Saturday, February 2, 2013

2 Live From GottaCON 2013: The Tables

Going to keep things short and sweet, which is just as rare as a that you have recovered from the shock of that statement I will get to the point of this post.

Over the course of the weekend I will be blogging live from GottaCON 2013. This will allow to give you some insight in the tournament. First up are the tables. As usual the terrain and set up of the tables are beyond reproach. From daemon infested planets of the warp, to Imperial strong holds, to Denis craft worlds. No details were spared. Needless to say the tables are set to create both a dynamic narrative and a competitive but balanced battlefield. Bring on the carnage and Maugham.

P.S. check out the killer Imperial tank that someone painted.


  1. Happy to hear people enjoying the terrain, it is totally worth carting it all down there. It was good to see you and your army in person!

  2. Thanks for bringing your terrain down and for helping to provide a killer tournament. Hands down GottaCON is my all time favourite tourny.