Wednesday, June 21, 2017

2 WIP it Wednesday #41: Helbrutes and WTF!!!

I thought you said there was Helbrutes in this post but instead you have this monstrosity of a daemon engine laying waste to some poor saps, what's the deal HOTpanda?  The deal is that a long time ago in a far off galaxy I was told that this was not the Helbrutes I was looking for.  Luckily for me I was able to deny the witch and prevent the old mans jedi mind tricks.  One thing lead to another and I was the proud owner of a Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine!!!  Walking this freak of nature is no easy task and the size of his crap requires several body bags to clean it up.  Regardless I am pumped to own a beast like this.
I did end up finding the Helbrutes that I was looking for.  The reason I was looking for them in the first place was that I found the remnants of a Dark Vengeance model except that he was missing a god dam arm.  Needless to say I was gutted that I was missing bits for such a premier model.  When I was done sulking and finished wiping my tears I headed on down to my local gaming, Thunderground Comics where I found the second Helbrute I was looking for; I bought a god dam spanking new one.  The shiny new Helbrute comes with a metric ton of spare parts ranging from a Power Scourge, a right Helbrute Fist, a left Helbrute Fist, a Helbrute Hammer, a Multi-melta, a Missile Launcher, a Reaper Auto-Cannon, a Twin Lascannon and a Plasma Cannon.  Out of all of these I was able to build the brand new Helbrute with a right fist and the power scourge.
The broken janky Helbrute who lost his arm was kitted out with a brand new left fist and I modified his stoke multi-melta into a Twin Lascannon.  It took a bit of work with my ancient hobby knife that was dull as hell; I still do not know how I didn't lose a finger.  
Last but not least I noticed that my Dreadnought for my Renegade Space Wolves had its plasma cannon all busted up.  Stealing the bits from the new Helbrute I was able to fix this.  In addition the plasma cannon arm was never glued into place which allowed me to hotswap it for a missile launcher and a reaper autocannon arms.  All in all the hobby train is moving along at full power and there is little at this time that can slow it down.


  1. Where's that book hanging from your Helbrute from?
    Looks awesome.

  2. Sorry missed your comment there but fear not I found it. The book is from the Fantasy Flagellants Box set. Thanks for checking out the blog and for the comment.