Sunday, November 25, 2012

8 Saturday Shout Out #19: Contest-STC Champion of Chaos

The darkness clouds the mind when you walk out of the light for 12 days in search of knowledge. The 12 days of chaos is now behind us but the Standard Template Construct isn't ready to turn its attention elsewhere just yet. To truly celebrate all that is evil and new with our hobby we felt now was the best time to kick off our first contest. A contest that will rewarded not only the followers of Chaos but those of the Standard Template Construct.  Two Champions of Chaos will be rewarded a $50 gift certificates from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  If you think you have what it takes for the Dark Gods to smile down upon you then head on over to the Standard Template Construct.

A boon of Chaos has mutated this very essence of this contest and all those that seek to be exalted by the Dark Gods.  As a messenger of to those that are seeking a new champion I have been granted to reward two more followers of Chaos.  In order for me to even look your way though you have to leave a foul hearted comment here, be a follower of Chaos, The Chaos Manifesto and Standard Template Construct.  One of you that are a devote cultist will be chosen randomly by the gods themselves to receive an undisclosed gift.  While the second one will be chosen by those of you who help spread the word of Chaos by posting a shout out on your own blog.  Ensure that you leave a blasphemous comment on this post with a link to your own blog if you want to be considered by the Dark Gods.  This Champion of Chaos will receive a GW gift certificate based off of how many new followers that the Standard Template Construct receives.

00-19 New Members = $5
20-29 New Members = $10
30-39 New Members = $15
40-49 New Members = $20
50-up New Members = $25

As it stands right now the Standard Template Construct has 123 followers.    If you are still standing here is dismay at which gift you wish to be blessed with you are wasting your time and that of the Dark Gods.  Go forth now and do as they have commanded and perhaps they will smile down upon your feeble soul in the month of December.


  1. That's right more chaotic prizes from the Chaotic HOTpanda.

  2. Arrr...nope - that's a pirate. Raaaa! That's more chaos-ish...

    Link to shout out:

  3. Her's another link to a shout out to this contest and the STC one. It may please the gods more than my last link. Or maybe it'll just enrage them - hard to tell with chaos sometimes...

  4. I put this out on our blog, Fresh Coast 40k.

  5. I painted it for Chaos!