Thursday, August 17, 2017

0 WIP it Wednesday #46: Daemon Princes of Nurgle!!!

The forces of Nurgle have blossomed into a truly disgusting force with the release of 8th edition.  The Death Guard have been show cased heavily by including them in the starter set.  Part of cringes inside as every joe blow now is looking at doing a Death Guard army but I'm able to settle my stomach knowing that not everyone is doing what I have done.  By that I mean I have done up my Nurgle force heavily around swamp theme.  Each and everyone one of my models have been extensively converted, especially that of my Defiler.  My two Daemon Princes have each been given a set a wings cause lets face it without them they are not quiet as fearsome due to their cumbersome size and speed.

My painting of late have been as slow as molasses due to some personal issues with sleep and a case of painters block.  I did recently recover from the second of these two aliments by coming up with how I wanted to paint the skin and fungus on my Nurgle miniatures.  Lets have a look at what I came up with. 

As you can see I have stuck to that same limited colour palette with only the inclusion of a dark purple. In essence its an autumn paint scheme. I love how the skin has turned out; sickly and putrid.  The sores are pulsating, while the open wounds are festering and bloody.  There is still a lot of work to be down on these two models but I feel with the rusted armour and the disgusting skin I am off to a great start.

I am aiming for a John Blanche look to my models have been inspired to stick with a dark grimy brown palette.  I have to figure out how I want to paint their wings but I do know that I will be going with a thick reddish muddy base.  One of the things I am pleased with is the heavy dry brushing of mithral silver as it creates a nice contrast with the rest of the colours.  If you've read this far you are probably sick of hearing me so lets leave it with a close up for Mr. Deville.

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