Friday, March 29, 2013

2 Happy Zombie Jesus Day!!!

HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY!!!  This year I thought I would put a different twist on the Easter holidays.  Think of it as a Palm in Face on Sunday cause that is exactly what good old JC will be doing to each and every Zombie he comes across.
These three images all feature one of my favourite artists, Ashley Wood's, toy company ThreeA.  The best part is that just before little baby JCs birthday rolled by I bought two such figures for their AP line.  I was hoping that they would of arrived for Christmas but sadly they did not.  Blessed be his name though as my order has arrived in time for his resurrection.  Once again HAPPY Zombie Jesus day from The Chaos Manifesto.


  1. Dude! Jesus would be spinning in his grave! Well at least for a bit, but I hope he has something to do other than spin for the next 3 days - cause it could get boring in there. Happy Easter! Have fun hiding your eggs, oh wait - that's the other furry dude I know...

  2. glad you dug my photo. it's the middle one there with all the zombies worshipping king zombie jesus.