Saturday, November 24, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins vs The Lost Room

Lost in the madness of discontent I began to foam at the mouth.  Blinded from the resentment of what what lurked behind the filth, I had to have what they were hiding from me.  Unable to comprehend the ether-scape of the world around me, I stumble into the darkness.  Relying on my other senses I cautiously looked for a way into their rooms.  Their rooms though possessed untold items of corruption.  I longed to caresses them in my delicate finger tips.  I longed to taste the acidic oder that each of them gave off.  Creeping deeper into the chaos I hunted for an opening that would grant me access; nothing presented itself though.  If I could not have the happiness that each of these items gave them then I would destroy all that stood before me and my envy.
What better way to represent the sin of envy then to house it in the chamber of a sniper rifle.  Embalming the model within the husk of a Vampire Ghoul I set forth on my journey into the inferno.  Along the way I scoured the fallen souls, of those who had given up.   A kroot rifle was the first item that I had found and knew at once that this would make the perfect weapon for envy.  I began to riffle through the dead bodies around me for I knew the final pieces to the golem were within my grasp.  A rotting marines corpse not only gave me an optic scope for reaching out into the horizon but a trophy for which to keep envy company.  I began to sculpt the envy into the decrepit sin that had once ruled its life.  Not wanting or allowing it to see what I possessed I gouged out it's eyes before I crawled out of the abyss. 

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