Monday, December 10, 2012

5 Sister Champions of Chaos Contest: The Winners

Champions of Chaos come in all forms and sizes but it those that spread the word of its' dark ruinous powers that deserve to be rewarded.  Here at The Chaos Manifesto I want to celebrate two such individuals.  Both them not only preached the foul incarnations of the Chaos but they each perpetrated the Eye of Terror itself.  Their participation in the Standard Template Construct's contest, Champions of Chaos, have caught both my attention and that of the Gods.  Through their hard work and dedication to the ruinous powers they have made me cry tears of blood.  For that I thank them but more importantly I am here as a herald to reward them.  Without further ado the true Champions of Chaos, the winners, of my sister contest are:

Zab from Almost Perftec wins the Mystery Prize.

Cpyke from Angels of Death wins a GW Gift Certificate for $15. 

To claim your gifts from the Dark Gods each of you need to leave me a comment here on this post with how I can get in touch with you.  Congratulations to both of you for not only entering my contest here at The Chaos Manifesto but for entering the Contest over at Standard Template Construct.  To the rest of you please head on over to the Standard Template Construct and vote for what you consider t be the best painted and the best converted model.


  1. Awesome. Thanks Man. You can reach me via:

    sgt.zab at

    or have your cabal of psykers scream into the warp, but the gmail option is usually more reliable and you don't go through as many psykers ;)

  2. Woo Hoo! My e-mail is pykeman07 at
    Thanks alot!

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  4. Whoa, HOTPanda, that spambot just called you a doodlekit! Looks like you just got served ;-)

    Seriously though, great contest! Congratulations, guys! Zab, that Alpha Legionnaire looks ace!

  5. What the DOODLEKIT!!! Where does that spambot get off call me a DOODLEKIT!!! Of all post too; just had go and tarnish my contest with its' filthy words....Bahhhh!!!