Friday, March 29, 2013

2 Happy Zombie Jesus Day!!!

HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY!!!  This year I thought I would put a different twist on the Easter holidays.  Think of it as a Palm in Face on Sunday cause that is exactly what good old JC will be doing to each and every Zombie he comes across.
These three images all feature one of my favourite artists, Ashley Wood's, toy company ThreeA.  The best part is that just before little baby JCs birthday rolled by I bought two such figures for their AP line.  I was hoping that they would of arrived for Christmas but sadly they did not.  Blessed be his name though as my order has arrived in time for his resurrection.  Once again HAPPY Zombie Jesus day from The Chaos Manifesto.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

4 WIP it Wednesday #39: Nurgattle PlagueHawks

Many of you might have assume that I became part of the walking dead with my unexplained disappearance last week.  Not single post, single picture, word or even a single letter was published on The Chaos Manifesto.  For all intensive purposes I was dead.  Luckily for you each and every one of you I have risen from the dead.

No need to fill your bloated corpses with excuses of where I was or what I was doing.  Instead lets just have a look at what I managed to paint over the course of the last week.  These four models are my test models for my Blood Bowl Team.  Each and everyone of them Nurgfied in hopes that the paints I selected complimented their skin tones.
Smothering them in a rich but rotten bath of greens, brown and yellows I was able to create what I believe is a skin tone that is like no other.  

1. I started off by priming each them bone white as seen by their bases.  
2. From here I mixed up a concoction of 8 parts Rotten Flesh, two parts Scorched Brown, one part Desert Yellow and four parts Sybarite Green.  
3. Once the base colour was establish I began to highlight the skin with two parts Rotten Flesh to one part Dwarf Flesh.  This was used to bring out their high features and wounds.  
4. At this point I prepare their flesh with the filth that it deserves by washing it in Agrax Earthshade and Reinkland Fleshshade.
5. Further developing these feature I did one final highlight with two parts Rotting Flesh one part Elf Flesh.  
6. This foundation set the tone for the washing of their wounds.  Using both Baal Red and Leviathan Purple
7. Last but not least I applied a smooth but thin coat of Straken Green over the various parts of each models flesh.

I have since painted all non flesh parts of these models black as I prepare to paint their various features. Horns and armour will be black while cloth will be red.  Since I have yet to define how I will be painting these features I have gone ahead with painting the other twelve team members of the Nurgattle PlagueHawks.  

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

0 Monday Musing of a Mantic #7: 1750pts CSM/Daemons

265 = Daemon Prince: Daemon of Nurgle, Wings, Power Armour & Black Mace
105 = Chaos Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Brand of Skaralax, Power Sword
262 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Gun x 2, Champion with PF and a Rhino
262 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Gun x 2, Champion with PF and a Rhino
228 = Plague Marines x 6: Melta x 2, Champion with PF and a Rhino
170 = Heldrake: Baleflamer
076 = Obliterator x 1: Mark of Nurgle
076 = Obliterator x 1: Mark of Nurgle

235 = Keeper of Secrets: Greater Reward x 2 and Psyker Lvl #2
141 = PlagueBearers x 14: PlagueRidden with Lesser Reward
180 = Soul Grinder: Phlegm and Mark of Nurgle

Total = 2000pts 

This list is the reincarnation of my former Chaos Space Marine Army, the Betrayers of Pain.  The thought pattern behind this list is to shake the dust off my army of long ago.  An army that spawned my passion for converting armies after a theme.  The only model I would need to actually buy and build would be that of the Heldrake.  Speaking of which  I really do need to buy one of those dragons and it seems to be a reoccurring theme in the armies I want to field.  The list itself is one dedicated to rotten god of Nurgle.  Flooding my opponent with an abundance of high toughness models in a variety of forms.  The only divergence is that of the Keeper of Secrets but I am absolutely in love with this models stats.  

The sheer mobility of this army also provides this army with an advantage that most armies in my local meta do not have.  The ability to outmanoeuvre my enemy is one that tickles my nancy and makes me fancy.  The two winged Daemon Princes are nasty in a can and can easily turn any enemy into an oozing pool of guts.  What lacks speed are that of my fire base; The Soul Grinder and Obliterators. Each of them provide a small but highly effective fire base.  The Heldrake provides a mobile fire support that simply does what ever it wants to do cause lets face it a Heldrake does what a Heldrake wants to do.  Last but not least are that of the Plague Bearers.  Their job is to either deep strike in on my objective or that of the enemies.  In kill point games they simply act as a tarp pit and or  cannon fodder for the rest of the army.

Overall I am extremely excited at the idea of resurrecting my former Chaos Space Marine army and I feel that the list is well balanced and strong enough to stand against any army.  As always your comments are always appreciated and highly encouraged.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

2 WIP it Wednesday #38: Nurgle, Nurgle and more Nurgle!!!

Like a pulsating boil ready to burst its foul puss my mind has been engorged with the taint of Nurgle. That's right with foul disgusting taint!!! Everything that I touch begins to fester with the corruption of his decay. Unable to cleanse my body and mind of the Father of Decay I languish in my own filth as I am no longer in control myself. Dedicating myself has become the norm and day dreams of "Two Daemonettes, One Cup of Nurgle" plagues my imagination. Life for me is revolves around one thing and one god only; Nurgle!!!
This past hobby week has seen me working on three separate projects. Each one paying homage to Papa Nurgle. The first of which is that of my Nurgle Blood Bowl Team, The Nurgattle PlagueHawks. This week I built an extra few players, four Warriors of Nurgle. All four exploit Games Workshop's Fantasy Forsaken kit which is their best kit they have ever made. Honestly this is a Chaos players ultimate nightmare. Two of the four Warriors of Nurgle were kit bashed with the Chaos Warriors box set. By doing this I was able to create a bulkier version of the Forsake ones previously made. On top of it the cap on these models creates a certain panache that screams dominance on the pitch. On the blood bowl front I have begun painting not one but two test figures.
While the paint dried on my Nurgle Blood Bowl test models I forged ahead with my Nurgle Fallen Dark Angels. I managed to build six Scouts and ten Tactical Marines. The process for each of these models is painstakingly slow. Each one is kit bashed with their a Dark Angels/Space Marine kit along with Forsaken, Plague Bearers and Zombie kits. Once the model is built I then use my modelling knife to gouge out the Dark Angel iconography. From here u then use my pin vice to create bullets holes. Last but not least I add several pieces of guitar string to help create the decay armour image that I am striving for. you will also mote from the pictures thatvi have begun paint the test figure for this army's paint scheme. I still have one more Helbute to convert over to a dreadnought, several bikes to be made and one more squad of Tactical Marines. I will also be building some extra models which will allow me to field them as Plague Marines. Make no mistake this army is and will be playable both as Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines.
The last and finally Nurgle project has been the creation of a Nurgle Chaos Daemon Army. As it stands I will at least be building a small but reliable Nurgle Daemon Ally detachment. I have yet to decide if I want to expand them into a full on Daemon Army. My goal right now is to revive my Nurgle dedicated Betrayer's of Pain CSM 4th-5th edition army. As such I am looking to have two Daemon Princes, one Soul Grinder and one large squad of Plaguebearers in the army. The rest if the army would be filled out from the CSM side of Nurgle. This would allow me to save some serious coin while reviving some of my best conversions back to life.

As you can clearly see my hobby life is one hundred percent dedicated to the Father of Decay. All hail Nurgle!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

0 Monday Musing of a Mantic #6: 1750pts of STD Daemon Action

210 = Keeper of Secrets: Greater Reward x 2 & Psyker Lvl 1
095 = Harold of Slaanesh: Greater Reward & Exalted Locus
095 = Harold of Slaanesh: Greater Reward & Exalted Locus
080 = Harold of Nurgle: Lesser Reward & Greater Locus

206 = Daemonettes x 17: Instrument & an Allures with Greater Reward (Greater Ether Blade  +1S)
206 = Daemonettes x 17: Instrument & an Allures with Greater Reward  (Greater Ether Blade  +1S)
126 = Plaguebearers x 14

105 = Fiends of Slaanesh x 3

170 = Soul Grinder: Daemon of Slaanesh with Baleful Torrent
170 = Soul Grinder: Daemon of Slaanesh with Baleful Torrent
180 = Soul Grinder: Daemon of Slaanesh with Baleful Torrent

100 = Aegis Defence Line: Quadgun

Total = 1743pts

Suffering from the Juke Joint Sniper this list has seven points lingering about.  I will just have to deal with it just like if I had syphilis or gonorrhea.  At least it's Nurgle's favourite number.  Perhaps he will smile down upon me to help with the burning sensation that this has left behind.  As for the point I did spend its was all on Slaanesh and Nurgle.  Think of this list as an STD infestation.  Those poor Imperial Guard will never know what hit them.  Slaanesh provides the fast moving units that strike just as fast while Nurgle provides a durable fire base that just never goes away.  Essentially the list is broken down into an Assault Element and a Fire Base Element.

The Assault Element utilizes the two Slaanesh Soul Grinders to act as its condom. Up and in your target's face these two stand side by side an hope to keep the army's nasty secret out of sight.  In behind the rubber are two large units of Daemonettes, with a harold attached to each, who can barely contain themselves.  Next to them are two small but deadly squads of Fiends of Slaanesh.  All of these units point their excitement straight at the juicy target and move as fast as they can towards them on turn one.  Turn two sees the condom break straight down the middle allowing the flood of raw emotion to seep out onto their prey.  The fiends assault first to act as viral grenades if their target is behind cover and or to prevent characters from cock blocking the slaanesh units with their high initiative.  The Harold Exalt Locus provides each of the Daemonettes and themselves with re-roll to hits.  That is just the tip of their stick tough as they also can force themselves on to any character they wish in challenge will being able to ignore the word "NO".  While all of this is going on the Keeper of Secrets is either accompanying its fellow Slaanesh STDs or picking apart the weak and precious units that have no self confidence.
Meanwhile Nurgle is protecting the back door to their army with the Soul Grinder of Nurgle and the Harold of Nurgle and its Plaguebearers.  Using the Aegis defence line this unit is able to generate an impressive girth, I mean cover save.  The Harold provides them with a second layer of protect so they Feel no Pain.  The Harold mans the Quadgun due to his high ballistic skill and lays down a stream of firepower .  Standing next to them is the Nurgle Soul Grinder who provide both anti flyer and MEQ protection while generating an impressive cover save of his own.  Together they hope to tear a hole into  any enemy unit that is bold enough to take them on.

All four Soul Grinders can provide anti-air protections while being able to provide fire support to the assault element.  The Keeper of Secrets if needed can take a Lash of Torment for some BDSM action. Overall I like the feel and look of this army.  It should be in close combat with ease on Turn 2 where it will spew its bag of trouble all over the enemy.  As always thoughts and comments are welcome...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

2 STC Sunday: Building an Army the HOTpanda Way

The creation of a 40k army for me is more than just glueing a bunch of plastic crack together.  Countless failed armies have found themselves amassed into a pile of useless models.  Unable to stand behind their poorly thought out theme, play style, list, colour theme, models and fluff.  It truly is an art form to create a well thought out army that you can call your very own.  This post that I have written examines the foundation and five pillars that I use to support each and everyone of my armies.  

Step #1: THEME
For some hobbyist this may not even be a factor and or consideration when building an army.  For me this is the foundation.  Without a theme the five pillars that I use to support the army will buckle under the weight of the army.  The reason that I hold theme in such a high regard is because this is where the biggest amount of my enjoyment comes from in the hobby.  I have never to date built and finished an army that did not have a theme.  Every single one of my failed armies either had a half hearted theme or none at all.  The theme is the heart of the army and it is what enables me to get behind the army itself. Now when I say theme I am not looking for a straight forward approach to the word but rather something I can sink my fangs into. The biggest factors that comes into the selection of a theme is the convertibility of the army.  If I cannot cut, chop, mutate and deform the prescription models that Games Workshop has created than I am not even interested in building the army.  Obviously certain armies lend themselves better towards a theme like Chaos Space Marines (CSM) while others like Tau do not.  This is not to say that Tau cannot be themed as I would love to create a Tau army that is modelled after the world of Ashley Woods "World War Robot".
Sixth edition opens the door wide open with the inclusion of allies and this is something that should always be considered.  I challenge you to build more than just your standard Vanilla Marine Army.  Turn it into something else.  Mutate those blue smurfs into something titillatingly and eye popping.  Build yourself an army that you can truly call your own.

It is one thing to build an army and to theme it but if you plan on playing it better fit your style of game play.  If you like an in your face assault based army that acts like a blunt sledge hammer then you better not go and build any that uses a scalpel to deliver its arsenal of attacks.  The only time this may be ignored is if you are looking at expanding your knowledge and concept of other armies when it comes to their performance on the game table. Either way going into the project with a clear thought out play style is going to set the stages for the next pillar in creating an army
This pillar of success considers both the foundation and the play style of the army that you have already selected.  If your theme and play style align themselves with a highly mobile army that places emphases on shooting don't go and build a list that is entirely based around footslogging close combat monsters.  Remembering the previous two steps I go about selecting the various units that fit into the image I have set out to create.  Narrowing down the units allows me to ignore the ones that create holes and cracks in both my theme and play style.  Once I have crunched out the numbers and refined my army into a working list I then bounce it off of my friends and the blog-o-sphere.  Here I collect input on my armies strengths and weakness.  From here I make the appropriate changes to the list that will down play the weakness and increase its' strengths.  This may go back and forth through several phases of development as I bounce ideas off of those around me till I am 100% satisfied with an army list.

This step has caused me the largest amount of grief and lack of satisfaction than any other.  Throughout the other phases of the army the paint scheme looms overhead like a looming plague.  Constantly threatening to undermine the work that I have done.  As such I am always vigilant in the paint scheme that I select. To make matters worse I always want to change my palette for each new army.  Not only do I want to use new colours but I want to try out different painting techniques.  All the while it has to tie in with the theme and play style of the army.  You can clearly see why this pillar gives me the biggest and hardest problems.
This is the stage where the blood and sweat comes into play.  I am simply just applying the above steps into each and every individual model.

Step #6: FLUFF
As the other steps are being hatched out this one is lurking in the shadows.  Methodically planning how each of the other factors can be incorporated into background of the army. Things that I am considering in this phase of the army's development is their lineage, tactics, colour scheme and the name for the army.  Each one being weighed against the other.  Each one looking to balance the scales of justice.  Their is no room for error.  One single hole in the fluff of the army and the naysayers will begin to squawk and shit all over your army like seagull on your girlfriend at the beach.  Finding a hook within the existing cannon that Games Workshop and or Black Library has already establish is must for me.  This is places where you can hook your army's fluff into the world that you are trying to place them into.  Once the hook is set you are free to unleash the creativity of your own mind knowing that you are firmly grounded into the background of 40k itself and are going to stay fluffed.
With a foundation and all five pillars in place their is no doubt that I will throughly enjoy the look, play and feel of the army. Now go build yourself an army the HOTpanda way!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

2 WIP it Wednesday #38: Blood Bowl

Two teams, one ball and stadium full of drunk hoodlums.  Regardless of what team you are cheering for you are always going to be in for a show especially with the scantily clad as the Bloodwiser girls on pitch.  What sport could this be?  Some of you Khorne worshipping freak might be screaming mix martial arts aka UFC while fans of Slaanesh quietly whimper Marriage.  The real answer though is none other than the ultra violent sport known as Blood Bowl.

Wading deep into the guts and glory my gaming club has started our own Blood Bowl League.  Having set a dead line of the end of the month I have been reviewing old Blood Bowl footage on what team to select, recruit, build, train and paint.  For me this was quickly narrowed down between a Chaos team or a Nurgle team.  The decision was made for me though as I have a tone of rotten plastic crack that was moulding about.

With the team out of the way I decided to prematurely pop its festering boil by recruiting and building my team all in one disgusting go.  So without further infestation her is my Nurgle Blood Bowl team:
That's 1 x Beast f Nurgle (Spawn), 2 Nurgle Warriors (Forsaken), 3 Pestigors (Plague Bearers) and 6 Rotters (Zombies).  Without a doubt they are one foul looking team.  I have few minor bits and bobs to add to each of them but for the most part they aren't going to get any prettier to look at.  With only training and painting left before their debut game I have to get my pestilence into high gear.  Before I set about painting them I want to pick a name for the team.  Here is the short list that I have come up with:

1/ Gangrene Plaguers;
2/ Nurgattle Plaguehawks; and
3/ New Nurgle Drones.

For those that are witty enough to notice each of these team names pays homage to Blood Bowl's long standing paradoy of poking fun at pop culture.  For those who did not perhaps it just because Nurgle has cause your funny bone to rot away.  Either way I am looking for your help on what name I should go with as it will effect how I paint the boyz of Nurgle.  So be sure to vote for which team you think I should use on the right hand side of my blog.  Till then keep pounding back those cans of Bloodwiser and stay tuned for more pics of these rotten players of Nurgle.

Monday, March 4, 2013

5 Monday Musings of a Mantic #5: 1750pts CSM/New Daemons

Primary Detachment: Chaos Space Marines

170 = CSM Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Bike, Sugal of Corruption, Lighting Claw, and Burning Brand of Skalathrax.
213 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Guns x 2 and Champion with Power Axe
213 = Plague Marines x 7: Plasma Guns x 2 and Champion with Power Axe
191 = Chaos Bikers x 6: Mark of Nurgle, Champion with Powerfist.
170 = Heldrake: Baleflamer
076 = Obliterator x 1: Mark of Nurgle
076 = Obliterator x 1: Mark of Nurgle

Allied Detachment: Chaos Daemons

105 = Herald of Nurgle: Psyker Lvl #1, Lucy's of Fecundity, Lesser Reward.
215 = Plague Bearers x 20: Plague Banner and Plagueridden with Lesser Rewards
141 = Plague Bearers x 14: Plagueridden with Lesser Rewards
180 = Soul Grinder: Daemon of Nurgle and Phelgm Bombardment

The CSM Lord of Nurgle (Warlord) rides with the six Nurgle Bikers thus turning Nurgle's gaze upon them for manifesting his favourite number.  This units job is burn rubber up one of the enemy flanks and unleash the Burning Brand of Skalathrax on them.  A Torrent based flame template that is AP3 is nothing to scouff at.  This ridiculous toughness value of six combined with their ability to generate a cover save via turbo boosting will not only ensure their survival but should place them where the Brand can be used effectively.

With the CSM Lord paying tribute to The Father of Decay he has tuned my two Cult Marines units into troop choices.  Plague Marines with their toughness and stats are able to absorb a plethora of damage.  Their role is to claim objectives and provide a rolling fire base to their Daemon counter parts.  Speaking of which by taking Daemons as my ally I am able to ignore the fickle Winds of Chaos Table.  This will eliminate the randomness of the table.  Taking Chaos Daemons as allies gives me access to a horde style troop choice, Plague Bearers.  I have gone with two squads both once again paying tribute to Nurgle favourite number.  The twenty daemon strong squad has the Herald leading the way.  He brings FnP to the table and an AP3, poison 4+ template (Primaris power for Discipline of the Plague).  Their role will be to tie up any disruptive enemy units and or to grab objectives.  The plague banner quickly turns these guys into monstrous creature killers for one turn of the game.  The smaller squad of fourteen is there to either run in front of the larger squad or to stay back and hold objectives on my side of the table.  

The last Daemon unit is that of the Soul Grinder who was inducted into the list to provide some anti air and anti horde fire support.  This guy is a beast and if he can obscure 25% of his hull he can generate a 2+ cover save.  The Phelgm Bombardment give this army yet another AP3 weapon but this time in the form of a large blast.  By having relentless this unit is treated as always having been stationary thus allowing it to fire both its weapons at full ballistic skill.  Lending the Soul Grinder support are two single Obliterators.  They are included for the primary role of anti tank but can help out mow the grass against all types of units.

Last but not least is the fourth and final AP3 template weapon via the Heldrake.  This dragon of the warp has all power toting soldiers and those less privilege shaking in their boots.  This bad mamma jamma will be playing clean up.  The rest of the army will attempt to force the enemy towards the opposite flank than that of the Nurgle Bikers.  Thus pushing them right towards my Heldrake's prime hunting grounds.
As you can see this army places high emphasis on Anti MEQ with a total of three AP3 templates and one AP3 large blast.  Not only are these weapons great for killing MEQs but they can effectively deal with horde based armies.  Throw in the high resilience of each and every unit in the army and one can quickly see that this is one hell of a disgusting list.  Hope you enjoyed todays cup of Nurgle.  As always, comments, criticism, banter and praise are appreciated.  

Saturday, March 2, 2013

0 Old Stuff Day 2013: Greater Daemon of Nurgle

With March 2nd being Old Stuff Day and today being the release of the Chaos Daemons new Codex I figured I would show case my Greater Daemon of Nurgle.  What better way to celebrate a decayed old post of mine for Old Stuff day.  What greater way to pay tribute to the release of Chaos Daemons Codex.  Without further ado here is my Greater Daemon of Nurgle.
"They threw the grimy rope over the branch of the twisted tree and tied the other noose on the other end. My hands and feet where shackled, not that it matter as they had broken both my legs ensure I could not escape. If it were not for the fact that the Father of Decay had blessed me with numerous gift I would felt the pain they inflicted upon me. I was their Plague Champion and they were my Chosen squad. All that no longer matter as I was now their toy. A toy in which they kept barely alive. A toy they punished for making them what they were. Deep down inside they wished they never pledged allegiance to me. Together we climbed through the ranks of the Company of the Shadow and together we would fall. The noose tightened around my neck as they hoisted me up off my feet and the world darken that day for all of us...My body hung from the tree for days, months and years. No one knew of my fate except for Nurgle himself. My body decayed and wither but in turn the the swamp embraced my rotting carcass and I was reborn. Reborn into a Greater Daemon..."
I kit-bashed it from a Games Workshop Tree along with numerous Chaos Space Marine box-sets. This model actually went through several mutations throughout the building phase. As such this model was an absolute blast to build and a further way to propagate my forest theme. 
The Greater Daemon of Storax, 99% complete in terms of painting, which is good enough for me at this time. I wanted him to match my Lesser Daemons and as such painted the tree itself with the same paint scheme as them. I went with the orange tongue to help draw attention to the face of the Daemon and the little nurgling as well. I used purple to also help guide the eye and balance the model. Regretfully I had to subdue the claws to prevent them from stealing the show. When my free hand gets better I plan on painting a design on the right shoulder pad thus it being so flat in the center. I have a couple layers of water effects left for the base and a wash on the holster. I'm very please with the outcome.
Here are some of the reason why I chose to include a Greater Daemon in my army and some tactics that I use with it.

A Monster Mash - Enables you to add another Monstrous Creature to your army on top of the ability to take two Daemon Princes. For me this was another model that could contribute to overloading my opponent's anti tanks weapons. 
A True Champion - I view him as a means to upgrading one of my Aspiring Champions rather than killing one of them off. Since the Aspiring Champion is going to die I have two Plain Jane Aspiring Champions, one in my Chosen Space Marine Squad and one in a Plague Marine Squad, Why waste points on upgrades that are going to disappear.

Slow Go - Unlike a Daemon Prince which can take wings to increase its mobility a Greater Daemon is slow moving. To help combat against this try to get either one of my Plain Jane Aspiring Champions as close to the enemy as possible. For my Chosen Space Marine Squad I can infiltrate them or roll the dice and outflank them hoping they come in from reserves a turn before the Greater Daemon. The other way I achieve this is with the Plague Marine Aspiring Champion as I tend to push their Rhino straight at the enemy. 
Who Needs Cover Saves? - With to a 4+ invulnerable save, cover saves tend to be a next to useless. As such take advantage of this and just walk your Greater Daemon right out in the open.

Invulnerable - With having a better invulnerable save then my Nurgle Daemon Princes I tend to use my Greater Daemon to soak up fire from low AP weapons and against power based close combat weapons.

Hope you all enjoyed and till next time, rot in hell.