Tuesday, July 18, 2017

0 Monday Musings of a Mantic #13: Space Wolves (2000pts)

Another Monday another list. The days since the release of 8th edition are slipping by quickly and blurring into one. I'm starting to get a solid grasp on the indexes and list crunching is getting easier with each one. I have been thrilled by the effectiveness of Terminators, specially Wolf Guard Terminators.  These seasoned veterans can be kitted out to the nines to fit whatever your needs.  Performance wise in 8th edition they perform for what they cost unlike some other units.  Lets have a look at what I came up with.

Points = 2000
Power Level = 107
Detachments = Vanguard Detachment & Battalion Detachment
Command Points = 7

140 = Arjac: Foehammer
114 = Rune Priest with Jump Pack: Runic Armour, Runic Axe and Smite/Tempest Wraith

181 = Grey Hunters x10: Plasma Gun x2, Grey Hunter Pack Leader with Power Axe & Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Frost Sword
181 = Grey Hunters x10: Plasma Gun x2, Grey Hunter Pack Leader with Power Axe & Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Frost Sword
092 = Grey Hunters x5: Melta Gun x1, Grey Hunter Pack Leader with Power Axe
092 = Grey Hunters x5: Melta Gun x1, Grey Hunter Pack Leader with Power Axe

082 = Razorback: Twin Link Heavy Bolter
082 = Razorback: Twin Link Heavy Bolter

175 = Long Fangs x5: Missile Launchers x4 and Long Fang Pack Leader with Chain Sword/Bolt Pistol

113 = Wolf Lord with Jump Pack: Powerfist/Bolt Pistol/Iron Halo

320 = Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour x5: 1/ Heavy Flamer/Chainfist, 2/ Combi-Flamer/Chainfist 3/ Combi-Flamer/Chainfist, 4/ Combi-Flamer/Chainfist, 5/ Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Chainfist/StormShield
246 = Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour x5: 1/ Wolf Claws x2, 2/ Wolf Claws x2, 3/ Wolf Claws x2, 4/ Thunderhammer/Stormshield, 5/ Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Chainfist/Stormshield
182 = Wolf Guard with Jump Pack x5: 1/ Combi-melta/Chainsword/Bolt Pistol 2/ Combi-melta/Chainsword/Bolt Pistol, 3/ Bolter/Wolf Claws x2, 4/ Bolter/Wolf Claws x2, 5/ Wolf Guard Pack Leader with Combi-bolter/Wolf Claws x2

The Vanguard Detachment is scary as shit and is the main punching force behind this list.  All of the HQs auras stack with each other and with the 3 Wolf Guard units.  Arjac provides them extra hits and gives all Space Wolves the ability to re-roll 1s to wound while the Wolf Lord provides re-rolls on 1's to hit.  The Rune Priest can throw out some mortal wounds or put Tempest Wraith on one unit so that the enemy gets -1 to hit both in shooting and assault.  The first squads of Terminators has 5 chainfists and 4 flamer weapons.  They are can take on a horde of Orcs, shoot at flyers and take on a Super Heavy; a jack of all trades.  The second squad of Termies is geared out for dishing out a crap load of strength 5 attacks; they really don't care what they are assaulting as through shear amount of attacks they will get the job done.  Both of these Terminator squads have some Storm Shields to help deal with the punishing punching power weapons with a AP of -1 or more.  The last squad of Wolf Guard comes with Jump Pack to help deal with flyers, moving across the battlefield and to get on top of or over terrain.  They have two combi-meltas to help Arjac's Foehammer deal with vehicles/monsters and the rest have Wolf Claws for sheer amount of attacks; once again a jack of all trades unit.  The Wolf Lord combos well with them as he helps them hit and packs a serious punch with his powerfist.  If you flood your opponent with all three Wolf Guard units, and all the HQs in one go, in place they will have no choice but to deal with them.  The Rune Priest should through Tempest Wraith on the Wolf Guard with Jump packs as they are not as tough as the Termies due to armour and wounds.  Every game I use them in I get the results I am looking for.  Without a doubt they are a winning combination.

The Battalion side of the army is provides bodies to deploy as the Vanguard usually sits in deepstrike.  Remember 1/2 your units have to be on the table after deployment; no null deployment anymore.  The Grey Hunters provide some mid range fire power and bodies to the army.  I love the Razorbacks an the five man squads inside as the Twin Heavy Bolters give some long range support while moving the melta gun Grey Hunter into position.  More over they are in the list as I like troop choices and fell not taking any is lame as shit.  The Long Fangs are the star unit of the detachment and with proper deployment into cover should give your opponent some fits.  The Battalion is the weak point of this list though minus the Characters who ditch them anyways to be in the Vanguard.  Next week I will throw up a Space Wolf List that features nothing but Wolf Guard and Long Fangs; nothing but veterans in that list.  Till next time Sayonara. 

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