Thursday, March 7, 2013

2 WIP it Wednesday #38: Blood Bowl

Two teams, one ball and stadium full of drunk hoodlums.  Regardless of what team you are cheering for you are always going to be in for a show especially with the scantily clad as the Bloodwiser girls on pitch.  What sport could this be?  Some of you Khorne worshipping freak might be screaming mix martial arts aka UFC while fans of Slaanesh quietly whimper Marriage.  The real answer though is none other than the ultra violent sport known as Blood Bowl.

Wading deep into the guts and glory my gaming club has started our own Blood Bowl League.  Having set a dead line of the end of the month I have been reviewing old Blood Bowl footage on what team to select, recruit, build, train and paint.  For me this was quickly narrowed down between a Chaos team or a Nurgle team.  The decision was made for me though as I have a tone of rotten plastic crack that was moulding about.

With the team out of the way I decided to prematurely pop its festering boil by recruiting and building my team all in one disgusting go.  So without further infestation her is my Nurgle Blood Bowl team:
That's 1 x Beast f Nurgle (Spawn), 2 Nurgle Warriors (Forsaken), 3 Pestigors (Plague Bearers) and 6 Rotters (Zombies).  Without a doubt they are one foul looking team.  I have few minor bits and bobs to add to each of them but for the most part they aren't going to get any prettier to look at.  With only training and painting left before their debut game I have to get my pestilence into high gear.  Before I set about painting them I want to pick a name for the team.  Here is the short list that I have come up with:

1/ Gangrene Plaguers;
2/ Nurgattle Plaguehawks; and
3/ New Nurgle Drones.

For those that are witty enough to notice each of these team names pays homage to Blood Bowl's long standing paradoy of poking fun at pop culture.  For those who did not perhaps it just because Nurgle has cause your funny bone to rot away.  Either way I am looking for your help on what name I should go with as it will effect how I paint the boyz of Nurgle.  So be sure to vote for which team you think I should use on the right hand side of my blog.  Till then keep pounding back those cans of Bloodwiser and stay tuned for more pics of these rotten players of Nurgle.


  1. Get yourself 2 more warriors, you will need/want them very quickly. You will need lots of disturbing presence to deal with agility teams. I would even go so far as to say you want to start with more warriors.

  2. Well, I'll be...that's quite a coincidence: I've been looking at that particular game myself lately - must have something to do with all that Synchronicity stuff Jung kept going on about ;-) Anyway, check out my blog tomorrow, and you'll feel similar ;-)

    Ahem, back to your team: Looks very promising: All those shiny new plastic kits are fabulous material for giving all those good old specialist games a spin, right?