Friday, April 5, 2013

0 Wip it Wednesday #39: Can you Say Nurgle

With my Blood Bowl League having Kicked off the Regular season I wanted to make the other coaches sploosh when they saw my team. This meant that I needed to stop wasting my time popping boils and get down with my painting brushes. Despite being away on the road last week I manage to get a solid skin tone for my Nurgle infested warriors under my belt. With some actual substance dangling between my legs I dove head first into finishing my team.
Unfortunately for you I did not have the time to photograph the team in all their glory. I did manage some WIP shots of three spare warriors though. As you can see I went with a gravel playing pitch because real men don't play on AstroTurf but rather rocks and broken glass. I will post some player and team photos next Monday for those of you calling foul.
In between the layers of paint and rot I did find some time for my Fallen Nurgle'sAngels Angels project. I have begun to build my Black knights and am about to convert their Twin Linked Bolters over to Twin Linked Plasma Guns. Going to see if I can magnetize these as that would allow me to field them as Chaos Bikers. For those with a keen eye I am also got my grimy little paws on some DArk Angels upgrade sprues. All in all this was a productive hobby week.

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