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2 The Good, The Bad & The Panda: Codex Chaos Space Marines Review #4 Daemon Troops

Denizens of another realm, these unearthly fiends lurk in the twisted dimension that they call home.  Relishing at the chance to focus their rage into that of the mortals universe. Whispering ungodly secrets and sins to those that call upon them till they are able to hone in on that mortal.  Working together with their fellow followers each of them begin to tear at the veil that holds these Daemons back.  Once a gateway has opened carnage and Chaos ensure.

The Chaos Space Marine (CSM) Codex has weakened the veil between their book and that of the upcoming Chaos Daemons by showing Legions their kin on the other side.  Much like the blonde bombshell, Adele, this is just a tease as there are some serious string attached to all four of the Daemon units that are showcased in the CSM Codex.  The first string is that they do not have the Heretic Astartes Faction Keyword which means that not a single Psychic Power from the CSM Codex can be used on these Daemon Units if included in your army. This also prevents most auras from working on them unless a Daemon Prince is generating it.  The next string, is that they do not have the Faction Keyword of Heretic Astartes .  This punishes you from taking them in the same detachment as Heretic Astartes units as you would cause them to lose their trait and eventually your trait.  At this point your army becomes a Chaos soup that will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.  What you can do though is include them in a separate detachment even if it is a messily patrol detachment.  Your last option, which I HOTpanda, think is the way to go is to summon them via Daemonic Ritual.  Using a Chaos Character you can forgo its' movement to create a gateway from which your Daemon Units with the Daemonic Ritual ability can be summoned.  The Character must be of the same Chaos Mark as the Daemon unit you are summoning and the summon unit must be placed within 12" of the Character and more than 9" from enemy units.  This is without a doubt a serious trick/advantage that can and will catch your opponents off guard.  Just remember that in matched play you must set aside the points value of the units you wish to summon.  The best part is that your opponent will have no idea what unit of Daemons you are going to bring in as you do not have to declare it until you literally summon that unit onto the table.  Do not take this lightly as it is an excellent way to get that perfect Daemonic Unit to where you need them the most.  The list of available units is extensive but for today we are only going to look at Bloodletters, Horrors, Plaguebearers and  Daemonettes.

Overview: These blood soaked fiends of Khorne come in units of 10 to 30.  They are Suited for close combat and close combat only.  

Good: If a Bloodletter squad is charged or they themselves charge you get to add 1 to both their strength and number of attacks via "Unstoppable Ferocity".  This moves them up to strength 5 and 2 attacks a piece (3 for the Bloodreaper leading them) which adds up if you have 30 of them.  On top of these great stats if any of their attacks wound on a roll of 6+ then their dmg bumps up from 1 to 2. They are fairly cheap and are only a few more points than a cultist but pack a lethal punch in close combat.

Bad: Outside of close combat this squad will not be contributing to the fight since they have no ranged attacks.  Their 6+ save is joke as their measly 5++ invulnerable will often negate it.   That same invulnerable save is also quickly bypassed with mortal wounds leaving them extremely vulnerable at times.  They are T3 which means your average opponent will be wounding them on 3s.  Lastly they do have a morale issue unless you bring a Daemon babysitter along for the ride.

Panda:  If you are going to take a squad of Bloodletters take the biggest squad you can afford as it will add to their resilience and give you the bonus of "Murderous Tide" if you still have 20 or more of them salivating for blood.  "Murderous Tide" gives them the ability to add 1 to the units hit rolls. If within 6" of a Daemon Prince the Bloodletters will be hitting on 2s with re-rolling 1s; nothing but the best for Khorne.  The option for taking a Chaos Instrument is interesting and a must if you are to stand a chance at getting a charge off the turn they are summoned as it adds 1 to all advance/charge rolls.   The Daemonic Icon is for the Kenny Rodgers inside you who likes to gamble a bit.  With having a morale issue the Daemonic Icon tries to help you turn that frown upside down.  If you roll a 1 when doing your Morale test you get to manifest D6 models back into the squad instead.  This is going to happen 1/6 of the time and if you have multiple squads of Daemons it will happen at least once a game if not a few times.  I like what they have to offer especially at their price tag and will be fielding them in my Khorne dedicated Space Wolves Renegade war band.

Overview: Pure magic manifest is the only way to describe these little horror shops.  Squads size varies from 10 to 30 but unit composition varies as well.  You get to decide the unit composition between Pink Horror, Blue Horrors and pairs of Brimstone Horrors.  They range in price from 8pts to 5pts to 3pts a piece. They are suited for dishing out mortal wounds.

Good: One of the only non-characters in the game that can manifest the Psychic power "Smite".  Only one of these horrors per unit can do this and if there is less than 10 Pinkies then the Smite is reduce to 1 mortal wound instead of D3.  Each time you do this you must pick a model in the unit that will be casting it.  If it is a pair of Brimstone Horrors then it is killed after the psychic power has been used.  These two clauses still make this unit worth it especially when you consider how cheap of a unit they are.  The other handy thing is if you set aside points in match play you can have Pinkies split into two Blue Horrors each time one dies.  This also works for the Blue ones except they split into a pair of Brimstones.  Combine this with their 4++ invulnerable save and they are a cheap resilient unit.

Bad: Strength of these little critters varies from 3 to a mere 1 which means they are not doing much in close combat.  While each Pinkies can contribute in the shooting phase it's nothing to write home about as its only an Assualt 2, Str 3, Ap 0 Dmg 1 weapon that shoots out to 18".  I guess if you have enough horrors with sheer volume they can and will do some damage...meh.

Panda: They are a lethal unit that has seen some changes of late in an attempt to help reign them in to reflect their cost.  Even with these changes they are still a scary unit to play against, especially if there are multiple units of them.  In a Tzeentch force they help you flood your opponent with mortal wounds.  If I was a follower of the Lord of Change I would be doubling or even quading down on them as they are that good.

Overview: Puss filled wounds are a signature trait of Plaguebearers and fielding them as troops is too.  The can be fielded in units sizes of 10 to 30 much like our other Daemon units here.  They are suited for tar pitting units, secure backfield objectives and bubble wrapping aspects of your army.

Good: They are the only Daemon Troop choice that has a toughness of 4 and on top of that they, like that of a Bloodletter, have a strength of 4.  They have a 6+ save, a 5++ invulnerable save and a 5+ FNP.  All three of these saves together make them a very resilient unit.  If they have 20 or more models at the start of the phase they will benefit from a "Cloud of Flies" which makes enemy units take a -1 to hit them.  Oh and did I mention that they are only 7pts for all this.

Bad: They are as slow as molasses with a 5" movement.  That loss of 1" adds up and you will quickly feel the pain of how slow it takes to move them around.  They also only get 1 attack each which is nothing to write home about even with a roll to wound from their "Plagueswords".  Once again you are seeing a theme here as they are suspect to the morale phase.

Panda: I am a huge fan of Papa Nurgle and for reasons like Plague Bearers that I continue to be one.  They are without a doubt the best Daemon Troop choice going as far as I am concerned.  Their resilience, due to their saves and squad size make them one tough cookie as long as you are willing to field a squad or two of 30.  With their role cementing them as backfield defenders you general should not have to buy an Instrument of Chaos but if you do or have the points left over it will give them an extra 1" for all advances and charge rolls which should help them get around the field much easier.  The Daemonic instrument still applies if you like the idea of getting some free models each time you roll a 1 in the morale phase.  

Overview: Graceful killers that try to utilize their speed in killing theirs enemies.  They are suited for close combat.

Good: They are dirt cheap like Bloodletters and Plaguebearers.  Their close combat weapons get nasty as the AP goes from nothing to -4 for every wound roll of 6 that you get.  This is flat out nasty and with a large squad you can expect to have several of these AP exploding attacks each fight phase.  Their signature ability is that they get to attack first in the fight phase even if they didn't charge.  Pump the brakes a second as they if the enemy has units that have charged or have a similar ability they must take turns with the first one going to the who ever's turn it is. 

Bad: Everything "BAD" that I said  about the Bloodletters applies to the Daemonettes.  Crappy saves, low toughness and bad morale. They also are only strength 3 which hurts them in the wounding round of the fight phase.

Panda: A savvy opponent will either make sure to conduct their charging attacks against the Daemonettes first to try and negate their combat prowess. Another way that their abilities can be by passed is to only charge one unit of Daemonettes.  In the end they are way to similar to that of the Bloodletters but if you are running an all Slaneesh army they will do just fine.  The AP exploding 6's are just not enough for me.  Perhaps if they costed less say 5 or 6pts per model then I would be having an orgy with multiple units of them.

And just as fast as these Daemons materialized before your very eyes this review is over.  I hope that by shedding some light on these four Daemon units you will have a better understanding on how to incorporate them into your Chaos Space Marine army.  As always feel free to leave a plasma sized hole in the comments section.

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0 The Good, The Bad & The Panda: Codex Chaos Space Marines Review #3 Troops

Tempted by the path of Chaos; gifts from ruinous Dark Gods of old and new.  Servitude to those powers comes with great rewards for the devoted and blood soaked warriors.  To become a champion of these Gods is the ultimate reward.  For those of lesser standings to serve the Dark Gods is a reward in itself.  No matter the path these followers do so with no fear of repercussions; especially that of death itself.  For to die in their name is an honour that many will never truly understand.  These are the followers of Chaos. 

Last week we finished reviewing the six possible choices for your run of the mill HQ choices, baring special characters.  Topping that list were the Chaos Lord/Sorcerer in Terminator Armour or with a Jump Pack and of course the Chaos Daemon Prince.  This time around we will be examining your core choices; troops.  There is actually only two units that fill this role for the bulk of your Legions; Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Cultist.  We will ignore the options for World Eaters and Emperors Children as they will be covered in my Elite unit review next week.  As for the various Daemon Troops that are presented in the book we will cover them latter this week, even though they purpose some issues with gaining your traits.  So without further ado, Ladies and Gentleman lets delve deep into the abyss of Chaos once again.

Chaos Space Marines
Overview: Coming in Squads of 5 to 20 they offer you the ability to fill out your detachments with Troops so that you may field a Battalion Detachment. Suited for securing backfield Objectives and or in MSU (minimum squad units) in mechanized armies. 

Good: Average cost and able to take either a special or heavy weapon for the first 5 then a second one for the next 5 Chaos Space Marines (CSM).  Not being pigeon holed into taking a special and heavy like Space Marines this gives you flexibility and maximum output for those two weapon upgrades.   

Bad: They lost their ability to have a Bolter, Bolt Pistol and a Chainsword.  This hurts them a lot as units of Havocs and Chosen end up stepping on their toes especially if you are willing to field Vanguard or Spearhead Detachments.  

Panda:  Once Chapter Approves is released the addition of Object Secure for Troops will help rise the value of CSM units.  I fear that without all three weapon choices, as mention above, it will still not be enough to see Chaos Space Marine players fielding CSM units.  If they are fielding them I would be looking at squads of 5 in rhinos with a "Plasma gun" or "Melta gun".  They will be used as late game objective stealers as you only need 1 of them to survive and you can potential rob a non-troop choice from taking a objective.  Squads of 20 would be more viable if you could take up to 4 special/heavy weapons as they would provide a ton of firepower in this setup.  If they were be dedicated to Slaanesh, a Sorcerer could bless them with "Delightful Agonies" for a 5+ FNP save. Even if you are restricted to 2 special/heavy weapons giving them 2 plasma guns is still ok if you use the stratagem "Endless Cacophony" on them with the Psychic Power "Prescience" when in rapidfire range.  This would amount to 38 bolter shots with 4 "Plasma gun" shots, not once but twice thanks to "Endless Cacophony" for a grand total of 76 strength 4, AP 0, Dmg 1 shots and 8 strength 8, AP -3, Dmg 2 shots.  All of which would at essentially BS2 thanks to the +1 to hit from "Prescience" with no fear of overheating on the plasma shots.  Overall, they are an average unit to take but with a few tricks you can make them into a deadly choice.

Chaos Cultist
Overview: Squad sizes range from 10 to 40 Chaos Cultist which will offer you the ability to field a Battalion or even a Brigade Detachment for a mucho Command Points. Suited for securing backfield Objectives and providing a counter alpha/beta strike bubble to your army.

Good: A Cheap viable option if you are willing to take a Dark Apostle to buff their morale.  If you are an Iron Warriors take the Warlord trait that makes units within 6" of a the Warlord immune to morale. Your last HQ option is for Black Legion followers as Abadon provides a 12" auto pass morale bubble to all Heretic Astartes units. Every 10 models allows you to take a "Heavy Stubber" or a "Flamer" which are both great options.  The "Heavy Stubber" allows them to contribute in the backfield while the "Flamers" will punish units in the overwatch phase that attempt to charge them.

Bad: Their morale sucks balls, leadership 6 punishes the crap out of them when combined with their 6+ save.  Basically what ever shoots at them will kill them in droves.  The last thing you need is that many more running away in the morale phase.  Get them a baby sitter as mention above.

Panda: Large blob squads will be the direction I'm heading as a squad of 40 will only cost you 160pts. There are several tricks that can be used on them; most notable the stratagem "Tide of Traitors".  This stratagem lets you remove one Chaos Cultist squad off the battlefield at the end of your movement phase and place them back at their original unit size anywhere on the table as long as they are within 6" of a battlefield edge and more than from the enemy.  This stratagem will force your opponent to kill the entire squad of 40 or be forced to see them back on the table at full strength, over and over till you run out of command points.  You can mark them which gives you the ability to buff them with a Sorcerer if they are either Tzeentch, 5+ invulnerable, or Slaanesh, 5+ FNP.  Either way expect to see Chaos Cultist as the primary troop choice for all Chaos Space Marine armies especially when they too will be getting objective secure.

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6 The Good, The Bad & The Panda: Codex Chaos Space Marines Review #2 HQ

The galaxy is burning all around and Chaos reigns supreme.  We are the only beacon of hope for humanity for the Corpse Emperor and his lap dogs have lead their followers down a path where their is no redemption for their sins.  We will purge all those that stand before us until their is nothing left of the Imperium.  

Catching up with where we left off last week, reviewing the Chaos Lord variants and the Sorcerer variants, we have the awe inspiring Daemon Prince, the Dark Apostle, the Exalted Champion and the Warpsmith left to review for the six choices that are presented in the Chaos Space Marine Codex.  Once again I will be using my own custom format that looks at the unit's Overview, its Good points, Bad point and my own personal favorite its Panda points which is just my take on the unit. Lets not waste anytime as we have a fair bit to go through.  

Daemon Prince
Overview: Able to provide an aura to both and units while being able to harness the power of the warp and still dish out a knock out punch in close combat; a true leader that can do it all.  Suited to be a hunter on the battlefield by targeting those he can manipulate and destroy.

Good: His 6" aura provides the ability to re-roll hit rolls of 1 both for shooting and close combat which gives him and the units around him a versatile buff.  This buff is the only one that effects Daemon Units yet he can still buff units like the other characters in the codex.  Applying this buff on himself means he will rarely miss, whether its via shooting or close combat as he has a 2+ for both his BS & WS.  WINGS!!!  That is all I can say here unless you plan on using Daemonic Summoning to get your Daemon Prince on the table.  Even still it does not come close to what the wings provide in terms of mobility.  The icing on the cake has to be that each Prince unless its dedicated to Khorne knows one psychic power and Smite.  Being able to cast a psychic power adds an immense amount of versatility to your Prince.  Khorne makes up for this by getting an extra attack in close combat.  This list of goods doesn't stop here though as it was recently FAQ'd that Daemon Princes know get their Legion Trait.  And if you are playing against the Imperium things get even better as the Daemon Princes 6's in close combat can now explode into an additional attack for each one.  All the while your Daemon Prince can hide amongst your army as it only is an 8 wound Character, meaning it cannot be singled out in the shooting phase unless it is the closest unit.

Bad: Not much you can say that is negative about the Daemon Prince except for two tiny things that I would consider "nitpicking"; invulnerable save of only 5++, only able to cast 1 psychic power and no specially abilities for marking your prince other than access to a specific psychic power for each god except Khorne.

Panda:  Personally I will always be running at least one if not two Daemon Princes in every list of that I field.  Redundancy is key in 8th edition as its a bloody affair that has even the tallyman himself pressed to keep an accurate count of the dead bodies. Each and everyone, regardless of what god it is dedicated to, will always have two sets of "Malefic Talons" as the price and output is in the sweet spot as far as I am concerned. By far the best Legion Tactic for a Daemon Prince to  have is the Renegade Tactic; the ability to advance and charge in the same turn.  When this is combined with a winged Daemon Prince that has a 12" move with an advance then add in a second move and advance a la "Warptime" and we are looking at a minimum threat range of 28" and a maximum of 48".  This all adds up to a dangerous unit that can attack any unit it wants to.  If combined with other alpha striking units it now has the ability to survive such a brash attack. If it gets stuck in close combat a Daemon Prince can help itself out in the psychic phase by smiting the unit it is engaged with. By far my favourite HQ unit and this should be evident by the amount of text that I used to cover it.

Dark Apostle
Overview: The first of "The Three Stooges" is the Dark Apostle who has not one but two auras.  The first one allows fellow units within 6" of him to re-roll failed hits in the fight phase.  His second one gives friendly within 6" of him to use his leadership instead of their own in the morale phase. Suited to support midsize to large units that will be looking to get themselves into close combat and to buff their leadership in the morale phase.

Good: Next to only the Iron Warriors' Warlord Trait that allows Chaos units to ignore morale completely the Dark Apostle is a Cultist best friend due to their poor leadership.  He turns them into an awesome unit that is not susceptible to large loses in the morale phase at a rock bottom prince.  If want Cultist in your army especially a large blob you should be looking to tag team them up with a Dark Apostle.  His aura also has a slight advantage in that its all failed hits not  just 1s like that of the Chaos Lord or Daemon Prince. Price tag wise the Dark Apostle is a cheap HQ option.

Bad: The Dark Apostle's aura for re-rolling hits is only in the fight phase not both shooting & fighting like that of the Daemon Prince and Chaos Lord.  The reason the Dark Apostle is cheap on points is due to his aura and lack of combat prowess.  Less attacks, less wounds, less BS, no invulnerable save and less option for wargear makes the Dark Apostle a support unit only; be wary in close combat with him.

Panda:  The reason I dubbed him and the next two HQ units that I am about to review "The Three Stooges" is that I find them to be inferior choices to that of the Chaos Lord, Sorcerer and Daemon Prince.  They each have a very specific role to provide and the Dark Apostles is baby sitting Cultist.  If you are not taking Cultist I wouldn't even be looking to take one. Combine that with there being no option for a Jump Pack, Bike or Terminator armour and they really start to look like a SADpanda.

Exalted Champion
Overview: The second of the Three Stooges is the Exalted Champion who is the only new unit to be added to the Chaos Space Marine line. The Exalted Champion comes with the opposite aura of the Dark Apostle in that he allows friendly within 6" to re-roll failed wound rolls in the fight phase.  He also comes with a personal ability that lets him re-roll failed hits in both the shooting and fight phase against Characters. Suited to be in a mechanized army where he has a chariot to ride into the heat of the battle, close combat. Without a doubt he should be hunting support characters.

Good: The Exalted Champion comes with an aura that buffs flat out failed wound rolls in the fight phase.  This is the only buff for wounds in the codex which does give it a lot of value and will make him tasty for some armies.  The Exalted Champion would do well with the "Unholy Fortitude" Warlord Trait as it would give him an extra wound and a 6+ Feel No Pain roll.  

Bad: Only 4 points cheaper than the Naked Chaos Lord...WTF!!!  The Exalted Champion has 1 less BS, 1 less Wound, 1 Less Leadership, no invulnerable save and is only 4pts less.  This does not add up for me even with the Exalted Champion having the only wound aura and a personal character hunting ability.  If you give him your Warlord Trait to buff him up I feel that it is wasted as you are not amping up one of the Elite HQ choices.

Panda:  Once again an inferior choices to that of the Sorcerer, Daemon Prince and the Chaos Lord (especially when compared to the naked Chaos Lord who is only 4pts more).  The Exalted Champion must get into close combat like that of the Dark Apostle for its aura to go off.   His personal ability of being able to re-roll failed hits against characters is flavourful and useful but his lack of combat prowess makes him an easy character to kill in close combat.  Combine that with there being no option for a Jump Pack, Bike or Terminator armour and the Exalted Champion is another SADpanda.

Overview: The third and last of the Three Stooges is the Warpsmith.  This is Chaos' version of the Techmarine.  He has no aura but he does have the ability to restore D3 lost wounds to vehicles at the end of the movement phase.  Suited to support mechanized armies and ones that feature a heavy presence of Daemon Engines; Helbrutes, Decimators, Maulerfiends and Forgefiends. 

Good: Being able to restore missing wounds to a vehicle can definitely come in handy but especially for ones that degrades. The Warpsmith is also a cheap HQ choice.

Bad: No aura, next nothing in terms of wargear options and cannot be inside a vehicle to repair it.  This last point is huge as it reduces his ability to repair vehicles that are moving across the battlefield

Panda:  Once again I feel that the Warpsmith is an inferior choices to that of the Sorcerer, Chaos Lord and the Daemon Prince. I would look at using the Warpsmith only if I went with a heavy and I mean heavy firebase of Helbrutes and or Decimators.  The Helbrutes and Decimators could be a rolling firebase or static as the Warpsmith would still be able to repair them.  Other than that I would not look at using a Warpsmith.  Inadditionwith there being no option for a Jump Pack, Bike or Terminator armour and the Exalted Champion is another SADpanda.

Thats four more units done with all of the HQ choices done minus the special characters which I will be saving for last; unless someone pipes up. I will be pumping these out as fast as I can produce them, which looks to be about 2 to 3 articles a week.  I will be putting the rest of my blog post on hold until I have reviewed the entire Chaos Space Marine codex.  Keep fighting the good fight and as always I appreciate your comments and feedback.

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0 The Good, The Bad & The Panda: Codex Chaos Space Marines Review #1 HQ

My dark brothers of destruction and death.  We have lifted the false emperors blindfold of lies and now stand before his puppet army.  They've infected the populous with their propaganda of deception.  It is us that will have to purge the galaxy of this infect through a maelstrom of hatred and fire.  Join me today in the first of a series of reviews on how to build your legion.  We will examine each and every unit and discuss what they bring to the table in a format that highlights their pros and cons.  At the end of the day I hope that this series will strike forth an ethos of hatred towards the imperium and a love for all that is Chaos.  LET THE GALAXY BURN!!!

I'm going to start this review off from where most of us will be building are armies around; our headquarters units.  These are the units that project an aura of destruction over the battlefield which helps mutate your units into truly awe inspiring warriors or who.  There are six different units that can help lead your Legion or Renegades with (not including the various special characters).  First up on the list is the the glorious Chaos Lord and the warp bending Sorcerer.

Chaos Lord Naked & Alone
Overview: Footslogging basic version of the Chaos Lord. Suited for Close Combat against non-dedicated melee units.

Good: His 6" aura provides the ability to re-roll hit rolls of 1 both for shooting and close combat which gives him and the units around him a versatile buff.  For him that means he will rarely miss, whether its via shooting or close combat as he has a 2+ for both his BS & WS.  His Sigil of Corruption provides him a much need insurance clause by giving him a 4++ invulnerable save.  Lastly he is one of the cheaper options so if you are low on points this might be your man.

Bad: If you are not putting him inside a transport he will either be walking or staying static to provide a buff.  This is a waste in my opinion as the Jump Pack option is not much more especially in that it gives him the speed he needs to move around the battlefield to where he is needed while using the character rule to stat hidden.

Panda:  Personally I will not be running a Naked Chaos Lord as I feel that one with a Jump Pack or in Terminator bring more to the table thanks to their ability to deepstrike and durability.  Pass on this unless you are short on point and or running a heavy MSU or mechanized force where throwing him in a Rhino or Landraider makes him viable.

"Red Bull" Chaos Lord with Wings aka: Jump Pack
Overview: A highly versatile/mobile HQ that can insert via "Jump Pack Assault" with the likes of Raptors, Warptalons or Terminators, while still be able to keep pace with a mechanized force.  Suited for Close Combat against non-dedicated melee units.

Good: Same aura as the Naked and Alone Chaos Lord except now his 12" move allows him to quickly and easily get to where you want him buffing your units or hacking apart your enemies. His mobility will help you be able to pick what units you want him fighting against thus being able to exploit weaknesses in your enemy.  Still gets the 4++ invulnerable save which is outstanding.

Bad: I don't have any qualms about this version of the Chaos Lord.

Panda:  A personal favorite of mine as he can either surround himself with Raptors or advance in the shadows of a mechanized force.  I like giving him a Combi-Melta to help finish off vehicles, monster and or characters.  

"Tin Man" Chaos Lord with Terminator Armour
Overview: A durable version of the Chaos Lord that I like to call the Tin Man.  Thanks to his Terminator Armour he is able to weather most storms. Suited to accompany squads Chaos Terminators.

Good: Same aura and save invulnerable save as the other two versions of the Chaos Lords.  Able to insert via Teleport Strike.  

Bad: Once deployed his 5" movement is felt in the nuts as he has difficulty keeping pace with enemy units and or getting to where he wants to be.  Price is still reasonable but starting to get up their depending on war gear loadout.

Panda:  Use to help buff and support either Alpha (1st turn attack) or Beta (2nd/3rd Turn Attack) striking Chaos Terminators.   If used with say 10 Slaanesh Terminators kitted out with Combi-Plasma his aura will help mitigate overheating especially if you are going to double down with the stratagem "Endless Cacophony" which lets a Slaanesh Infantry unit shoot a second time.  If in rapidfire range we are talking about 40 strength 8, AP -3 Dmg 2 shots.  This will make any and I do mean any unit disappear off the board.

Overview: Your 41st millenium version of a Chaos wizard.  Able to know 3 powers, 1 being smite, and the other two your choice from the Heretics Physic Power list.  He is able to cast up to two of those physic powers a turn.  Suited to support other units by buffing them and by debuffing enemy units.

Good: His physic powers give him game changing abilities that can either protect your units or lay waste to enemy units.  Notable powers include "Death Hex", "Prescience"and "Warptime".  Also comes with a force weapon which is always a nice buff in the wounds department as they do more damage then their counter parts.

Bad: No aura to buff nearby units but who needs it when you can cast physic powers.  The other down side is that they do not get an invulnerable save which is a load of shit if you ask me.  I would gladly pay for the ability to take a Sigil of Corruption.  Combine that with him having to footslog it out unless he has a ride but then if is he riding around in a vehicle he is not casting psychic powers which defeats the whole purpose.

Panda: Much like the Naked Chaos Lord you will not catch me fielding a Naked Sorcerer either due to their lack of mobility and durability when compared to the Jump Pack and Terminator options.

Sorcerer with Jump Pack
Overview: Once again the Jump Pack turns the naked version into a mobile weapon of destruction. The 12" movement is huge especially when couple with the ability to move over objects.  Suited to support other units by buffing them and by debuffing enemy units. 

Good: Mobility is what makes this Sorcerer flexible.  Being able to cover large distances to get to your target is vital especially for a psyker.  Knowing 2 powers from the Heretics list and smite is pretty awesome in my books.  Being able to cast two of those is fantastic. Unlike the vanilla Sorcerer this one should have no problem being where you need to have him each and every turn.

Bad: Same bad mojo with no aura and no invulnerable save but what's a flying fish to do.

Panda:  Selecting two powers that fits how you want to use your Sorcerer is key.  If you set him up with "Warptime" and "Diabolic Strength" but deploy him in the backfield with some Havocs you are not going to be doing much unless the enemy decides to alpha strike them.  On the other hand if you select "Warptime" and "Prescience"while deepstriking him in with some a 10 Slaanesh Terminators you are going to have a recipe for success.    The "Warptime" can be use to move the Terminators into a secure assault range while the "Prescience" can be used to bump up their ability to hit by 1.  If the Slaanesh Terminators have Combi-Flamers then there is zero chance in overheating.  Pop the stratagem "Endless Cacophony" and once again you are laying waste to any and all units.  This time however you will also be able to charge a unit as well thus continuing to exploit the "Prescience" power.  

Sorcerer with Terminator Armour
Overview:  Durability with a precise insertionvia Teleport Assault makes buffing destroying units ideal. Suited to support other units by buffing them and by debuffing enemy units.

Good:  The Terminator armour gives the Sorcerer his much needed inulnerable save even with it being a 5++.  Being able to deepstrike should place you into range to take full advantage of "Smite".

Bad: Once deployed his 5" movement is that same kuck in the nuts that the Terminator Lord gave you.  Price is still reasonable but starting to get up their depending on war gear loadout.

Panda:  You can use the exact same trick I described for the Jump Pack Sorcerer with "Prescience" psychic power and "Endless Cacophony" stratagem but this time throw in the stratagem "Veterans of the Long War" on the same 10 Slaanesh Terminators.  "Veterans of the Long War" will make their Combi-Plasmas wound a little easier by adding 1 to their wound rolls.  Yes it's one hell of an Alpha/Beta strike but it can make a knight disappear in a single turn.

Well that's enough for this week but I assure you that in the coming weeks I will continue this review and do it more frequently.  Keep fighting the good fight and as always I appreciate your comments and feedback.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

0 WIP it Wednesday #46: Daemon Princes of Nurgle!!!

The forces of Nurgle have blossomed into a truly disgusting force with the release of 8th edition.  The Death Guard have been show cased heavily by including them in the starter set.  Part of cringes inside as every joe blow now is looking at doing a Death Guard army but I'm able to settle my stomach knowing that not everyone is doing what I have done.  By that I mean I have done up my Nurgle force heavily around swamp theme.  Each and everyone one of my models have been extensively converted, especially that of my Defiler.  My two Daemon Princes have each been given a set a wings cause lets face it without them they are not quiet as fearsome due to their cumbersome size and speed.

My painting of late have been as slow as molasses due to some personal issues with sleep and a case of painters block.  I did recently recover from the second of these two aliments by coming up with how I wanted to paint the skin and fungus on my Nurgle miniatures.  Lets have a look at what I came up with. 

As you can see I have stuck to that same limited colour palette with only the inclusion of a dark purple. In essence its an autumn paint scheme. I love how the skin has turned out; sickly and putrid.  The sores are pulsating, while the open wounds are festering and bloody.  There is still a lot of work to be down on these two models but I feel with the rusted armour and the disgusting skin I am off to a great start.

I am aiming for a John Blanche look to my models have been inspired to stick with a dark grimy brown palette.  I have to figure out how I want to paint their wings but I do know that I will be going with a thick reddish muddy base.  One of the things I am pleased with is the heavy dry brushing of mithral silver as it creates a nice contrast with the rest of the colours.  If you've read this far you are probably sick of hearing me so lets leave it with a close up for Mr. Deville.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

0 Monday Musings of a Mantic #17: John Blanche

When I think of the Warhammer 40k immediately John Blanche's artwork pops into my mind.  Iconic!!! Grim!!! Dark!!! Dirty!!! Unique!!! Each of these words come to mind when I stare at his work.  Now many of you will probably think that I am talking about his painting when I am actually talking about his miniatures.  They are without a doubt a piece of artwork.  Each and an everyone of them an individual character filled with life where none should exist.  I am speechless each and every time I see his models.  Today, I would like to share some of those models with you as they are truly inspiring.

I bet you are left just as speechless as I am every time I look as this model.  The collar around its neck and the one shoulder pad really pull you into the model.  The shear amount of detail is mind blowing.  The eye constantly jumps from one part of the model to the next in an endless loop of ecstasy.  After you are done gushing you quickly realize that model is painting in an extremely limited colour palette yet it still pulls you into hearing its exquisite story.

This ghostly figure haunt my dreams as floats over those that it kills without remorse.  The shield pops from out of no where with both the colour red and yellow.  Yet its cloak has an immense amount of life painted on to it.  The simplicity of this model is what is truly haunting.

Grotesque and deformed this minion of chaos shambles its way into my heart.  The skin is death incarnate as it rots away on this foul beast.  The face along pull you into its agony while the splashes of red sores pull your eye from around its putrid stink.  

These two bad boys are filled with hatred for the heavy metal team that paints GWs models these days. The one on the right debates from the previous models that I showcased above with the saturation of the rich reds.  I see thus guy as a significant character perhaps even the Warlord.   The grunt on the right is perhaps one of my favorite Blanche models.  The simplicity of it is sheer perfection. Each stroke is visible in its dirty off white paint scheme.  It's Armour tells a story of the atrocities that it has commuted while the lone bright orange horn warms your heart with its sins.

All of these John Blanche models use a colour palette that despite being drab is filled with a filth that cannot be replicated with ease.  I've decided recently to give it the old college try at painting my Nurgle warriors of rust and decay in style that is reminiscent of John Blanche.  I'm not sure if I can live up to his lofty standard and I know full well that I will not ever surpass it but I will push the boundaries of my painting skills with this project.  I'm using the following colour scheme for my models; look familiar?

I will also use some creamy whites that soiled with filthy browns to help capture that Blanche look to my models.  Here is a shot of my Nurgle Daemon Prince that I am currently working on.  Lots of work still to be done but for the most part his armour, skin and fungus have settled in....for now at least.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

0 WIP it Wednesday #45: Havocs of Nurgle

We cannot innovate without opening the door to Havoc!!!  For Chaos this is not an issue like that of the Imperium.  A little disturbance in the warp never hurt anyone but perhaps the false emperor himself and lap dogs.  It is through innovation that the dogs of war let let loose their screams of havoc for all those to hear.  The past week has been a bumpy road for me due to lack of sleep which has reeked havoc on my mindset.  Not much hobby work was accomplished but I did manage to dedicated myself for several hours to Papa Nurgle himself.  Specifically to the creation of seven, yes seven, Havocs of Nurgle.  Each of them an jewel in his eye; each them a disgusting pile of filth.  Along with a previously built Havoc they will operate in squads of 5 each kitted out with 4 missile launchers.  In my humble opinion Missile Launchers are experiencing a renaissance in this edition of Warhammer 40k thanks to their versatility.  Able to deliver one solid punch with up to 6 damage apiece or several jabs over they have the tools for anything they come across.  One squad is not enough though as a cunning enemy will strike them down before they can do a dam thing.  Two squads though and they will not know what hit them.  Enough blabbing out of my puss filled gob though; without further ado here are my several Havocs of Nurgle.

Monday, August 7, 2017

0 Monday Musings of a Mantic #16: Nurgle Dakka Redux (2000pts CSM)

The Galaxy is on fire and Chaos is to blame.  They care little for the consequences of man for they themselves have been removed from society long ago.  With an update to their army on our doorstep, via a Codex, they are without a doubt getting ready for a new campaign of death and destruction.  I was able to watch a couple of sneak peaks at the Chaos Space Marine Codex and I managed to extrapolate some of the point changes.  As such I thought I would redo my last Nurgle themed list and see what has changed.  Lets have a look. 

Points = 1998
Power Level = 108
Detachments = Vanguard Detachment & Vanguard Detachment
Command Points = 5

Vanguard Detachment: The Fallen (Renegade Legion)
180 = Daemon Prince: Nurgle, Wings, Malefic Talons x 2 with Smite & Warptime
180 = Daemon Prince: Nurgle, Wings, Malefic Talons x 2 with Smite & Prescience

146 = Plague Marines x 5: Plasma Gun x 2 and Plague Champion with Power Fist & Plasma Gun
146 = Plague Marines x 5: Plasma Gun x 2 and Plague Champion with Power Fist & Plasma Gun
146 = Plague Marines x 5: Plasma Gun x 2 and Plague Champion with Power Fist & Plasma Gun
146 = Plague Marines x 5: Plasma Gun x 2 and Plague Champion with Power Fist & Plasma Gun

Dedicated Transport
081 = Chaos Rhino: Combi Flamer
081 = Chaos Rhino: Combi Flamer

Vanguard Detachment: The Risen (Alpha Legion)

045 = Warpsmith

064 = Cultist x 12: Heavy Stubber

110 = Helbrute: Nurgle, Missile Launcher & Reaper Autocannon
110 = Helbrute: Nurgle, Missile Launcher & Reaper Autocannon
233 = Terminators x5: (Lighting Claws x2) x2, (Combi-flamer/Power Axe) x2 & (Heavy Flamer/Power Axe) x1

165 = Havocs: Nurgle, Missile x4 & Aspiring Champion with Boltgun/Bolt Pistol
165 = Havocs: Nurgle, Missile x4 & Aspiring Champion with Boltgun/Bolt Pistol

Not much changed other than the reduction of points for Plague Marines (21pts down to 19pts per model), powerfist went down (20pts to 12pts) and lighting claws (9/13pts to 8/12pts).  This enabled me to buy a Warpsmith for the two Helbrutes, 2 combi-flamers for the Rhino and 2 extra cultists.  As such the tactics for the army stay the same but they get some extra bonuses thanks to their Legion Traits.  For my first Vanguard detachment I made them Renegades so that they could advance and charge.  This will help the two Daemon Princes out significantly and extend their already dangerous threat range that much more.

The Firebase side of the army got a warpsmith to lead it but more significantly to heal the two helbrutes as they take damage.  I made them Alpha legion since they will be in the backfield and thus can take advantage of the -1 to hit rule that the legion gets.  These two changes will help this detachment stay around that much longer.  Overall I am very happy with what I have seen and heard of the new codex.  Points drops across the board, daemons troops included, lots of psychic powers, stratagems, relics and the list goes on.  Without a doubt I will be helping out in the burning down of the galaxy.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

0 WIP it Wednesday #44: Plague Marines

Its been one hell of a hectic week for me and thus my progress on my Nurgle Army has almost ground to a halt.  I'm going to keep todays post sort so I can squeeze in an hour or two of painting tonight.  I'm trying to figure out how to paint the army of my Plague Marines.  Part of me screams for it to be red, then another part says no paint them a bright green.  I am at a loss but I think I need to paint up a couple test models and get some feed back.  Anyhow here is a couple shots of what I have been working on.  If you have any thoughts feel free to let me know what they are.

Helbrute and some Plague Marines


Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

0 Monday Musings of a Mantic #15: Scary Movie (2000pts Night Lords List)

Been musing about making an army list that plays to my opponents fears of failing countless morale tests until they scream for the game to stop.  This idea is possible with the Chaos Index and a little help from Imperial Armour: Chaos.  Throughout both of these list are a series of units with rules that either decrease units leadership or increase a units result for morale tests.  While none of these rules stack with themselves they can stack with each other as long as they are a different rule.  Thankfully for Chaos there is an abundance of unique rules that we use to plague our enemies with nightmares.  Lets have a look at the list I came up with first:

Points = 2000
Power Level = 109
Detachments = Battalion Detachment & Vanguard Detachment
Command Points = 7

Battalion Detachment
114 = Sorcerer: Nurgle, Wings, Force Sword and Bolt Pistol with Smite/Warptime/Presence
114 = Sorcerer: Nurgle, Wings, Force Sword and Bolt Pistol with Smite/Warptime/Presence

182 = Decimator: Butcher Cannon, Decimator Claw and Hellflamer
182 = Decimator: Butcher Cannon, Decimator Claw and Hellflamer

183 = CSM x10: Icon of Despair, Plasma Gun x2 & Champion Powerfist/Plasma Pistol
183 = CSM x10: Icon of Despair, Plasma Gun x2 & Champion Powerfist/Plasma Pistol
054 = Cultist x10: Heavy Stubber

165 = Havocs: Nurgle, Missile x4 & Aspiring Champion with Boltgun/Bolt Pistol
165 = Havocs: Nurgle, Missile x4 & Aspiring Champion with Boltgun/Bolt Pistol

Dedicated Transport
072 = Chaos Rhino: Combi-Bolter
072 = Chaos Rhino: Combi-Bolter

Outrider Detachment
078 = Warpsmith

185 = Raptors x8: Icon of Despair, Plasma Gun x2 & Champion with Lightning Claws x2
185 = Raptors x8: Icon of Despair, Plasma Gun x2 & Champion with Lightning Claws x2
033 = Spawn
033 = Spawn

At first glance it looks like a variation of last weeks Nurgle shooting army that I did up.  But deep down inside lurks several units that play upon the fears or better yet the moral tests of all those that dare face this list.  The Decimators have the lynchpin with their Butcher Cannons.  If these weapons kill a single model in a unit they get -2 to their leadership.  This should not be hard as they get 4 shots at strength 8, AP-1 and cause 2 damage.  Next up is the Chaos Space Marines who are each carrying an Icon of Despair.  This Icon if within 3" of an enemy unit causes them to subtract 1from their leadership.  The Rhinos are there to help get them into close combat as that is pretty much where the Icons will be operating.  Next is the two units of Raptors which will deepstrike in.  They also have an Icon of Despair but on top of that they themselves cause enemy units within 1" of them to add 1 to all morale checks.  The Spawn are the final unit who will hide in behind the Rhinos for protection.  Once in close combat the sight of them will cause units within 1" to get -1 from their leadership.  That is quite a few different units that can cause models to run off the board thus utilizing the moral phase as a reliable phase where the enemy will see models removed from the battlefield.

The rest of the list is a shooting platform and 3 HQ units.  The Havocs are there to provide extra wounds which hopefully translates to extra models fleeing or to take on vehicles/monsters with their missiles.  The Cultist provide them a bubble to prevent deepstrikers/infiltrators from sneaking up on the Havocs.  The one Sorcerers will deepstrike in with the Raptor Squads and provide one of them with Warptime so they get into close combat with ease.  The other Sorcerer will fly in behind the Rhinos for protection and to provide the Rhinos or Spawn Warptime if they need a push to get them into close combat with ease.  The Warpsmith was added to help repair the two Decimators.  Even against a fearless army like Nids or Orcs this list should still provide ample amount of killing power against them.  With the Chaos Codex on our doorstep perhaps this could easily become a Nightlords list if they were to say cause -1 a units leadership that are within 6" of a Nightlords unit.  And lets say it also stacks to a minimum of 1 for the enemies leadership.