Wednesday, December 5, 2012

4 WIP it Wednesday #31: Their Will Be Blood

With my army list in hand the path to destruction is now in my crosshairs.  My target GottaCon 2013.  The plan is take it down this year with a performance better than last year.  No easy goal by any means considering that I placed eighth overall, with a third place standings in sportsmanship and painting/modelling.  The tournament had sixty warlords vying for gods to smile down on them.  With this in mind I set out on building the models that I would need to take the convention down.  In total I would be building a foot army dedicated to the Blood God.  This army is to be spearheaded by a Renegade Space Wolf force that is joined by a company of imperial guard traitors.  In total I am looking at fielding a hundred and one models in a 1750pt game.  To be precise I am talking about forty nine power armoured freaks with fifty two traitor guardsmen.  Nothing to scoff at by any means.  
This past week I set about recruiting the fifty two traitors that the army was going to need. They are the cannon fodder, the work horse, for my blood filthy army. Looking deep into the dark vengeance that drives these renegades I set forth on creating each of them as an individualistic as possible. With a strong urge to have each platoon stand out from the one next to name I leaned heavily on the forge world's of chaos to provide me a hand.
Lingering on the edge of this cease pool of filth are two Lone Wolves.  Each of them keeping these scumbags from stabbing the back of the one next to him.  Each of them a ticking time bomb ready to be uleashed on my unsuspecting foes.  Personally I could care little about their pathetic existence as they are but a distraction of resilience.  If they die they will be replaced with by another outcast.  If they live they will be granted another chance to spill their own blood for the all mighty Khorne.   This is but a glimpse into the future for these warriors of chaos have only taken the first step in the evolution.  Minor adjustments to each them will be made.  Primmer and paint will be applied.  The outcome of what is to come is uncertain but thing is inevitable, there will be blood. 


  1. Damn, those are phenomenal. That's a good looking horde of evil maniacs!

  2. Those two maniacs in terminator armours look just great! Nice conversion spree indeed.

  3. @izeColt - I ended up giving each of the two terminator maniacs a cap each to further add to their air of unstability.

    @Zab - I have 5 more Guardsman still to bang off as I my comapny command squad has yet to be modelled yet. Getting tough as hell to keep banging out unique model after model though. I think i will run down to the GW store right now and see what I can dig up for a Company Commander.

  4. An empire battle wizard would make for a cool mini to convert or an imperial gaurd tech priest would be a good basis too.