Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4 Where's the Beef Wednesday, #01: All Hail the New King, Arjac Rockfist!!!

That's right "Where's the Beef?"  Will today its going to be in Arjac Rockfist's pants but who knows where it will be next week if there will be any at all.  For the next several weeks I will be cooking up some post on the new index, specifically ones that are looking for where the substance of our Faction is.  Enough ramblings though lets get to the first installment of "Where's the Beef?"

Arjac Rockfist is one cool dude and anyone who is anyone would definitely want to party with this wolf loving baller. That is unless a horde of Kraken crashed the party, then you best get out of his way so he can do his thing.  His thing if you have been hiding under a 7th edition rock is smashing face and taking names.  Logan Grimnar may have made him his champion but he was lucky that Arjac is a humble giant and didn't embarrass the old man before all of Fenris.  As far as I am concerned Arjac is the true king of the Space Wolves Index and Logan should retire as Santa before he makes a fool of himself anymore.

I have been rocking Arjac for the past two weeks over the course of a fist full of games and I am seriously impressed with what he brings to the table.  First off his stat line is what should grab your attention:

M 5", WS2+, BS2+, S5, T4, W5, A4, Sv2+

Not many characters in the Imperium are strength 5 let alone in the Space Wolves.  In fact aside from the entombed Dreadnaughts of Bjorn and Murderfang the only unit that is strength 5 are those hairy freaks the Wulfen.  Having such a high strength means that with his Foehammer he is bumped up to strength 10 in close combat.  That means he is actually hitting vehicles on a 3+ as opposed to a 4+ if he was strength 4 with his Foehammer or the like of a Powerfist or another weapon the bumps your strength by a multiple of 2.  His save is fantastic with having a 2+ but that can easily be negated in 8th edition but who cares when he is rocking an Anvil Shield for a 3++ invulnerable save.  Too boot his Anvil shield also reduces all damage taken by 1 to a minimum of 1.  WTF!!!  Make him your Warlord and throw a 6+ Feel No Pain on him as well; now we are talking.  His attack characteristic is a misleading as he actually gets 5 attacks since he has an aura that grants all Wolf Guard an additional attack in the fight phase.  Guess what he is a Wolf Guard.  That same aura gives him a small but nice boost for him along when fighting other Characters as he can re-roll all failed to hit rolls.  It doesn't stop there though as he grants a second aura to any Space Wolves for re-rolls to wound if it is a 1.  Not to shabby if you ask me.  His Foehammer is pretty bad ass as he can throw the dam thing like Thor and it will return back to him like a boomerang.  Game wise this equates to an Assault 1 12", S10, AP-3, D3 damage.  In close combat its the exact same except he gets 5 attacks and unlike a Thunderhammer or Powerfist his Foehammer is not penalized with a -1 to hit.  Against Characters and Monster instead of D3 damage its a flat 3 damage.  Arjac is the complete package if you ask me.

Where Arjac really shines though is when you give him a wolf pack.  By Wolf pack I'm not talking about a bunch of drunk losers in Thailand but rather pair some Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour and a Wolf Lord in Terminator Armour.  The Wolf may not have the Wolf Guard keyword but he grants all Space Wolves within 6" of him to be able to re-roll hits that are a 1.  So now you are re-rolling both hits and wounds that are a 1.  Kit out that Wolf Lord with a Relic Sword and a combi-melta, since he follows the Vanilla Marine Captain data sheet and you have a Lord that is pumping out S7, A5, AP-3, D3 damage with both re-rolls to hit and wound if it is a 1.  With the Wolf Guards in Terminator armour I am using a squad of 5 with 3 of them kitted out with dual wolf claws (+1 Strength) 1 with Thunderhammer/Storm-Shield (Pack Leader = +1 Attack) and the last 1 with a Heavyflamer/Chainfist.  This gives the 3 with the pair of Wolf Claws S5, A4, AP-2, 1 damage with rerolls to hit on 1s and flat out rerolls to wound thanks to their claws.  The Thunderhammer/Stormshield pump out WS-1, S8, A4, AP3, 3 damage with re-rolls to hit and wound on 1s.  While the Heavyflamer/Chainfist provides a defensive boost with the auto hitting heavy flamer and in close combat WS-1, S8, A3, AP-4, 2 damage with rerolls to hit and wound on 1s.. This unit is a killing machine that can take down Orks, Characters and vehicles with ease while weathering the storm of hate sent their way.

In behind them and or in support of them I like to have a squad of 5 Wolf Guard with Jump Packs.  I kit these wolves out with 2 of them having Combi-Meltas, Bolt Pistols and a Chainswords (1 being the Pack Leader = +1 Attack) and 3 with a pair of Wolf Claws and a Bolter.  These jump pack totting Wolf Guard can act as a counter charging unit and or help soften up vehicles, Characters and or Monsters with their Combi-Meltas.  Once again the Wolf Claw ones are pumping out S5, A4, AP-2, D1 with re-rolls to hit on 1s and flat out re-rolls to wound thank to their claws.  The Chainswords throw out S4, A4 (A5 for the Pack Leader), AP0, 1 damage with rerolls to hit and wound on 1s. This unit tends to go unnoticed as the Terminators scare the shit of most folks when they are barking on your doorstep like a rabid dog.  Vault them over the top and sync up a multi-charge for the win.  Just make sure to leave room for the Terminators as they will be hot on their heels.

These three units and Arjac all can deep strike which makes for one hell of an Alpha Striking unit and or Beta Striking unit.  Find a hole in the backfield and exploit the crap out of it with Arjac and his wrecking crew.  Yes it is fair amount if not a lot of points but it has been winning me games while wracking up a list of impressive Characters, Vehicles, Monsters and Units that they have taken down.  They have actually one me the game several times one turn 1 when I was able to take down my opponents HQs thus robbing them of their aura buffs.  I highly encourage all of you to give Arjac a try and if you do tell me what sort of entourage are you surrounding him with.  And if you see Logan Grimnar tell him to "SUCK IT!!!"


  1. I have to say when I read the Space Wolf list the first thing that jumped out at me was the Arjac + Wolf Guard plus support combo (also able to buff further with Stormfang rocking a Wulfen unit to give their aura buffs to the Wolf Guard). Good to read that it is also pretty good in reality as well as theory crafting

  2. I will have a list this upcoming Monday that features both Arjac and wulfen.

  3. Why do jump-pack WG have chainswords and not Power-Fists, for example?

  4. WG come equiped with Boltgun, Bolt Pistol & Frag/Krak Grenades. Plus they can take a free item from the Space Wolves Melee list. I took Chainswords for the extra attack and to keep points down. Powerfist cost a pretty penny and the Wolf Guard in Termie armour have chainfist & thunderhammers for the extra punch you are looking for.