway and we must push them back into the dark space where they came from.  Send out as many bodysnatchers as you can.  If the pathetic souls of this moon are to be saved they must be transcended into my covenant.  Bring them back to me so that I can kill the sound within them. They will become a pale imitation of their former selves; edges all but cutoff.  Exposing their souls to the symphony of pain that is life.  Their screams will be the music in which she delights.  Hurray now for time is of the essence.  We have a feast to prepare for 'She Who Thirsts'". 

Shadowy figures of all shapes and sizes scuttle into the cover of night. Acting out the Rogue Trader's commands they are the mules that will provide a back from which his army will be built.  Each wretched soul a ball of clay from which to create.  Each an opportunity to augment, disfigure and mutilate in her name.  Everyone of them will be transformed till he becomes this moons only hope.

The Iron Sleet's Invitational is in full swing with todays reveal of the the next 25 entries into the Thorn Moons Crusade.  The conversions, kitbashing and creativity is unreal to say the least.  For me its the dark twisted ideas that get me excited.  If you have not checkout the first 50 submissions over at the Iron Sleet you are truly missing out on some inspiring hobby creations.  As for my corrupt Rogue Trader and his augmented denizens, they are each slowly getting lavished in a plethora of mutated browns, reds, yellows and oranges as I attempt to do them justice on the painting side of the house.  Time is of the essence as they days are disappearing fast.  To help combat this I took this week off work and hope to get them ready for the December 1st deadline.  Here are some WIPS for you all to enjoy.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

0 The Chaos Manifesto vs Iron Sleet #5

"To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times."

Tinkering and toiling away, I create one thing so that I can destroy something else.  I built this consortium not for the needs of those around me but for the sheer indulgence of my malicious wants.  The lives of those around me matter little but our bond is held together none the less. I do not distress in their constraints breaking as I have tied the knots with fear itself.  They know my wraith is an endless cruelty from which they dare not play with.  As a failsafe I've empowered them with indulgences beyond their comprehension.  Once feeble outcasts with nothing to show for themselves I have lifted them up above the filth from which they came.  Their augmentation give them purpose but more importantly make them useful to the society that I have created.  

"Hellwright, Zulfiqar, existed beyonds any natural means of existence.  He has evaded time itself and with death as well.  The sheer amount of augmentation that compose of his body makes it quick to see how he has accomplish this goal.  What many do not realize though is that he has been blessed by "She who thirsts".  Through his unadulterated self mutilations and the indulgence of blending man with machine Zulfiqar is without a doubt a disciple of Slaanesh.  Stimulating not only his own wanton lusts he indulges those around him as well.  Through vicious augmentations to illicit narcotics they quickly become dependant upon him.  It is through these imprisoned followers that he has rising to power in the Thorn Moons.  He knows that man has its limits and preys only on those cast aside by society.  He knows not to directly attack the institutions of man but rather aims to erode away at its foundations.  It hear in the darkness and filth that his work can go unnoticed.  It is here that he thrives as a Rogue Trader."

As the days tick bye, I have been toiling away myself on painting my Corrupt Rogue Trader, Zulifiqar, and his augmented denizens. I am currently approaching them as a whole in an attempt to speed up the process.  Batch painting them in stages will allow me to maximize my time while relying on a few tried and tested paint schemes.  The first of which is giving each of them a rust foundations from which to stand upon.  It is a messy affair of reds, oranges and yellows but is rooted into the mud through the use of brown.  To help draw the eye through the murky depths of corruption I have dry brushed the edges with some silver to draw out the details.

At this stage my vision of accomplish is barley legible but with time and appreciation I will achieve my goal.  As I put the finishes touches on this blog post my models for the Iron Sleet Invitational are bathing in concoction of purple and green wash with a hint of chestnut ink.  This mixture creates a deep black that is ideal for metals while blending the colours together.  More importantly it brings shading into the recesses of the model thus pulling out the details as that is where the devil is.  More importantly here is what most of you have been waiting to see the models themselves.  Be sure to head over to as they have begun revealing the 100 entries into the Thorn Moons Crusade.