Monday, February 18, 2013

7 Model Mondays #11: Traitor Guard

Omega wolves is their rank.  Being the pack's scapegoat is the lot in life.  They bear the brunt of the pack's frustrations and harassment. Often they are the last to feed, or will go without food when it is scarce.  Though it does take the abuse of the pack, it is an essential role, as the pack must find a way to relieve stress if the hunt is not successful, or if a pack member is angered or stressed for any other reason.  As unbelievable as it sounds, the Omega finds comfort in it's position.  The Omega is not always the weakest member of the pack.
Todays Model Mondays features a prolific group of Omega Wolves.  Ones that are clearly not at the bottom of the pecking but rather at the top of the Omega chain of command.  They are my Traitor Guard Platoon Command Squad.  They bark orders at the rest of the cannon fodder.  They keep them inline and motivate them to do the Blood God's bidding.  Through the use of their orders they are able to turn an other mundane round of shooting into a salvo of death.  Some major feats to date for my Traitor Guard blob include an entire Death Company, ten Nurgle Bikers with a Nurgle Warlord Biker and a fraking Marloc.  The Marloc along is unreal considering the sheer amount of wounds and toughness values under its' scales.  If this wasn't enough they presence inspires all other omega wolves to run like wind.  These two orders turn this mundane squad into a force multiplier.
To enhance this squad to the level it deserves I wanted to lavish five individual models with the seed of creativity.  The first of these model blew my mind away when I saw what I had created.  Revolted by its' grotesque appearance this former Imperial Guardsman is but a glimmer of its' former self.  Spawning a giant growth of a horn out of the side of his face is the crown on this kit bash.  The unsung hero of this conversion is that of his torso.  WHile not easily visible it is the bit that gives this model his girth.  To be specific it is that of a Ork Nob.  To further establish this model as one to be reckon with I have give him an Terminator Crest; a badge of honour from that of a kill.
The next member of the platoon command squad is that of the signaller.  As you can notice from the pictures though the radios antenna has been replaced with a demonic growth of a tusk.  No longer used as a squad to squad communication device this signal uses his former radio pack as a broad casting device.  Projecting audio images of the eye of terror across the battle field he projects fear into the heart and soul of the packs prey.
A ruthless serial killer straight out of the pages of a modern day horror flick was thought behind this model.  Inspired by my fellow blogger and devote disciple of Chaos, Chris from Sippin on Paint Water, this model has to be one of my favourites.  A futuristic Texas Chain Saw Massacre like model just screams "More Blood for the Blood God" to me.
What platoon command squad would be complete without that of an agent of the dark.  An assassin perhaps or what others might call a ninja.  Then again someone has even gone as far as to call him "Deadpool".  Either way this warrior of Khorne relishes in the art of death.  Devoted to the protection and safe keeping of the Platoon Officer his lot in life is to ensure his safety even at the cost of his own life.
Last but not least out of the Omega Wolves this week is the Platoon Officer.  He is the one who receives the orders from the Alpha Wolf.  He is the one who relays that information and transfixes it into orders for his fellow grunts.  A decrepit old dog that is frail in appearance, but do not let this outward facade deceive you for it will be the last mistake you ever made.  He has survived countless lifetimes of abuse from the pack.  He has risen up above the rest of the Omega Wolves as their leader.  Ruthlessness is his virtue and instrument of death.  All of this aside the rest of the Omega wolves will mindless throw down their lives in order to ensure that he survives.


  1. Very Blanchesque. Nice work.

  2. Whoa!!! That is one hell of comment to throw at me. Not sure if I am worthy enough to catch it. Thanks for the humbling words of generosity Zab.

  3. He reminds me of the Emperor from Star Wars. A decrepit old fuck. LOL!!!

  4. Dude love it all! Platoon officer catches my eye also, would love to see it all in person one day!

  5. cheers everyone for both taking the time to comment and for the kind words. I will be continuing to showcase various models and units over the mondays to come. Keep your eyes peeled here if you want to see some more.