Tuesday, March 12, 2013

0 Monday Musing of a Mantic #6: 1750pts of STD Daemon Action

210 = Keeper of Secrets: Greater Reward x 2 & Psyker Lvl 1
095 = Harold of Slaanesh: Greater Reward & Exalted Locus
095 = Harold of Slaanesh: Greater Reward & Exalted Locus
080 = Harold of Nurgle: Lesser Reward & Greater Locus

206 = Daemonettes x 17: Instrument & an Allures with Greater Reward (Greater Ether Blade  +1S)
206 = Daemonettes x 17: Instrument & an Allures with Greater Reward  (Greater Ether Blade  +1S)
126 = Plaguebearers x 14

105 = Fiends of Slaanesh x 3

170 = Soul Grinder: Daemon of Slaanesh with Baleful Torrent
170 = Soul Grinder: Daemon of Slaanesh with Baleful Torrent
180 = Soul Grinder: Daemon of Slaanesh with Baleful Torrent

100 = Aegis Defence Line: Quadgun

Total = 1743pts

Suffering from the Juke Joint Sniper this list has seven points lingering about.  I will just have to deal with it just like if I had syphilis or gonorrhea.  At least it's Nurgle's favourite number.  Perhaps he will smile down upon me to help with the burning sensation that this has left behind.  As for the point I did spend its was all on Slaanesh and Nurgle.  Think of this list as an STD infestation.  Those poor Imperial Guard will never know what hit them.  Slaanesh provides the fast moving units that strike just as fast while Nurgle provides a durable fire base that just never goes away.  Essentially the list is broken down into an Assault Element and a Fire Base Element.

The Assault Element utilizes the two Slaanesh Soul Grinders to act as its condom. Up and in your target's face these two stand side by side an hope to keep the army's nasty secret out of sight.  In behind the rubber are two large units of Daemonettes, with a harold attached to each, who can barely contain themselves.  Next to them are two small but deadly squads of Fiends of Slaanesh.  All of these units point their excitement straight at the juicy target and move as fast as they can towards them on turn one.  Turn two sees the condom break straight down the middle allowing the flood of raw emotion to seep out onto their prey.  The fiends assault first to act as viral grenades if their target is behind cover and or to prevent characters from cock blocking the slaanesh units with their high initiative.  The Harold Exalt Locus provides each of the Daemonettes and themselves with re-roll to hits.  That is just the tip of their stick tough as they also can force themselves on to any character they wish in challenge will being able to ignore the word "NO".  While all of this is going on the Keeper of Secrets is either accompanying its fellow Slaanesh STDs or picking apart the weak and precious units that have no self confidence.
Meanwhile Nurgle is protecting the back door to their army with the Soul Grinder of Nurgle and the Harold of Nurgle and its Plaguebearers.  Using the Aegis defence line this unit is able to generate an impressive girth, I mean cover save.  The Harold provides them with a second layer of protect so they Feel no Pain.  The Harold mans the Quadgun due to his high ballistic skill and lays down a stream of firepower .  Standing next to them is the Nurgle Soul Grinder who provide both anti flyer and MEQ protection while generating an impressive cover save of his own.  Together they hope to tear a hole into  any enemy unit that is bold enough to take them on.

All four Soul Grinders can provide anti-air protections while being able to provide fire support to the assault element.  The Keeper of Secrets if needed can take a Lash of Torment for some BDSM action. Overall I like the feel and look of this army.  It should be in close combat with ease on Turn 2 where it will spew its bag of trouble all over the enemy.  As always thoughts and comments are welcome...

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