Friday, June 16, 2017

0 Flashback Fridays #17: D is for Defiler

The runes that glowed with the anger stemmed from the Daemon.  The hell that was unleashed stemmed from the mechanical cage that it was trap inside of.  Scampering up on to the smoldering Imperial Guard tank that it just tore apart, it let off a deafening blast from its' battle cannon at a squad of Imperial Guardsmen.  Their blood and corpses filled the crater where they once stood.  It closed the open ground between itself and the Imperial Guard Command Squad.  Reaching out with both of its mechanical arms it crushed two Ogryn body guard as if they were delicate xenos eggs. Its branch like arms lashed out simultaneously at the smaller members of the Command Squad swatting them away like flies, while one of its' legs pinned the Company Commander down. Slowly pressing down it severed the officer at the waist..."

My Defiler was the my pride and joy of my Chaos Space Marine army, Betrayer's of Pain.  Its' hulking frame casted its shadow over the rest of the army including both of its' Daemon Princes.  Now the question is can I replicate the success I had in previous editions with it now that we are in 8th edition.  I am currently unhappy with its paint scheme and as such hope to revitalize it with a new one.  I plan on using a heavy orange rust paint scheme for the metal and ghostly green for the wood.  I will throw in blue as it compliments the orange throughout the model to pull the eye around it.  I will be using this model in my Fallen Dark Angels army as there is no way Papa Nurgle is giving up his baby.  I hope to see my Defiler once again become a devastating platform both shooting and in close combat. 

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