Wednesday, July 26, 2017

0 Where's the Beef Wednesday, #03: Reach Out & Touch Me; Longfangs

Checkout this Panda loving beauty above trying to win my heart by turning your emperor loving heads into that beloved red mist.  Reaching out and touching someone is one hell of a thing to do.  It's even more impressive when doing it a vast distance between you and your target of interest.  It starts to get fun though when you are using a long range weapon to do the touching.  Longfangs in Warhammer 40k are one of those units that are able to achieve this and with ease.  This week's "Where's the Beef?" Looks into how and with what Longfangs are reaching out and touching their enemies.

Longfangs are essentially Devastators at first glance but upon closer examination one quickly realizes that they very different.  The first thing that should stand out is that they would never even thinking about running a baby service.  By that I mean they do not get an armoured cherub to let one Devastator shoot again as a one time ability.  Instead Longfangs have a massive one up on the Devastators in that they can take up to 5 heavy weapons.  That means you can have one extra gun firing every turn instead of one doing it twice once per game.  Longfangs also don't need the help of a Sargeant or in their case a Longfang Pack Leader to help them make their shot.  Instead they get to nominate anyone unit at the beginning of their shooting to grant them the ability to reroll hits results of 1s. I much prefer this option as it doesn't sting when you remove him as your first casualty. Overall I feel that Longfangs edge out Devastators for the better long range unit.

Weapon wise they get the following choices; Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Multi-melta, Lascannon and Plasma Cannon.  That leaves out only the Gav-cannon/amp from their list which is fine by me as their is only two viable options in my books anyway; Heavy Bolter and Missile Launcher.  The Missile Launcher has the flexibility to take on both tanks, monsters, infantry and characters thanks to having two profiles, krak and frag.  No matter what the job is they can get it done and from a whopping 48" away.  The points cost is  25 points but thanks to the two types of shots it trumps the Lascannon which cannot deal with infantry effectively.  The multi-melta's range is just too short at 24". The Plasma Cannon is not worth the risk when overcharging and the variable D3 hits is too chaotic in my opinion.  The Heavy Bolter though is the cheapest weapon option and puts out a dependable amount of shots.  Yes its not that great at taking down vehicles but if your army can handle that else where kitting out your Longfangs with Beavy Bolters is ok in my books.

Overall I'm looking at fielding two units of Longfangs with 4 missile launchers and 1 Longfang Pack Leader in my Renegade Space Wolves army.  The redundancy means that if my opponent takes out one squad I still have another for them to deal with on top of my entire army.  I have tried one unit out and they are gone before I can even blick due to the threat that they present.  I also have found that placing them in ruins or into cover is awesome as now your opponent needs to send high AP negating weapons their way or potentially give them a 2+ save.  Without a doubt next to Wolf Guard, Longfangs  is where you can find the beef.

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