Saturday, November 17, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins vs The Lost Room

The hairs on the back of neck prickled as I crossed over the threshold of the room.  Inundated from the miasma the flooded my nostrils, I staggered back.  Shocked at the pungent stench that overwhelmed my senses I had to force myself through the door way.  As I crossed into the unknown my heart skipped a beat at what I had discovered.  A first glance the average person would not know what they had they had walked onto.  The room itself was nothing more than your run of the mill hotel room but it was the items that had caught my attention.  Fixated on a plethora of mundane objects my eyes jumped from one to the next.  Lost amongst the carnal sins that raced through my mind, I quickly become lost amongst the chaotic thoughts that raced through my head.
As soon as my eyes gazed upon the desk I new that I had indeed found nirvana.  Laid out before was a mountain of plastic crack that consumed my soul.  Corrupting the essence of my existence I knew at once what objects I had to possess.  The knife, the clippers and the glue for without them I would cease to exist.  Together these three items would allow me to immortalize the decadence of decay in all of its rotten glory.  Like the pieces of a mind bending puzzle laid out before I struggled with the idea of what had to be done.  Rummaging through the various boxes and bits I searched for the inspiration that would capture each of our sins.  Unable to concentrate on one sin alone I knew that I would become consumed and lost in this room.  Time was all but forgotten.  Hours slipped into days; days turned into nights; nights transformed into weeks.  Unable to pull myself away from the room I set forth on task at hand;  the se7en deadly sins. 
I have still yet to emerge from The Lost Room despite spending the past three weeks within it's grasp.  Here in its various forms I have checked in and out from one hotel to the next.  From one incarnation to the next.  Each time smothered and inundated with the Father of Decays urge to commit one of the se7en deadly sins.  Each model a testament to foul nature that Nurgle represents.  Over the course of this spectral prison I documenedt my servitude to the Lord of Rot.  Each post will transfix your gaze upon one of the se7en deadly sins.  Each post will explore the thought process that went into capturing their attributes and virtues.  Each post a lost shrine to Nurgle and one of the se7en deadly sins.  

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