Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1 WIP it Wednesday #33: Hungry like the Wolf

Ravenous is an understatement.  Starving to say the least.  Desperate, without a doubt.  Willing to eat anything, including a homeless man's face?  Hell ya!!!  With food shelters dishing out countless bowls of hot steaming soup I thought I would serve up a fresh bowl of Ravenous before I disappear for the next three weeks.  Cutting deep into the fat and straight to the point here is what I have been up to the past few weeks.
 As you can see the blood of the innocent have brought my traitors to life.  On the cusp of battle they too are willing to eat anything placed in front of them.  They have been gobbling up the pots of paint; one after another.  Each one adding to the depth of their vibrancy and complexion.  Each one of them an individual in their own right; willing to stab the back of the one next to him if that means a larger share of the kill.
The only thing that holds them back is alpha wolves that keep them in line.  Fuelled by the hatred of million men they lash out the bristles of my brushes.  Commanding me to paint them with the fury of Khorne.  Impatient in their ways they howl at me in the lonely hours of night.  Impeding my sleep with the screams of hatred I have spent the bulk of my time a slave to their hungry.
To those of you who are akin to the needs of their plight I warn you of the blight that is approaching.  The next three weeks will see the a famine here on the Chaos Manifesto.  Fear not though for when I return their will be a feast of images for all of you to gorge upon.  It is then that I will invite all of you to feed with the pack for we all are hungry like the wolf.

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