Wednesday, December 12, 2012

5 WIP it Wednesday #32: Platoon Command Squad

Tracing his grimy fingers across the prisoners face, he savoured the fear that filled its eyes.  They both knew what fate had in store for the prisoner; one of them cherished thought while the other one chocked on his own anxiety.  He wished in tongues of what his God yearned from his pathetic existence.   Just like how they both knew what was coming they both new the god that he talked about.  The trophies of his captors previous kills and the iconography that adorned his armour were clearly that of the Blood God.  The one drew his final breath as the other drew his chain sword.  The prisoner's last words echoed into the warp, "Save your souls for The Ravenous are here..." Wiping the bloodstain of the fallen off his face he stared down upon the master piece that he had just created.  The twisted smile spoke a thousand words.  Each word separated into five more.  Each one depicting countless acts of atrocities.  Each of them orders that were delivered from one man.  Fear was his tool and deception was his aid.  Surrounded with an entourage of traitors and thugs there was little doubt that he would stain the galaxy in the blood of the innocent.
Lets dispense with the descriptive words and cut down the meat away from each of these models.  Each one of them is a unique HOTpanda conversion, kitbash or whatever you want to call it.  Either way they are my models, they are my Traitor Guard Platoon Command Squad.  The Platoon Commander himself is primarily based off GW's Empire Wizard kit, which by the way is full of devious bits that are featured throughout my Traitor Guard army.  The face, rebreather mask and gernades are al form an Imperial Guard Command kit.  His left hand was stolen from a Forge World Renegade Militia Enforcer.  To help offset his frail appearance I wanted his right army to be that of a Vampire Crypt Ghoul.  The subtleness of this harmony creates a deception point from which the Platoon Command wields like a power sword.  

To the Officers right is the apple of my eye; a mutant.  Derived from a series of unlikely combinations this brute is beauty at its purest.  An Ork Nob torso, the legs and arms of a Cadian.  What puts this model over the top though is the mutated spawn head.  Last but not least is a dash of terminators armour.  Elegant.
Not quite as sophisticated as the mutate the skull faced Cadian model is just that.  Stealing a Chaos Marauder's mace and adding in some guitar string I feel that I have coveted this model with just the right amount of malice.  The next model lingers in background of each picture; lurking on the fringe of the peripheral, hiding the shadows.  Like the basis of the bulk of my models the body is comprised from a Cadian solider.  Repeating the same success from the Officer I gave this shadow operative arms from a Forge World Renegade Militia.  What is special about this figure though is that his head is that of a Secret Weapon Miniatures bit.  Specifically a sans helmet gas mask bit.  Clipping away the gas mask canister I was able to create a ninja like look to the model.   Last but not least is my take on Chris from Sippin' on Paint Water leather faced traitor. Gruesome is the only way to describe this chainsword wielding nutcase.

This is but the tip of the iceberg.  Wednesday WIPs will be feature each of the various 51 traitor guard that I myself have cobbled together.  Amongst the stains of their sins the beauty of Khorne can be found.  Each one of them is a unique model that I can call my own.  Each one twisted from the roots of their existence into some more foul then the one next to them.  Each of the more Ravenous then the other.


  1. Whoa, great work there, HOTpanda! The mutant and the guy with the skeletal face have got to be my favourites, and the maniac wielding the eviscerator is a true classic for every Traitor Guard force! Very excited for the rest of your traitors, mate!

  2. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. I really like the guy with the giant chainsword. He looks super scary. nice work.

  4. Incredible!! Great art work!! Your perspective is as valid as the next man's. Great blog.

  5. Thanks for all the compliments and words of encouragement. I have actually already worked out the paint scheme for the models and the painting assembly line is about to swing into full production.