Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Monday Musings of a Mantic #5: 1750pts CSM/New Daemons

Primary Detachment: Chaos Space Marines

170 = CSM Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Sugal of Corruption, Lighting Claw, and Burning Brand of Skalathrax.
213 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Guns x 2 and Champion with Power Axe
213 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Guns x 2 and Champion with Power Axe
191 = Chaos Bikers x 6: Mark of Nurgle, Champion with Powerfist.
170 = Heldrake: Baleflamer
076 = Obliterator x 1: Mark of Nurgle
076 = Obliterator x 1: Mark of Nurgle

Allied Detachment: Chaos Daemons

105 = Herald of Nurgle: Psyker Lvl #1, Lucy's of Fecundity, Lesser Reward.
215 = Plague Bearers x 20: Plague Banner and Plagueridden with Lesser Rewards
141 = Plague Bearers x 14: Plagueridden with Lesser Rewards
180 = Soul Grinder: Daemon of Nurgle and Phelgm Bombardment

The CSM Lord of Nurgle (Warlord) rides with the six Nurgle Bikers thus turning Nurgle's gaze upon them for manifesting his favourite number.  This units job is burn rubber up one of the enemy flanks and unleash the Burning Brand of Skalathrax on them.  A Torrent based flame template that is AP3 is nothing to scouff at.  This ridiculous toughness value of six combined with their ability to generate a cover save via turbo boosting will not only ensure their survival but should place them where the Brand can be used effectively.

With the CSM Lord paying tribute to The Father of Decay he has tuned my two Cult Marines units into troop choices.  Plague Marines with their toughness and stats are able to absorb a plethora of damage.  Their role is to claim objectives and provide a rolling fire base to their Daemon counter parts.  Speaking of which by taking Daemons as my ally I am able to ignore the fickle Winds of Chaos Table.  This will eliminate the randomness of the table.  Taking Chaos Daemons as allies gives me access to a horde style troop choice, Plague Bearers.  I have gone with two squads both once again paying tribute to Nurgle favourite number.  The twenty daemon strong squad has the Herald leading the way.  He brings FnP to the table and an AP3, poison 4+ template (Primaris power for Discipline of the Plague).  Their role will be to tie up any disruptive enemy units and or to grab objectives.  The plague banner quickly turns these guys into monstrous creature killers for one turn of the game.  The smaller squad of fourteen is there to either run in front of the larger squad or to stay back and hold objectives on my side of the table.  

The last Daemon unit is that of the Soul Grinder who was inducted into the list to provide some anti air and anti horde fire support.  This guy is a beast and if he can obscure 25% of his hull he can generate a 2+ cover save.  The Phelgm Bombardment give this army yet another AP3 weapon but this time in the form of a large blast.  By having relentless this unit is treated as always having been stationary thus allowing it to fire both its weapons at full ballistic skill.  Lending the Soul Grinder support are two single Obliterators.  They are included for the primary role of anti tank but can help out mow the grass against all types of units.

Last but not least is the fourth and final AP3 template weapon via the Heldrake.  This dragon of the warp has all power toting soldiers and those less privilege shaking in their boots.  This bad mamma jamma will be playing clean up.  The rest of the army will attempt to force the enemy towards the opposite flank than that of the Nurgle Bikers.  Thus pushing them right towards my Heldrake's prime hunting grounds.
As you can see this army places high emphasis on Anti MEQ with a total of three AP3 templates and one AP3 large blast.  Not only are these weapons great for killing MEQs but they can effectively deal with horde based armies.  Throw in the high resilience of each and every unit in the army and one can quickly see that this is one hell of a disgusting list.  Hope you enjoyed todays cup of Nurgle.  As always, comments, criticism, banter and praise are appreciated.  


  1. I dont have the chaos codex yet but is there a real reason to have the obliters as mark of nurgle why not give the tzench to help with there ++save?

  2. Thanks for checking out the list and leaving a comment. I marked the Oblits with Nurgle to keep with my Nurgle theme. The only unit that does not have the mark is the Heldrake as it is not allowed any. Marking them with Nurgle is not all that bad though as it makes them harder to wound with the +1 toughness. It also prevents strength 9 or lesz weapons like lascanonns or Powerfist from instant killing them. Think of the mark of Nurgle as a preventitive tool where tzeentch is a reactive one as the model must get wounded first before its mark comes into play b

  3. Nurgle is huge on oblits. The instant death threshold is just the first, and most important, of the bonuses. The second is the resistance to small arms fire.

  4. I've never really been a huge fan of nurgle, but this list looks like it would be a blast to play with. I really like how each unit has it's own job to do, and they all work together. I'm looking forward to seeing a battle report if you do one!

  5. I am a huge fan of Nurgle and cannot get enough of his pulsating boils. Hands down my favourite of the four Chaos Gods. The nice part is that I have the bulk of the models already built and painted. I will need to buy a heldrake and possible 4 bikes. The models that I alraeady own would just need to receive an update as they are my old Betrayer's of Pain Renegades from 4th edition. The biggest update they need is a painting one. I really dig the approach of the army and the themes of the resilent models and the anti meq. I have variable options in terms of each unit and can easily expand the army to 1850pts or 2000pts. Cannot wait to get this list into action and when I do I will be sure to write a battle report for you all to enjoy.