Thursday, August 10, 2017

0 WIP it Wednesday #45: Havocs of Nurgle

We cannot innovate without opening the door to Havoc!!!  For Chaos this is not an issue like that of the Imperium.  A little disturbance in the warp never hurt anyone but perhaps the false emperor himself and lap dogs.  It is through innovation that the dogs of war let let loose their screams of havoc for all those to hear.  The past week has been a bumpy road for me due to lack of sleep which has reeked havoc on my mindset.  Not much hobby work was accomplished but I did manage to dedicated myself for several hours to Papa Nurgle himself.  Specifically to the creation of seven, yes seven, Havocs of Nurgle.  Each of them an jewel in his eye; each them a disgusting pile of filth.  Along with a previously built Havoc they will operate in squads of 5 each kitted out with 4 missile launchers.  In my humble opinion Missile Launchers are experiencing a renaissance in this edition of Warhammer 40k thanks to their versatility.  Able to deliver one solid punch with up to 6 damage apiece or several jabs over they have the tools for anything they come across.  One squad is not enough though as a cunning enemy will strike them down before they can do a dam thing.  Two squads though and they will not know what hit them.  Enough blabbing out of my puss filled gob though; without further ado here are my several Havocs of Nurgle.

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