Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3 WIP it Wednesday #30: The Dogs Days are Over

As I sit here in my chair I am reminded of the days gone bye.  Not from the twinkle of an eye but rather from the blink of it instead.  It was in that moment that my regal life flashed before my eyes.  Back to the dog days when Sirius ruled the from his throne in the night filled sky.  The best days of my life when under his iron fist.  He pushed not only myself but those around me to the brink of insanity only to pull us back up to do it again.  It was during this moment in time that I delved deep into the corruption of my soul.  It was here that I found the home I had been longing for.  Through the profanity the output I put forth I was able to achieve new heights.  I had thought I had left these days behind but in the twinkle that same eye there was hope.  A hope for change in my ways.  A change to go back to the laurels that I built this manifesto upon. 
The Chaos Manifesto was born out of my insanity for chaos itself.  A love for the madness that it provided my soul.  It unleashed me from the shackles of the imperium.  It freed me from the stifling grasp of corpse emperor.  More though importantly though it embraced me in the warm of the eye of terror.  Here I was able to recruit the dogs of war in the name of the Nurgle.  It was here that I was able to corrupt the emperor's own lap dogs with the blood of Khorne.  It was then that I lost my way...
Lost amongst the stars of Sirius himself I drifted aimlessly through the Warp.  Deep and deeper into the madness of the hot summer nights.  At some point along the way I had closed my eyes and just went to sleep.  I had given up on not only myself but the cause that I had once so strongly craved.  Now that I have opened my eyes from the slumber that I was hiding under I realized what I had done.  Struggling to regain a grip on the reality that swirled around me I flounder before the Dark Gods.  Hiding behind a cloak of shame I deceived those around me.  I deceived those who supported me.  For that I apologize.
The time for sorrow and regrets is done.  Now is the time to create that same twinkle that had lead me down this path in life.  With the sinister words of the New Testament of the Dark Bible echoing in my ears I feel that now is the time to take back the night.  Now is the time for the birth of a new Champion of Chaos.  A new Chaos Manifesto.  One that stands on the foundations that it was built upon.  I ask you my cultist to give that opportunity to share with you my vision of Chaos for the dog days are over.


  1. Looking great so far mate, keep up the good work!

  2. It's the bow tie isn't it??? I was finishing up on my hounds when I just started randomly grabbing models. I ended up staying up till 1:30am that night.

  3. The bow tie does make the ensemble pop! I struggle to paint anything after 10pm, so fair play on keeping going till 1.30am.