Tuesday, August 15, 2017

0 Monday Musings of a Mantic #17: John Blanche

When I think of the Warhammer 40k immediately John Blanche's artwork pops into my mind.  Iconic!!! Grim!!! Dark!!! Dirty!!! Unique!!! Each of these words come to mind when I stare at his work.  Now many of you will probably think that I am talking about his painting when I am actually talking about his miniatures.  They are without a doubt a piece of artwork.  Each and an everyone of them an individual character filled with life where none should exist.  I am speechless each and every time I see his models.  Today, I would like to share some of those models with you as they are truly inspiring.

I bet you are left just as speechless as I am every time I look as this model.  The collar around its neck and the one shoulder pad really pull you into the model.  The shear amount of detail is mind blowing.  The eye constantly jumps from one part of the model to the next in an endless loop of ecstasy.  After you are done gushing you quickly realize that model is painting in an extremely limited colour palette yet it still pulls you into hearing its exquisite story.

This ghostly figure haunt my dreams as floats over those that it kills without remorse.  The shield pops from out of no where with both the colour red and yellow.  Yet its cloak has an immense amount of life painted on to it.  The simplicity of this model is what is truly haunting.

Grotesque and deformed this minion of chaos shambles its way into my heart.  The skin is death incarnate as it rots away on this foul beast.  The face along pull you into its agony while the splashes of red sores pull your eye from around its putrid stink.  

These two bad boys are filled with hatred for the heavy metal team that paints GWs models these days. The one on the right debates from the previous models that I showcased above with the saturation of the rich reds.  I see thus guy as a significant character perhaps even the Warlord.   The grunt on the right is perhaps one of my favorite Blanche models.  The simplicity of it is sheer perfection. Each stroke is visible in its dirty off white paint scheme.  It's Armour tells a story of the atrocities that it has commuted while the lone bright orange horn warms your heart with its sins.

All of these John Blanche models use a colour palette that despite being drab is filled with a filth that cannot be replicated with ease.  I've decided recently to give it the old college try at painting my Nurgle warriors of rust and decay in style that is reminiscent of John Blanche.  I'm not sure if I can live up to his lofty standard and I know full well that I will not ever surpass it but I will push the boundaries of my painting skills with this project.  I'm using the following colour scheme for my models; look familiar?

I will also use some creamy whites that soiled with filthy browns to help capture that Blanche look to my models.  Here is a shot of my Nurgle Daemon Prince that I am currently working on.  Lots of work still to be done but for the most part his armour, skin and fungus have settled in....for now at least.

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