Monday, June 19, 2017

0 Monday Musings of a Mantic #09: More Wolfbell (1500pt List)

I have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.  If I was Christopher Walken then my cowbell would be Warhammer 40k 8th edition.  Like Van Gogh cutting off his own ear I have been painting like a mad man.  When I need a break I muse over the Indexes for list ideas.  Once I'm ready to paint again I chain myself back to my desk, which is completely covered in Ravenous Space Wolves dedicated to the Blood God.  To be exact there is a Daemon Prince, 1 Terminator Lord, 5 Terminators,  12 Wulfen, 7 Grey Hunters, 16 Blood Claws, 8 Sky Claws, 1 Landspeeder, 2 Obliterators, 18 Fenrisian Wolves, 1 Wolf Lord on a Thunder Wolf, 2 Rhinos and an Aegis Defence Line.  In addition to all of this I am picking out minor details on previously painted models as my mantic mind is nitpicking the crap out of my work.

I myself have been meticulously examining the Space Wolves Index in an attempt to formulate an opinion on each of the units.  While I am not ready to cement my thoughts just yet a few things do jump out at me that make Space Wolves unique.  First off is the ability for units of infantry to take not one but two close combat weapons via their pack leader and a wolf guard pack leader.  With each of them having a power/frost weapon they enable units in close combat to quickly chew through armour and wounds.  Wulfen are next on my list of must haves as they can not only be kitted out as a death star but provide not one but two auras that each are worth their weight in gold.  Thunder Wolf Lords also pull at my heart as they are a steal for what they bring to the table; ton of attacks, invulnerable save, decent movement and an auras.  I'm having a hard time fielding Lone Wolves as the points for them quickly add up.  One of my many personalities is screaming at me that the Glorious Death rule (+4 FNP on final wound plus it can attack one more time), along with an invulnerable save and stats to die for is well worth it.  Yet another personality is screaming "WHY DID GW PUT A PICTURE OF A LONEWOLF WITH A SET OF CLAWS BELOW TE UNIT ENTRY BUT NOT ALLOW YOU TO TAKE THIS OPTION?"  Regardless of this mini rant here the final unit that I'm yelling for more cowbell are the Fenrisian Wolves.  For next to nothing you can have a large blob of these hungry wolves which will provide you with a bubble wrap against more valuable units getting charged.

Enough ranting for today.  I think it time to see another army list.  Today were are going with a 1500pt detachment.

Points: 1500
Command Points = 6
Battalion Detachment
Power Level = 71pts

141 = RagnarBlackmane: Fenrisian Wolves x 2, Frost Fang, Bolt Postol, Belt of Russ and Frag/Krak Grenades
112 = Wolf Priest: Jump Pack, Crozius Arcanum, Bolt Pistol and Frag/Krak Grenades

130 = Dreadnought: Great Wolf Claw, Storm Bolter & Twin Auto Cannon

284 = Blood Claws x 15: Plasma x 2, Blood Claw Pack Leader with Power Axe and Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Terminator armour with Chainfist/Storm Shield
284 = Blood Claws x 15: Plasma x 2, Blood Claw Pack Leader with Power Axe and Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Terminator armour with Chainfist/Storm Shield
237 = Grey Hunters x 10: Plasma x 2, Wolf StandardGrey Hunter Pack Leader with Power Axe and Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Terminator Armour with Thunderhammer/Storm Shield

135 = Fenrisian Wolves x 15

175 = Long Fangs x 5: Missile Launcher 4 & Long Fang Pack Leader with Chainsword, Bolt Pistol and Bolter

The concept behind this list is a footslogging horde that is bubbled wrapped in a blob of hungry Fenrisian Wolves.  To prevent them from taking a beating in the morale phase I have the Jump Pack Wolf Priest to keep them in line.  Not only will they benefit from his leadership aura but they will be able to failed hits in the fight phase.  In behind the screen I have the Blood Claws and the Warlord Ragnar.  There should be little difficulties for the Blood Claws to get a decent charge off thanks to Ragnar.  The Grey Hunters are their to fire the Blood Claws in and provide a counter charge/reinforcements.  Both of the Blood Claws and the Grey Hunters have a slow but hard punching and highly resilient Wolf Guard with them.  They get a nice discount on their storm shields since they are not characters; hard to pass up.  They are there to deal with monstrous creatures and vehicles.  The Dreadnought can join in on the footslogging or stick back with the firebase; Long Fangs.  Till next time keep that COWBELL ringing.

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