Thursday, March 14, 2013

2 WIP it Wednesday #38: Nurgle, Nurgle and more Nurgle!!!

Like a pulsating boil ready to burst its foul puss my mind has been engorged with the taint of Nurgle. That's right with foul disgusting taint!!! Everything that I touch begins to fester with the corruption of his decay. Unable to cleanse my body and mind of the Father of Decay I languish in my own filth as I am no longer in control myself. Dedicating myself has become the norm and day dreams of "Two Daemonettes, One Cup of Nurgle" plagues my imagination. Life for me is revolves around one thing and one god only; Nurgle!!!
This past hobby week has seen me working on three separate projects. Each one paying homage to Papa Nurgle. The first of which is that of my Nurgle Blood Bowl Team, The Nurgattle PlagueHawks. This week I built an extra few players, four Warriors of Nurgle. All four exploit Games Workshop's Fantasy Forsaken kit which is their best kit they have ever made. Honestly this is a Chaos players ultimate nightmare. Two of the four Warriors of Nurgle were kit bashed with the Chaos Warriors box set. By doing this I was able to create a bulkier version of the Forsake ones previously made. On top of it the cap on these models creates a certain panache that screams dominance on the pitch. On the blood bowl front I have begun painting not one but two test figures.
While the paint dried on my Nurgle Blood Bowl test models I forged ahead with my Nurgle Fallen Dark Angels. I managed to build six Scouts and ten Tactical Marines. The process for each of these models is painstakingly slow. Each one is kit bashed with their a Dark Angels/Space Marine kit along with Forsaken, Plague Bearers and Zombie kits. Once the model is built I then use my modelling knife to gouge out the Dark Angel iconography. From here u then use my pin vice to create bullets holes. Last but not least I add several pieces of guitar string to help create the decay armour image that I am striving for. you will also mote from the pictures thatvi have begun paint the test figure for this army's paint scheme. I still have one more Helbute to convert over to a dreadnought, several bikes to be made and one more squad of Tactical Marines. I will also be building some extra models which will allow me to field them as Plague Marines. Make no mistake this army is and will be playable both as Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines.
The last and finally Nurgle project has been the creation of a Nurgle Chaos Daemon Army. As it stands I will at least be building a small but reliable Nurgle Daemon Ally detachment. I have yet to decide if I want to expand them into a full on Daemon Army. My goal right now is to revive my Nurgle dedicated Betrayer's of Pain CSM 4th-5th edition army. As such I am looking to have two Daemon Princes, one Soul Grinder and one large squad of Plaguebearers in the army. The rest if the army would be filled out from the CSM side of Nurgle. This would allow me to save some serious coin while reviving some of my best conversions back to life.

As you can clearly see my hobby life is one hundred percent dedicated to the Father of Decay. All hail Nurgle!!!


  1. Nice! Well, not "nice" per se, more like "putrid" but you get my drift! New Daemons got me painting too, after a long while that is.

  2. Those scouts are pretty damn cool.