Monday, April 1, 2013

0 Monday Musings of a Mantic #8: Electronics

Blogging is dependent on the inclusion of an electronic device. Specifically a computer, whether its a PC, a laptop, or a tablet, you need one of the I order to blog. The instrument of my choosing has been a MacBook for the past 5 years. First I was stealing my wife's. til she had enough and said maybe you should get your own. I got my own alright and have never turned back... Until now.

First mine had a brain homorage which resulted in it not being able to find its' operating instructions. Cool beans is what I thought as I will just go back to using my wife's. For the past month this was working out great till I tried to use it last night. Here's simple will not even turn on.  Perhaps the old battery is just out of juice?  Or maybe gremlins got to it?  Hell perhaps my fingers are cursed and can suck the life out of inatimate objects?  Regardless I am now out for the count when it comes to having a proper device to blog with. I do have an I-touch in which I used to compose this post but its no way to deliver content effectively. First the tiny key board sucks like a twilight vampire.  I cannot schedile post which is a general nucance. And of course my favorite is that I can only place images at the bottom of my posts.

So as you can see my ability to deliver The Chaos Manifesto will be greatly hampered until I can resolve this state of affairs. My apologies to those who actual enjoy this blog...

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