Wednesday, February 6, 2013

0 Live from GottaCON 2013: Day 2

In the immortal words of the ultimate hipster, Beck, "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me".  This is what must have been written on my forehead during the second and final day of GottaCON 2013.  That's right from a two wins and one lose record on day one to two more freaking loses day two.  The part is that each of my games were against two very awesome local gamers.  Cool and laid back they each provided me with the feeling of comfort as we rolled the dice together.  Each of the games came down to turn five and them having the last move.

Game 4 was against a fellow Victoria Wargaming CLub member who was rocking a Vanilla Marine mechanized force.  With him having a mobile advantage I tried my best to clog up the table while not giving him access to my two objectives.  I was able to hold his forces off on the right flank but not on the left.  As my world came crumbling down I new there wasn't going to be much I could do about it.  Clearing the two squads of marines off the objective he was contesting was a breeze when I focused my guard blob of forty traitors at him.  Despite killing both squads and his Warlord in a storm of las fire his vehicles rolled up on my objectives on the eleventh hour.

Game 5 was against some blood fetish marines.  With one objective each in our deployment zones I focused my efforts on defending mine from him.  He threw his entire army at mine and paid the price each time a squad came within 24" of my guard blob.  Meanwhile I had quietly snuck a Lone Wolf onto his objective after he ate a tank for lunch.  What got me in the end though was a lone jump priest who just wouldn't die.  I had wiped out two separate ten man assault marine squad that he had joined.  Each time with him slipping away from my grasp.  Once the bells chimed elven times and my opponent robbed me of the taste of victory.  My only consolidation was the fact that I had killed yet another enemy Warlord, giving me a five for five record.  THat's right I had five separate skulls to give to the Blood God.  I can only hope that this gift will be enough for him to forgive my lack of determination and will.  I pray to him that he does not see me as a loser.

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