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0 The Good, The Bad & The Panda: Codex Chaos Space Marines Review #1 HQ

My dark brothers of destruction and death.  We have lifted the false emperors blindfold of lies and now stand before his puppet army.  They've infected the populous with their propaganda of deception.  It is us that will have to purge the galaxy of this infect through a maelstrom of hatred and fire.  Join me today in the first of a series of reviews on how to build your legion.  We will examine each and every unit and discuss what they bring to the table in a format that highlights their pros and cons.  At the end of the day I hope that this series will strike forth an ethos of hatred towards the imperium and a love for all that is Chaos.  LET THE GALAXY BURN!!!

I'm going to start this review off from where most of us will be building are armies around; our headquarters units.  These are the units that project an aura of destruction over the battlefield which helps mutate your units into truly awe inspiring warriors or who.  There are six different units that can help lead your Legion or Renegades with (not including the various special characters).  First up on the list is the the glorious Chaos Lord and the warp bending Sorcerer.

Chaos Lord Naked & Alone
Overview: Footslogging basic version of the Chaos Lord. Suited for Close Combat against non-dedicated melee units.

Good: His 6" aura provides the ability to re-roll hit rolls of 1 both for shooting and close combat which gives him and the units around him a versatile buff.  For him that means he will rarely miss, whether its via shooting or close combat as he has a 2+ for both his BS & WS.  His Sigil of Corruption provides him a much need insurance clause by giving him a 4++ invulnerable save.  Lastly he is one of the cheaper options so if you are low on points this might be your man.

Bad: If you are not putting him inside a transport he will either be walking or staying static to provide a buff.  This is a waste in my opinion as the Jump Pack option is not much more especially in that it gives him the speed he needs to move around the battlefield to where he is needed while using the character rule to stat hidden.

Panda:  Personally I will not be running a Naked Chaos Lord as I feel that one with a Jump Pack or in Terminator bring more to the table thanks to their ability to deepstrike and durability.  Pass on this unless you are short on point and or running a heavy MSU or mechanized force where throwing him in a Rhino or Landraider makes him viable.

"Red Bull" Chaos Lord with Wings aka: Jump Pack
Overview: A highly versatile/mobile HQ that can insert via "Jump Pack Assault" with the likes of Raptors, Warptalons or Terminators, while still be able to keep pace with a mechanized force.  Suited for Close Combat against non-dedicated melee units.

Good: Same aura as the Naked and Alone Chaos Lord except now his 12" move allows him to quickly and easily get to where you want him buffing your units or hacking apart your enemies. His mobility will help you be able to pick what units you want him fighting against thus being able to exploit weaknesses in your enemy.  Still gets the 4++ invulnerable save which is outstanding.

Bad: I don't have any qualms about this version of the Chaos Lord.

Panda:  A personal favorite of mine as he can either surround himself with Raptors or advance in the shadows of a mechanized force.  I like giving him a Combi-Melta to help finish off vehicles, monster and or characters.  

"Tin Man" Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour
Overview: A durable version of the Chaos Lord that I like to call the Tin Man.  Thanks to his Terminator Armour he is able to weather most storms. Suited to accompany squads Chaos Terminators.

Good: Same aura and save invulnerable save as the other two versions of the Chaos Lords.  Able to insert via Teleport Strike.  

Bad: Once deployed his 5" movement is felt in the nuts as he has difficulty keeping pace with enemy units and or getting to where he wants to be.  Price is still reasonable but starting to get up their depending on war gear loadout.

Panda:  Use to help buff and support either Alpha (1st turn attack) or Beta (2nd/3rd Turn Attack) striking Chaos Terminators.   If used with say 10 Slaanesh Terminators kitted out with Combi-Plasma his aura will help mitigate overheating especially if you are going to double down with the stratagem "Endless Cacophony" which lets a Slaanesh Infantry unit shoot a second time.  If in rapidfire range we are talking about 40 strength 8, AP -3 Dmg 2 shots.  This will make any and I do mean any unit disappear off the board.

Overview: Your 41st millenium version of a Chaos wizard.  Able to know 3 powers, 1 being smite, and the other two your choice from the Heretics Physic Power list.  He is able to cast up to two of those physic powers a turn.  Suited to support other units by buffing them and by debuffing enemy units.

Good: His physic powers give him game changing abilities that can either protect your units or lay waste to enemy units.  Notable powers include "Death Hex", "Prescience"and "Warptime".  Also comes with a force weapon which is always a nice buff in the wounds department as they do more damage then their counter parts.

Bad: No aura to buff nearby units but who needs it when you can cast physic powers.  The other down side is that they do not get an invulnerable save which is a load of shit if you ask me.  I would gladly pay for the ability to take a Sigil of Corruption.  Combine that with him having to footslog it out unless he has a ride but then if is he riding around in a vehicle he is not casting psychic powers which defeats the whole purpose.

Panda: Much like the Naked Chaos Lord you will not catch me fielding a Naked Sorcerer either due to their lack of mobility and durability when compared to the Jump Pack and Terminator options.

Sorcerer with Jump Pack
Overview: Once again the Jump Pack turns the naked version into a mobile weapon of destruction. The 12" movement is huge especially when couple with the ability to move over objects.  Suited to support other units by buffing them and by debuffing enemy units. 

Good: Mobility is what makes this Sorcerer flexible.  Being able to cover large distances to get to your target is vital especially for a psyker.  Knowing 2 powers from the Heretics list and smite is pretty awesome in my books.  Being able to cast two of those is fantastic. Unlike the vanilla Sorcerer this one should have no problem being where you need to have him each and every turn.

Bad: Same bad mojo with no aura and no invulnerable save but what's a flying fish to do.

Panda:  Selecting two powers that fits how you want to use your Sorcerer is key.  If you set him up with "Warptime" and "Diabolic Strength" but deploy him in the backfield with some Havocs you are not going to be doing much unless the enemy decides to alpha strike them.  On the other hand if you select "Warptime" and "Prescience"while deepstriking him in with some a 10 Slaanesh Terminators you are going to have a recipe for success.    The "Warptime" can be use to move the Terminators into a secure assault range while the "Prescience" can be used to bump up their ability to hit by 1.  If the Slaanesh Terminators have Combi-Flamers then there is zero chance in overheating.  Pop the stratagem "Endless Cacophony" and once again you are laying waste to any and all units.  This time however you will also be able to charge a unit as well thus continuing to exploit the "Prescience" power.  

Sorcerer with Terminator Armour
Overview:  Durability with a precise insertionvia Teleport Assault makes buffing destroying units ideal. Suited to support other units by buffing them and by debuffing enemy units.

Good:  The Terminator armour gives the Sorcerer his much needed inulnerable save even with it being a 5++.  Being able to deepstrike should place you into range to take full advantage of "Smite".

Bad: Once deployed his 5" movement is that same kuck in the nuts that the Terminator Lord gave you.  Price is still reasonable but starting to get up their depending on war gear loadout.

Panda:  You can use the exact same trick I described for the Jump Pack Sorcerer with "Prescience" psychic power and "Endless Cacophony" stratagem but this time throw in the stratagem "Veterans of the Long War" on the same 10 Slaanesh Terminators.  "Veterans of the Long War" will make their Combi-Plasmas wound a little easier by adding 1 to their wound rolls.  Yes it's one hell of an Alpha/Beta strike but it can make a knight disappear in a single turn.

Well that's enough for this week but I assure you that in the coming weeks I will continue this review and do it more frequently.  Keep fighting the good fight and as always I appreciate your comments and feedback.

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