Wednesday, February 27, 2013

0 WIP it Wednesday #37: Fallen Angels

Filled with shame and a distaste for what they have become they languish in the filth they have become.  Shrouded in an armour of dark secrets they hide throughout the galaxy; bidding their time for when they will reveal themselves.  Rumours circulate about the sin that they committed while outlandish accusations swirl about their wrong that was committed against them.  Wherever the truth lies is where they will reveal themselves.
My latest project has taken me towards the darkness of these Fallen Angels.  Catching a fleeting glimpse here and there into their true identity.  Plagued by mutations and pulsating boils they are but a former image of what they once were.  Peeling back the layers of flesh over their eyes I search for the truth behind their fall.  All that I am able to uncover is the Dark Vengeance that now fills their soul.
These Fallen Dark Angels were all derived from Games Workshops latest starter set, Dark Vengeance. Using these models as a foundation I have twisted and corrupted each of them with a series of Chaos based kits.  From Chaos Spawn, Plague Bearers of Nurgle, Chaos Forsaken, Chaos Terminators, Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Sorcerers and lets not forget about the Aegis Defence Line.  All of these kits along with some music inspired guitar string have allowed me to transfix these once proud Marines into the abomination before your eyes.
These are but half of the Fallen that I plan on mutating.  Kitbashing and converting each of them takes considerable time.  First I build each of the models then I break them down into a tortured soul of cut of plastic crack is but the first two steps in the process.  From here begins the arduous task of transfusing them with the darkness of Chaos.  Perusing through the various kits and bits laid out across the floor of my man cave I slowly begin to twist their once honourable image.  Next is the defiling of their armour through the chipping and damaging of it.  The pulsating icing on the boil is the twisted guitar strings that adorn their power armour.

This is just the beginning of the fall for these former Dark Angels....

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