Wednesday, January 16, 2013

0 Return of the HOtpanda

"From the ashes of death after a long time away the evil that is HOTpanda returns." While this post may not be filed with gory images of my victims or eye popping candy photos of the models I am working on it is filled with my gratitude. Giving is something foreign to me as I prefer to take the souls of prey. However I feel that I owe much gratitude to those cultists that are devoted to my cause. You are the ones who fuel the fire under my furry little paws. I humbly bow down before each of you giving praises for visiting The Chaos Manifesto. Even with my disappearance into the eye of terror for the past three weeks the pages if the manifesto have been scoured diligently over and over each day. This humbles me and gives me hope for what the Gods of Chaos have in store for me.

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