Friday, December 21, 2012

2 Road to Gottacon 2013 - The List

Phone numbers, addresses, timings, appointments and the list goes on and on and on.  Each letter stains my hands and the words themselves squeeze my grip on reality.  Regardless of the strain that I am feeling I must remember one thing...that I have placed this burden on my shoulders and mine alone. The one task that weighs on me the most though is the seventy five traitors that are screaming at me to stain them with essence of life.  If their demands were not enough they have pledged a Vendetta against me as well.  Condemned to bear their needs alone, I feel the weight of the heavens as the Titan Atlas once did.
With the celestial spheres orbiting overhead and my eyes fixated on the future of my fate I pray to the Demi Gods for salvation.  The date of February first cast a long dark shadow over my existence.  The tournament is to take place that date and while it may seem distance in terms of time and space it is closer than you think.  Between now and then I will be traveling to foreign lands   Three and half weeks will be stolen from the preparation that is needed; leaving me with only twenty two days to weather the storm.  To ensure that both the traitors and myself will meet their fate I have created a list to keep me on track.
21 Dec - Red Gore/Blood Red
22 Dec - Thrakka Green Wash then Blood Red 
23 Dec - Seattle Football Game vs 49ers
24 Dec - Evil Sunz
25 Dec - Chardonnay Granite
26 Dec - Chardonnay Grinte and Nulin Oil wash

27 Dec to 16 Jan - Vietnam

17 Jan - Chardonnay Granite/Adeptus Battle Grey
18 Jan - Adeptus Battle Grey/Codex Grey
19 Jan - Codex Grey & Nulin Oil Wash
20 Jan - Paint Skin on all traitors
21 Jan - 4 x Grey Hunters 
22 Jan - 4 x Grey Hunters
23 Jan - 4 x Grey Hunters
24 Jan - 4 x Grey Hunters
25 Jan - Club Night
26 Jan - Lone Wolves x 2, Sanctioned Psyker and Long Fangs x 4
27 Jan - Vendetta 
28 Jan to 30 Jan - Basing and final touches
31 Jan - Prep for battle
01 Feb - WAR!!!
As one can see the tides of battle leave little time for error.  One slip, one stumble and all could come thundering down.  The battle will not be won in a single day but rather over the course of several.  If all goes according to plan I hope to have not only an army of traitors but belt victory wrapped around my furry little waist.


  1. Good luck. Let's hope the plague god doesn't hand you any nasty gifts this festive season...that would really be the plague fly in the Khorne flakes wouldn't it?

  2. Every year Gottacon gets tougher and tougher... at least I got an entry ticket to get my head kicked in. Faith in The Emperor is the Sisters best hope.