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1 The Good, The Bad & The Panda: Codex Chaos Space Marines Review #9 Heavy Support

A volley of Lascannon shots rip their way across the battlefield and melt a hole clean through the side armour of an Ultramarine Rhino.  An explosion erupts as one of the shots stuck the Rhino's fuel tank.  The marines inside are vaporized before they even get the chance to scream out for their salvation.  The Chaos mechanized force continues to bare down on their eternal enemy.  As the Chaos force closes the ground between the two armies their vehicles begin to vomit forth the infantry models that were inside them.  Khorne Berzerkers and Chaos Space Marines disembark from their transports.  Both the vehicles and the infantry send a wall of bullets towards the cowering Ultramarines.  The vehicles fire their troops into the fortifications of the enemy as final stage of the battle begins to play out.  Bolters are slung and close combat weapons are swung.  Before you know it the battle is over thanks to the vehicles that transported you and your fellow Chaos Space Marines across the the battlefield. 

Rat Fink is without a doubt a Daemon Prince of Nurgle but more importantly he understands the importance of vehicles in 40k.  They ofter you not only mobility but they ofter you a durable platform that can weather a surprising amount of firepower .  This Chaos Space Marine Codex review is going to examine the engines of the 4 vehicles (non-daemon engine types) that are presented in the Heavy Support section of the Codex.  Without any more yapping, ladies and gentlemen, let's start our engines!!!

Chaos Rhino
Overview:  The work horse of many Chaos Space Marine Legions.  This mighty metal beast of Chaos may not be as impressive as other transports in the 40k verse but the weight that it pulls is extraordinary to say the least.  The Chaos Rhino is suited to transport units across the battlefield and protect them in doing so.

Good: They are the cheapest vehicle that Chaos Space Marines have access to.  The sheer amount of wounds, 10, and its toughness of 7 actually give it the ability to with stand a fair amount of damage.  It comes stock with a mandatory 1 times "Combi-weapon" but does have It does have the option to take a second one.  In addition to these it can take 1 "Havoc Launcher".  "Self-repair" is a nice bonus as with the "Smoke Launcher" abilities and are nothing to complain against.  Its movement of 12" is more than enough for this monster truck to get around the table. Oh and let's not forget that it can carry up to 10 light infantry models (no terminators, "Cult of Destruction" or "Jump Pack" units).

Bad: The degrading profile is always something to cry over as it affects its movement value and its BS values

Panda: I am a huge proponent of the Chaos Rhino or any Rhino for that matter.  8th edition gave it the ability to weather a series of attacks and make one-shoting them a rarity.  I like to keep things simple on them to help keep the costs down on them.  More times than not, I give it 1 "Combi-bolter" but if I have the spare points I will give it a "Combi-flamer" instead.  The "Havoc Launcher" can add some extra long range punch but its not worth the cost in my HOT opinion.  I like to see 2-3 rhinos in each of my 2k armies to move a variety of units into close combat with the enemy.  One of the best tactics out there is to unload its' payload at the start of your movement phase then move the Chaos Rhino up with the dismounted infantry.  You then have the Rhino charge the enemy units first to soak up the overwatch.  If successful which it will usually be, it will now prevent said unit from over watching your more vulnerable infantry models.  To those that do not like this tactics, suck it up as this is a pretty dam accurate representation of how a modern armoured fighting vehicle would fire its dismounts into the enemy's lines.  Bloody Fantastic.

Chaos Vindicator
Overview:  Big gun never tire and that rings true when it comes to Chaos biggest and baddest tank.  The Vindicator's "Demolisher Cannon" is a monstrosity and it will utterly destroy the world around if given the chance.  The Vindicator is suited for midrange shooting.

Good:  The Vindicator comes stock with a "Demolisher Cannon" which is nothing to scoff at; Str 10, AP -3, Dmg D6.  This results in it wounding the majority of its targets on 2's with only leaving them with an armour save of 6+.  It gets a nice boost to its survivability as it is Toughness 8 which means that the enemy is going to need high strength weapons to wound it but even so they will only be wounding on 5's.  It also receives an extra wound.  It can take a "Havoc Launcher" and or a "Combi-weapon" if you are feeling spicy.  It is fairly cheap as it only costs 135pts.  At this price tag it is a tempting unit to include in your army.

Bad: Like all vehicles now in 8th edition it comes with a degrading profile.  To makes matters worse it moves relatively slow when compared against other vehicles; 10" movement when at full health.   The next major hit via degradation is its' BS.  The variable amount of shots is a major turn off for me as it is Heavy D3 when targeting units with less than 5 and Heavy D6 for units of 5 or more.  Not being able to count on a set amount will always bite you in the ass when you need it most.  The heavy weapon type also punishes you for moving and shooting with it.  Its major drawback though is the "Demolisher Cannon's" range of 24", as it means you need to get a hell of lot closer than most shooting vehicles should want to.

Panda: Having to get within 24" of the enemy to get your bang for your buck places this tank into a precarious situation.  It is not that hard for certain units, bikers, jump units and deepstriking units to get a charge off on the Vindicator.  Once this happens the Vindicator will no longer be able to shoot; even with falling back it still cannot shoot.  To help mitigate this, I recommend giving it a "Combi-flamer" for protecting during overwatch.  The "Linebreaker Bombardment" stratagem is a joke as far as I am concerned as it is just a marketing ploy by GW.  "Blasphemous Machines" stratagem will let you ignore the penalties for moving and firing heavy weapons which can be useful on its first volley.  However, I feel that there are other stratagems that will give you a better return for your command points.  The "Havoc Launcher" can add some extra long range punch but its not worth the cost as far as this PANDA is concerned.  Despite the cheap price tag on the Vindicator I am not going to be including one in my army due to its "Demolisher Cannon's" range as a savvy opponent will quickly charge it and thus make it useless.

Chaos Predator
Overview:  The Chaos Predator turns the Rhino chassis into an apex hunter on the battlefield.  It is suited for Vehicle hunting but also is highly effective against Characters and Monstrous creatures.

Good: It has a wide variety of loadouts with it coming stock with a "Predator Autocannon".  This can be swapped out for a "Twin Lascannon" which is an excellent upgrade.  In addition to its' main gun it can take two side sponsons; 2x "Lascannons" or 2x "Heavy Bolters"  This enables it to be effective against any target type on the battlefield.  All of these weapons have an excellent threat range that also enables it a great standoff distance for protection against being charged.  It can also be fitted with a "Havoc Launcher" and or a "Combi-weapon" if you want some additional dakka.  It has a nice movement range of 12" when at full health and has 11 wounds.  

Bad: Once again it has a degrading profile which is a party killer as it not only effectives its' movement but its' BS as well.  Like the Vindicator the Predator suffers from having Heavy weapon types as no one wants to have a -1 penalty to shoot for having to move but even more so for a Tank.  

Panda: The Twin Lascannon, duel Lascannon option is a nasty option, a popular option and the only option in my humble opinion.  It will cost you 190pts but I feel that is neither a steal or a scam.  It turns the Predator into one of the most effective Vehicle, Monstrous Creature and Character hunter that Chaos has access to.   The "Heavy Bolter" option is a cheaper version but is a waste on this platform.  If you want "Heavy Bolters" put them on your Marines.  The "Predator Autocannon" is overprice and needs a cost reduction to make it viable. Being only 1pt less then a "Twin Lascannon" is not worth it.  Yes it can "POSSIBLY" get more shots off with its variable 2D3 but its' lack of AP punch is another blow against it when compared to the "Twin-Lascannon".  The stratagem "Killshot" is another GW ploy to get you to buy more Predators.  While they are a viable and valuable unit in any Chaos Space Marine Legion you do not need 3 of them.

Chaos Land Raider
Overview:  The Chaos Land Raider combines a tank and a transport into one tough package.  The bulge on this package is huge as it has everything that a girl wants in a vehicle.  It is suited for transporting units and long range fire support.

Good: Its' toughness value of 8 and its' amount of wounds, 16, makes for one of the most durable vehicles in the game.  Its' "Daemonic Machine Spirt" ability is the bees knees as it negates the -1 penalty for moving and shooting its' heavy weapons.  This will allow you to stay focus on delivers its payload of infantry.  It comes with a "Twin-Heavy Bolter" and not one but two sponsons of "Twin Lascannons"  In addition it can be given a "Havoc Launcher" and or a "Combi-weapon".  This adds up to a a lot of dakka. It can carry any type of infantry model that you want to stuff into it and has a capacity for up to 10 models.  Bare in mind that certain infantry types take up more room than others.

Bad: The degrading profile strikes again and it cuts deep on the vehicles movement and BS most notably.  The 10" movement makes it once of the slowest units in the game.  It's price however cuts even deeper at a whopping 356pts minimum.  You are paying for what you are getting though.

Panda: This HOTpanda cannot justify the cost of this vehicle especially when Rhinos boost in durability.  I have never once since 3rd edition ever felt or thought of buying a Landraider as their price has always be ridiculously high.  I would rather field a Rhino and triple Lascannon Predator, which can cost you 262pts.  I don't need to transport my Terminator wearing CSM as they can just deepstrike directly where they need to be.  Sure that Rhino of mine is going to get destroyed in a couple turns or more but that is all you need to deliver the infantry inside.  Yes the Land Raider will continue contributing but it is just not worth it.  Feel free to try and convince me in the comments that the Land Raider is worth every penny as I would love for someone to change my opinion on them.

Any and all Chaos Legions should utilize 2-3 of these vehicles at the minimum in their army as a mechanized force is a game changer.  They provide protection to the troops that they can transport and provide mobile LOS blocking units for any dismounted units that you may have included in your army.  The speed in which they can close with and destroy your enemy is well worth whatever points you spend on them.  I cannot praise the lowly Rhino enough in this edition and the inclusion of a triple "Lascannon" Predator is a scary sight for any army to go up against.  We are one post away from closes out the review on the Chaos Space Marine units.  Please continue to bare with me as I venture into the final phase of my review on the codex.

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