Tuesday, March 26, 2013

0 Monday Musing of a Mantic #7: 1750pts CSM/Daemons

265 = Daemon Prince: Daemon of Nurgle, Wings, Power Armour & Black Mace
105 = Chaos Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Brand of Skaralax, Power Sword
262 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Gun x 2, Champion with PF and a Rhino
262 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Gun x 2, Champion with PF and a Rhino
228 = Plague Marines x 6: Melta x 2, Champion with PF and a Rhino
170 = Heldrake: Baleflamer
076 = Obliterator x 1: Mark of Nurgle
076 = Obliterator x 1: Mark of Nurgle

235 = Keeper of Secrets: Greater Reward x 2 and Psyker Lvl #2
141 = PlagueBearers x 14: PlagueRidden with Lesser Reward
180 = Soul Grinder: Phlegm and Mark of Nurgle

Total = 2000pts 

This list is the reincarnation of my former Chaos Space Marine Army, the Betrayers of Pain.  The thought pattern behind this list is to shake the dust off my army of long ago.  An army that spawned my passion for converting armies after a theme.  The only model I would need to actually buy and build would be that of the Heldrake.  Speaking of which  I really do need to buy one of those dragons and it seems to be a reoccurring theme in the armies I want to field.  The list itself is one dedicated to rotten god of Nurgle.  Flooding my opponent with an abundance of high toughness models in a variety of forms.  The only divergence is that of the Keeper of Secrets but I am absolutely in love with this models stats.  

The sheer mobility of this army also provides this army with an advantage that most armies in my local meta do not have.  The ability to outmanoeuvre my enemy is one that tickles my nancy and makes me fancy.  The two winged Daemon Princes are nasty in a can and can easily turn any enemy into an oozing pool of guts.  What lacks speed are that of my fire base; The Soul Grinder and Obliterators. Each of them provide a small but highly effective fire base.  The Heldrake provides a mobile fire support that simply does what ever it wants to do cause lets face it a Heldrake does what a Heldrake wants to do.  Last but not least are that of the Plague Bearers.  Their job is to either deep strike in on my objective or that of the enemies.  In kill point games they simply act as a tarp pit and or  cannon fodder for the rest of the army.

Overall I am extremely excited at the idea of resurrecting my former Chaos Space Marine army and I feel that the list is well balanced and strong enough to stand against any army.  As always your comments are always appreciated and highly encouraged.

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