Monday, April 8, 2013

0 Model Mondays #13: Nurgattle PlagueHawks

Hailing from the rotten and devoid state of UnWashington, The Nurgattle PlagueHawks were one of thirteen teams to form the V-Nuffle Blood Bowl League. Paying homage to the Father of Decay this Blood Bowl team is Rotten to their core. They run a hard hitting and defensive play book that grinds down their opposition. Relying on their resilient but decaying bodies to hold the line. Prior to kick off of the regular season this team pay tribute to the undead by playing several practice games at various cemeteries around the state. This gathered them a solid fan base that looked to contaminate astonishing large crowds. To help ensure that this happens they have given all recently pass away residents free season passes for their spoiled corpses. Without further ado I would like to present the Nurgattle Plague Hawks starting roster.

Rotters  - #00 Carson Warts and #56 Mussell Wilson
Rotters - #63 Doug Rotwin and #84 Barren Wells
Rotters - #91 Copper Hellfit and #98 Sean McGash
Pestigors - #07 Dick SheMan
Pestigor - #14 OJ Stabson aka "Juice"
Pestigor - #49 Shattered Lice
-missed team pictures...suspected cause or being awol, drug abuse.

Nurgle Warrior - #42 Vyle Knox
Nurgle Warrior - #70 DeShawn Dead aka "Tits"
Beast of Nurgle - #77 Marshawn Flynch aka "The Beast"
That is one disgusting and vile looking bunch. I cannot seem to stop staring at Nurgle Warrior - #42 Vyle Knox aka "Tits". It's like a train wreck. Deep down inside these are my Boyz and they are my team. They are the Nurgattle Plague Hawks. 

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