Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 On Hiatus

The HOTpanda and his mistress of the night, The Chaos Manifesto, are going on HIATUS. For how long, who knows. Why, the 40k community is eating itself with GW shutting blogs down to companies suing blog authors to Adepticon selling out way to fast. In the end the Internet side of the hobby is tearing me apart in an attempt to murder my beloved hobby. The hiatus is a safety measure that must be taken if modelling, painting and gaming are to stay part of me. This is not the end but rather a new beginning. Like the oroborus who eat itself only to give birth to itself...Both The Chaos Manifesto and myself will rise again.


  1. Sad to hear it, but I understand why. I'll keep ya on my rolls and look forward to your return ;)

    Krisken of SB40k

  2. Replies
    1. Google has been taking the blogs down after repeated complaints by GW.

    2. Ah, ok. Dug out a bit and found out that the reason was leaked photos of the White Dwarf and High Elves. Thought it was some IP stuff that they were after...

  3. Those bastards! They blew it up! Damn them, damn them all to helllllll! I look forward to your return. If it's not fun ya gotta take a break.