Monday, June 26, 2017

5 Monday Musings of a Mantic #10: Nurglelicious (2000pt List)

Flashing back to 4th edition I was a one sick player as I was a devoted follower of Nurgle.  To be specific I used Chaos Space Marines as their was no Daemon Army yet.  With them I hit my opponents immune system with monster mash style army.  Two winged Daemon Princes, one Greater Daemon, a Defiler, and two Rhinos.  My troop tax was paid happily with not one, not two but three units of Plague Marines of which one was left behind on foot for backfield objectives while the other two hitched a ride in the Rhinos.  The greater Daemon hit the table 9 times out of 10 via a summon along with two units of Lesser Daemons.  This gave them protection and the ability to surprise my opponent.  Last but not least was two lone Obliterators for a firebase.  Ahhhhh, those where the days.  With those dog days long behind us and four editions later I looked to replicate that army list.  Here is what I came up with.

Points = 2000
Power Level = 126
Detachments = Vanguard Detachment & Battalion Detachment
Command Points = 7

Vanguard Detachment: The Fallen
180 = Daemon Prince: Nurgle, Wings, Malefic Talons x 2 with Smite & Warptime
180 = Daemon Prince: Nurgle, Wings, Malefic Talons x 2 with Smite & Prescience

193 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Gun x 2 and Plague Champion with Power Axe & Combi-Plasma
193 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Gun x 2 and Plague Champion with Power Axe & Combi-Plasma
178 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Gun x 2 and Plague Champion with Power Axe

215 = Heldrake: Nurgle, Claws & Baleflamer

Dedicated Transport
072 = Chaos Rhino: Combi Bolter
072 = Chaos Rhino: Combi Bolter

Battalion Detachment: The Risen
156 = Daemon Prince of Chaos: Nurgle, Malefic Talons x 2 with Smite & Virulent Blessing
070 = Herald of Nurgle: Plaguesword with Smite & Fleshy Abundance 

168 = Plaguebearers x 12: Plagueswords
080 = Plaguebearers x 10: Plagueswords
080 = Plaguebearers x 10: Plagueswords

235 = Soulgrind: Nurgle, Phlegm Bombardment, Harvester Cannon, Iron Claw and Warp Claw

Not too shabby if you ask me.  Yes the biggest draw back for this list is long range firepower but that is made up in the mobility of the army's hard hitting monsters.  Overall, I think this list is an improvement on what I defecated out back in the day.  Having two winged Daemon Princes and a Heldrake screaming down your throat will make anyone piss themselves if not puke as well.  And this does not even account for the rest of the army.  There is a lot of flexibility in how I want to present this list as I could easily drop 3 command points in exchange for the ability to reserve (reinforcements) some of the Daemon units.  I would move any units not in reserve into the CSM Vanguard Detachment.  The footslogging Daemon Prince of Chaos would be the main unit I would want to summon as I could use either of the Winged Daemon Princes to get him down the table.  Yes, I would have to sacrifice one of the movement phases to do so but I can make up for it with Warptime putting it back to square one.  I would also like to field test summoning the Herald of Nurgle behind the Daemon Prince to buff them up to strength 8 via its aura.  This would bump up their to wound rolls to a lofty 2 plus on toughness 4 creatures and 3 plus on most vehicles.  At the same time he could be healing all 3 Daemon Princes with his Fleshy Abundance ability.  

One point of interest that came about during the cooking of this list was the ability for Chaos players to pick psychic powers from 7 different lists.  Yes, in order to get access to all seven you need an undivided army but even a dedicated one like the one above gives you access to 3 different lists.  This is one hell of a hidden gem in the Chaos book if you ask me.  Definetly going to explore this further in a future post for now though its "Food for thought..."


  1. I like the list! It's definitely going to be hard to scrape off the board! I've been running DPs in 1k lists with double fist and love them. I like the CSM princes in particular. I've wanted to try my soul grinder, so please tell me how that goes! I've had some luck with mauler fiends as well.

  2. 4 psykers is no joke either. I like the force feeding of the Daemon Princes, the Hekldrake and the rhinos. I feel like I will have a strong punch with this list. The soulgrinder is cheaper and just as effective if not more that the defile at face value. Next Monday Musing i have a khorne version of this list.

  3. That's a good list though and I have the models to try it. I've been mashing people with Typhus and Poxwalkers. I've only put one squad of plague Marines on the table and they hid. Previous editions have made me scared, haha. How have you done with them?

  4. I have yet to try this list on the table as I have been play testing my Space Wolves for the moment. What drew me to the Plague Marines is their Toughness as most things in the game are going to have a hard time wounding them. If they do the new version of Feel No Pain will come in handy. If I'm aggressive with the Daemon Princes and the Heldrake I think I can sneak my Plague Marines on to objectives and or into cover.