Friday, September 29, 2017

0 Flashback Friday #19: Blood Bowl vs Angry Woebots

V-Nuffle Production Presents
The Angry Woebots
a Blood Bowl Lizardmen Team by HotPANDA!!!

Well over a year ago I bought some miniatures from 3A Productions.  They general make 1/6th and 1/12th scale models that range from war crazy robots to perverted barbie dolls in latex outfits to Marvel super heros.  What drew me to 3A was the war torn universe that co-founder Ashley Wood created; World War Robots.  When they offered 1/32 scale models, essentially 25mm I was stoked and jumped all over the opportunity.  I was not sure what I would use them at the time but I knew that this opportunity could not be passed up on.  As time went by the models collected a layer of dust and soon were forgotten.  Then once again 3A offered a new set of 1/32 scale robots and then several months later a third type of robot.  Each time I bought several packs of each for when that bright shiny apple would fall upon my head.  Once again time passed and the layers of dust began to build on the robots.

Everthing fell into place during the 3rd Season of my local Blood Bowl League; V-Nuffle.  A LIZARDMEN team!!!  That right these models could be used to proxy as a Lizardmen team.  The pill shaped robots in the bags above would be my Saurus, the little square bots would be the skinks and the Large robots would act as the Kroxigors.  Now that I had a team I just needed a name and a uniform for them.  I ended up settling on the team name ANGRY WOEBOTS after an Artist that paints angry pandas.  I was hoping to paint panda faces on each of them but the scale of them made that task next to impossible.  With that in mind I switched gears to a simple rusted out black colour scheme.  To help amplify the teams ANGRY nature I covered each bot with graffiti.  Each of them has a foul insult for a name which is painted on them amongst the street art that adorns their bodies.  Names range from, Mother Fucker, Fuck You, Bitch, Twat, Dick, Shit and few other vulgar insults.  Since taking these pictures I have stippled a layer of orange rust onto the models and touched up a few things on each of them.  I still have to base the models with some patchy worn out grass but I will do that another day.  For now I will share my latest Blood Bowl team with you.

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