Wednesday, January 23, 2013

8 WIP it Wednesday #34: The Sweatshop

Labouring away like a sexually abused panda in an asian sweatshop, is what my mind thinks it has gone through these past four days. Perhaps it was the tranquillizers they gave me; then again it could be the opium that is coursing through my veins.  Either way I am in a state of delirium from the plethora of side effects that currently ail me.  Looking back over my furry shoulder I wonder how I ended up in this situation.  Each time I end up with two conclusions; me signing up for Gottacon 2013 (local tournament) or a donut attack.  Obviously the chances of a donut attack are slim to none thus leaving option one as the most probable answer.
Probability is the furthest thing from my reality at this time.  It's as if common sense has flown right out the window.  I have been tirelessly putting in a minimum of 6 hrs a day in hopes to have my 1750pt army of blood frenzied, traitorous Space Wolves and their renegade Imperial Guard allies, painted up for Gottacon 2013.  The tournament kicks off on the first of February and runs till the the third February.  I signed up back at the end of December leaving me just over sixty days to prepare.  Unfortunately my trip into the humid jungles of Vietnam ate up half of those days.  So as you can see, time is crunching down onto my life as I attempt to have the army ready to hit the tables.  What exactly does my army consist of you ask?  Well let me paint you the picture; fifty two guardsmen, forty nine Space Wolves and one Vendetta.  Essentially a crap tone of footsloggers.  Not one to simply slap some paint half hazardly onto my models I am hoping to maintain what I would consider an above average table top quality of a army.
Gazing upon the mess of plastic and paint laid out before my desk I sense the anxiety of task I have before me.  Simply writing this post is waste of my precious hobby time yet part of me feels that the reflection is worth the chance to escape the madness.  I have to say that I am quite proud of what my eyes are gazing upon.  Everything seems to flow from one model to the next while each individual model is unique on its own merits.  Small conversion thrive throughout the army with a heavy focus on the theme of individuality.  Each model is unique and those that do not cover their face in that of a helmet have a face to call their own.  I often find myself lost in an hypnotic trace as my mind traces the features of each individual model.  Each one calling out to me like a siren in the night.  Begging me to bath them in the blood of Khorne.  The burden of the task snaps me out of my hypnotic state and weighs down on me heavily. I slide back into my hobby chair for yet another session at the sweatshop.


  1. Sorry to hear your already fractured psyche is crumbling even further. At least your army is looking boss, right?

    The voices in your head.

  2. Keep it up (the crazy and/or the painting)!
    I will keep an eye out for these traitors at GottaCon!

  3. JetLag is killing me right now. Fell asleep painting last night a 9pm. LOL!!! On the plus side of things I woke up at 0230am and couldn't fall back asleep. It was good as I just went right back into painting.

    Ricolope are you partaking in GottaCON? If so fantasy or 40k

  4. I lend GottaCon the use of my terrain for 40k and WarmaHordes at Paul's request. This year I'm only in the WarmaHordes team and doubles as I am running some rpg's.

  5. some sweet conversion work in there!
    i need closer looks!
    How do you feel about joining our blog group at:

    Be good to see you there!


  6. Thanks for noticing the small conversion work that I put into each of the models. I plan on showcasing 2-4 models starting in February. I will definitely join your blog network once I get some sleep.

  7. Wow, your traitors are looking great, buddy! While I am feeling your pain, the results are still stunning. It seems that, in spite of your initial misgivings about painting pale skin, you've found a fantastic formula for those traitors. Great job!

    The fact that each model is an individual in spite of the scale of the project is mind-boggling. Keep up the great work!

  8. Thanks for the kind works Krautscientist. I bored some of my conversion inspirations and the hue for my skin tone from your blog. In terms of the skin I went with Astronomicon Grey as a base, washed with Delvan Mud and thne highlighted with Space Wolf Grey. Like you I used some red and purple washes on sores, cuts and what not.