Thursday, April 11, 2013

1 WIP it Wednesday #40: Blood Bowl for the Blood God

Having gotten my appetite for destruction wet I find my soul craving for more. I simply cannot get enough of Blood Bowl. I have been bathing in the blood of my opponents and the Blood God himself has commanded me to recruit him a team.
This past week after tossing the old grot skin around I was giving a model by one of my opponents. Not any model but rather a rat ogre that had a blood crushers skull for a head. Instantly I the legendary beast of Chaos, the Minotaur, entered my mind. With a proper tough guy in hand I needed to surround him with a team. Looking at my bits and kits I found the remnants of a Chaos Forsaken kit that I could use to supply me with some Chaos Warriors. What could I use for beastmen though. That's an easy one, Bloodletters. And just like that I had recruited Khorne a Blood Bowl team that he could call his own.

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  1. Hey HOTpanda, just wanted to let you know after all this time that I got the Dark Angels upgrade sprue with that gift card you gave me. I've always wanted to add some hooded marines to my army so thank you very much! I gave you a shout out in my post.