Saturday, February 23, 2013

3 STC Saturdays: An Overview of The Ravenous

hotPANDA - Up until a week ago I had been a prisoner, trapped inside my own mind.  I languished here for forty eight long days.  No one to talk to but myself.  Self reflecting in the hallucinations of my furry little mind I ponder the evolution of myself as gamer.  I examine the morale balance of our hobby; painting/modelling vs gaming vs the HOTpanda with myself.  Lost in the conversation of my own mind I was left with the following transcript.

For each of us the world of Warhammer 40k started with the birth of our first model.  Whether it was an Imperial scum bag, a Xenos freak of nature or a Chaotic follower of the Dark Gods, that first model was where you swam out of the primordial ooze and took your first step into the world of 40k.  Who did you take your first steps with?

HOTpanda -  For me it was with those skanky ass nuns of the Imperium.  Countless hours alone with ten of these nuns with guns, left an impression on my ego and a depression on my wallet that I have never recovered from.

hotPANDA - It's taken me well over a week to recover from the forty eight days you had me trapped in your mind.  Mind explaining yourself?
HOTpanda - It was nothing personal; I just needed a someone to talk to while I spent countless hours assembling and painting hundred and one infantry models and one times Vendetta.  I'm sure you understand the strain it put on my poor endangered mind?  Not the easiest of tasks but one never less.

hotPANDA - Maybe I do take it personally considering that you didn't even have the courtesy to even offer me a drink.  I saw you downing a few beers but not once did you say hey hotPANDA care for one?

HOTpanda - Like I said I had hundred and one infantry models and one times Vendetta to paint.  I didn't have time to be courtesy I had job to do and I had you thrown in my mind to keep me from losing it.  Now you didn't come back here to whine like a little school girl did you now?
hotPANDA - Little school girl?  Didn't I see a memory or picture of you wearing a school girls outfit while I was in your head?  What's that?  Cat got your tongue?  Anyhow why don't you tell me about these dalmatians that you were painting and what army they were for?

HOTpanda - They are the second incarnation of my home-brew renegade chapter, THE RAVENOUS.  They were part of the Space Wolves who were on board the Wolf of Fenris when the Red Corsairs took it down.  Over time they splintering off into a blood cult of Khorne where they spiralled into a world of their own. Consumed with with the flesh of their own they now prey upon any ship, Imperial, Xenos or Chaos, that strays to close to the Eye of Terror.
hotPANDA - That's quite the imagination you got there.  All fluff inside your head makes the walls in there look and feel like a padded asylum.  Those blood sucking wolves were not the only ones you were painting though were they?

HOTpanda - You best be watching your tongue or I will cut it off now...All that aside though you are right the Cannibalistic Wolves were not the only ones I was painting and modelling.  They accounted for fifty two of the models while the other forty nine were that of a Renegade Guard platoon.  I figure you're going to ask me what's the deal with them so here it is any how.  Think of them as that snack you have between meals.  They are just a means to an end and serve their purpose in the spilling of blood in the name of the all mighty Blood God.  Modelling slash painting wise blew the door wide open.  Game wise they make for one hell of a guard blob to throw in the face of my opponent.
hotPANDA - So why the rush on getting these servants of Khorne painting in just under two months?  You have a tournament or were you planning on housing all them in that mental institution you call your head?

HOTpanda - It was door number one smart ass.  GottaCON 2013 was the tournament and for me it is the biggest one up in my part of the woods.  Last year I had placed eighth out of sixty overall and was planning on improving that this year.  Unfortunately my experience at sixth edition was several lacking like the fur on your face. My soft scores, sportsmanship and painting were high as they comes but I was about one  victory short from breaking the top five.

hotPANDA - That's lady luck for ya.  In terms of painting though that is one hell of sharp looking army if you don't mind me saying.  Those rich deep reds and sharp contrasting blues just scream Chaos to me.  And that oxidized brass is one sharp way to create a weathered like look them.
HOTpanda - Well it's about time you start showing me the respect I deserve.  As for the colour scheme I wanted to create a unique paint scheme that would set them apart on the battle field.  I wanted them to be chaotic in nature.  I wanted them to throw away their past and embrace their future.  Blues became red and golds became oxidized brass.  The rich reds provided me with a direct link the Khorne himself.  While the oxidized brass is that of the armour of Khrone himself.  Weathered from the years of warfare and from the hate of battle itself their armour speaks that of death.  Tempering the steel of their weapons and colour scheme I spilled but a sprinkle of ice blue on to them.  Creating a stark contrast to that of the blood reds the blues balance my split-complementary colour scheme.  The red may be the dominate colour but the yellow-greens and blue-greens provides the high contrast that I was seeking.  The bonus to using such a palette is that I am not plagued by the strong tension of a straight up complementary scheme. Not wanting to tilt the balance of harmony against my favour I ensured that all other colours would be neutral in appearance.  Choosing a muted grey for their skin I was able to achieve this while creating a sickly look their faces.  The bases received the same treatment as the skin but the end result was that of an ash world.

hotPANDA - You have put a lot of thought into that painting scheme and the fluff behind the army.  It's like you are having your own personal renaissance and dark age all at once.  Your gaming side seems be lagging yet your have embraced the other side of the hobby and balanced the scale of justice between the two.
HOTpanda - You just don't stop flapping that jaw of yours do ya.  In terms of my gaming yes it lacking in terms of my grasp on sixth edition but that's due to my lack of games I have under my belt.  Prior to the tournament I had a whole two games under it.  While it may not be the best excuse it's all I got.  I figured I best put up one hell of show in terms of the ascetic appearance of my army if I was going to even show my face at GottaCON.  Not only did I lavish the army with paint but each model was lavished with conversions.  From guitar wire for tubing to forge world bits to lavish kit bashes each model is individually unique.  Apart from the Long Fangs and the Special Weapons Squad every model has a unique face.  It seemed to pay off as I had quite a few compliments on my army and had a fair number of competitors vote for mine as their favourite army.  Not to shabby if you ask me.

hotPANDA - No one was asking you but I would voted for you if I was allowed to.  There wasn't that many painted armies and the ones that were didn't have a display board like the one you had either.  There was a couple of armies that were dam sharp looking, especially that Daemon one and that Dark Eldar army.  In fact I think those were the ones that you voted for weren't they?  Anyhow, now that GottaCON is over and you are finished wiping the tears from your face what are your plans in terms of the hobby?
HOTpanda - You piece of crap, I should of never let you out of my head.  Since you're not going to stop asking me, I am planning on one of two choices at the moment.  Choice A, is to convert over the rest of my Dark Vengeance set to The RAVENOUS or choice B is to finish my nurgle Zone Mortalis squad.  I guess time will tell though as I could easily be swayed by a Daemon army if those rumours of them getting a release this month come true.

hotPANDA - Like Fleetwood Mac's eleventh album, Rumours are just that at the best of times.  As it stand right now though I don't think I will be needing any "Second Hand News" on where your sanity is heading but I ain't "Never Going Back Again" into that padded cell of a mind of yours.  Nice talking to ya HOTpanda but its best we go our separate ways.


  1. Well, I've said it once, and I'll gladly say it again: It's truly baffling how effective and striking this army looks as a whole! What's more, I actually think some of the "rank and file" models are even cooler than your command squad (which is already pretty cool in its own right). The more you look at these pictures, the more you discover...

    One thing, though: That Sorcerer in the top picture seems strangely familiar somehow... ;-)

    Anyway, great work, mate!

  2. Thanks Krautscientist for the kind words. The only downside to this army is that many of my minor conversions/kit bashing is lost in the ranks and files. For those that do take their time to truly look at the models that is when one begins to notice that each model itself is a character in its own right. Considering that there is 101 infantry models this was a hard feat especially with all models but the Long Fangs and Special Weapons team have unique head bits.

    PS - I had to steal your concept for my Primaris Pysker as the model was screaming at me to use it.

    1. Instead of being a downside, I rather think that's quite an asset! Isn't it just sad when somebody blows all his cool ideas and bitz on one or two army commanders (thereby making the rank and file troops look totally bland, and the commander models completely OTT)? I really prefer an army where every model is something to look at, so don't feel bad about it!

      Glad to have provided a spark of inspiration for the psyker ;-)