Tuesday, February 5, 2013

0 Live from GottaCON 2013: Day 1

Lady Luck is a bitch and she will cheat on if you give her the chance. My first game at the 40k tables saw me pitted against a Dark Eldar, Space Marine forbidden lust. My first thoughts had me puking up my breakfast but the ones that followed hand me swallowing the puke. Completely enthralled in their sacrilegious union I became ensnared into the lie. By the time I had realized that I had eaten my opponents bait it was to late. Game one was a loss but not without its' merits.  The battle came down to him having one more victory point then me.  Despite being able to slay his Warlord it wasn't enough in the end.
Game two and three had me salivating for the taste of victory and I wasn't to be disappointed.  Game two was against Nids or more specially a Genestealer cult with a few dinosaurs to boot.  With four objectives up for grabs both me and my opponent grab two each despite valiant efforts on both our parts.  The deciding factor came down to secondary objective with me have first blood, line breaker and  once again warlord slayer.  All three of these feats were thanks to my two lone wolves who took on and murdered two Broodlords, countless Genestealers and a Hive Tyrant.

Game three had me pitted once again against those twisted Dark Eldar.  Leading there army of leather clad freaks was the Baron himself.  High on his on hubris he foolishly though he best the likes of Lone Wolf and was torn to shreds by my warrior's chainfist.  Much like game two me and my opponent were tied on primary objectives and the game was decided by secondary objectives.  With his Warlord dead and one of my Lone Wolves hunting inside his deployment zone I was crowned the victor.

With a two and one record I was more than pleased but what made my nipples hard was the fact that I had killed not one, not two but all three of my opponents' warlords.  Each of their skulls would make perfect gifts for the Blood Gods skull throne.

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