Wednesday, March 27, 2013

4 WIP it Wednesday #39: Nurgattle PlagueHawks

Many of you might have assume that I became part of the walking dead with my unexplained disappearance last week.  Not single post, single picture, word or even a single letter was published on The Chaos Manifesto.  For all intensive purposes I was dead.  Luckily for you each and every one of you I have risen from the dead.

No need to fill your bloated corpses with excuses of where I was or what I was doing.  Instead lets just have a look at what I managed to paint over the course of the last week.  These four models are my test models for my Blood Bowl Team.  Each and everyone of them Nurgfied in hopes that the paints I selected complimented their skin tones.
Smothering them in a rich but rotten bath of greens, brown and yellows I was able to create what I believe is a skin tone that is like no other.  

1. I started off by priming each them bone white as seen by their bases.  
2. From here I mixed up a concoction of 8 parts Rotten Flesh, two parts Scorched Brown, one part Desert Yellow and four parts Sybarite Green.  
3. Once the base colour was establish I began to highlight the skin with two parts Rotten Flesh to one part Dwarf Flesh.  This was used to bring out their high features and wounds.  
4. At this point I prepare their flesh with the filth that it deserves by washing it in Agrax Earthshade and Reinkland Fleshshade.
5. Further developing these feature I did one final highlight with two parts Rotting Flesh one part Elf Flesh.  
6. This foundation set the tone for the washing of their wounds.  Using both Baal Red and Leviathan Purple
7. Last but not least I applied a smooth but thin coat of Straken Green over the various parts of each models flesh.

I have since painted all non flesh parts of these models black as I prepare to paint their various features. Horns and armour will be black while cloth will be red.  Since I have yet to define how I will be painting these features I have gone ahead with painting the other twelve team members of the Nurgattle PlagueHawks.  


  1. Hey, these are looking great! So good I might borrow idea or two - if I ever start to put up a team for our local BB tournament...

  2. Looking awesome, Panda! What are some of the kits you used?

  3. Super stoked on the skin tone as it is something I have struggled with in the past. In gems of kits lets start from the left; chaos forsaken; zombies, Plaguebearers and zombies. The shoulder on the plaguebearer is from the forsaken kit. I have to say that the forsaken kit is a dream come true.

  4. Brilliant colour recipe on these guys, mate! Having recently discovered Blood Bowl myself, I am particularly looking forward to witnessing the (d)evolution of this team! ;-)