Tuesday, October 10, 2017

5 The Chaos Manifesto vs Iron Sleet #1

"To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times."

Driven to madness, the blood inside me recoils in fear at what they have marked me for.  To know what fate has in store for you is not easy to swallow.  For the cruelty of my life is an unimaginable twisted existence that torments my soul.  Sleep itself leaves a pungent taste in my mind, for my dreams of late are plagued by them.  Each of them a gnarled layer of decayed flesh and metal.  Each of them bathed it the stench of death itself.  Each of them covered in a film of dried blood over their soiled skin.  The cold bitter steel that impregnates them has corrupted their essence of man.  I question the truth before my eyes and wonder if I will ever wake up from this prison they have entombed me in, let alone escape from them.  For it seems I am shackled to their nightmarish thoughts; a eternity of whispering psychosis, delusions and absurdities.    

Today, The Chaos Manifesto, received a transmission from the Thorn Moons where an eternal war wages on.  The Regiments of the Imperial Guard lay siege upon the twisted worlds that the Emperor long ago forgot.  The corrupted soul that call the Thorn Moons their home fight with savage desperation for their realm.  It is here that The Chaos Manifesto has been called.  Here I will set my mind upon the challenge that the Iron Sleet has set forth.  I hope I can not only live up to this challenge but inspire those around me to contribute to this epic narrative.  For those of you not aware of what I am talking about listen careful to my words.

The bloggers, creators and frontiersman of the Iron Sleet have issued their second iteration of their INVITATIONAL.  This is a year long narrative wargaming campaign and world building project set in the Warhammer 40k Universe.  Bound by the code that "Story is King" and forged by the principle that the gravity of art lies within the miniatures we create.  They are looking for anyone willing to unleash the creativity of the mind to create, "build and paint five human sized models that beautifully and fittingly describe the humble human in the galactic war and show of your original ideas and understanding of the Warhammer 40000 universe."  This month's objective is take black and white photographs of your work-in-progress.  This will help them plan while also exposing your own thought process behind your models.  November's challenge is to finish them, write a 200 word narrative about them and take several photos of them.  

With a new version of Necromunda on the horizon I have been leaning towards creating more unique, individual characters. Yes, it is another project for me to work on but it is one that contributes to a community effort that aims to celebrate Games Workshops miniatures and story telling while inspiring them as well.  As such, The Chaos Manifesto, will be switching gears in what I hope to be an epic tale of my twisted and corrupted Chaos warband.  As for what exactly I have in mind for my Chaos warband, you will have to stay tuned to find out.


  1. Sounds Exciting!

    I love the idea of the invitational.
    I've decided to try and make some loyalists for the first time in ages.

    1. Sick!!! You have a blog where I can follow your work? Bought, ordered and have been trading for the bits and kits I will need.

    2. haha nah maintaining a blog is too much time for me.

  2. I'm working on a dark mechanicus army (and have been for what seems like forever now, going on 2 years) and I really love the imagery here, very inspiring

  3. I just bought several mechanicus kits for this very project. Waiting for two more kits and I have a few bitz trades to go down this week then it's full steam ahead. Check out my second post as it has several photos that inspired me for my models.