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2 Monday Musings of a Mantic #3: 1750pts Space Wolves

The blood of another coats my face in an oil slick film. Dropplets of the crimson ichor tickle my tongue with rage. Malice and wraith begin to course through my viens. Spewing out blasphemous words and litanies of hate. My corpse begin to contort and twist into impossible positions.  Enslaved for eternity to the only true God, I scream out his the various encarnations of its' name. Lord of Blood, Keeper of the Throne of Skulls and last but not least KHORNE!!!

Stumbling across the battlefields of death I come to the realization that the army Khorne wants me to lead is not my own but rather that of the blood on my face.  Sadden by its' lack of faith in my imagination I dare not question the God of Hate.  Its' voice reverberates through my feeble skull; causing hair line fractures through out it. Drawing upon the inspiration of others he allows me to make minor changes to suit my own needs.  I dare not show Khorne my appreciations through words as I know that the only thing that matter to it is loss of life but more importantly the spilling of innocent blood.  Furiously I scribble out the architect to animosity into flesh of my own body for all of you to see, scorn and criticize.

SPACE WOLVES - Main Detachment
100 - Rune Priest: Living Lighting & Stormcaller
100 - Rune Priest: Bolter, Jaws & Living Lighting (Exchange for 2 rolls on Divination)
085 - Lone Wolf:  Terminator Armour, Storm Shield & Chainfist
085 - Lone Wolf:  Terminator Armour, Storm Shield & Chainfist
175 - Grey Hunters x 10: Plasma x 2 & Power Axe
175 - Grey Hunters x 10: Plasma x 2 & Power Axe
170 - Grey Hunters x 10: Melta x 2 & Power Axe
170 - Grey Hunters x 10: Melta x 2 & Power Axe
115 - Long Fangs x 5: Missile Launchers x 4

IMPERIAL GUARD - Allied Detachment
070 - Primaris Psyker: Force Axe
030 - Platoon Command Squad:
075 - Infantry Squad: Krak Grenades, Flamer & Power Axe
075 - Infantry Squad: Krak Grenades, Flamer & Power Axe
075 - Infantry Squad: Krak Grenades, Flamer & Power Axe
075 - Infantry Squad: Krak Grenades, Flamer & Power Axe
045 - Special Weapon Squad: Flamer x 3
130 - Vendetta: Twinlinked Lascannons x 3 

1750 - Total Points

While the list itself is not Chaotic in nature the essence of Khorne is rooted deeply within its' bones.  While the list may play upon the strengths of the codex over the cannon of Khorne I ask that you here me out.  This army is but a moment in time for this renegade pack of wolves.  Still set in the ways of their forefathers reminisce of their past still linger.  The Rune Priest are the most prevalent of them and strike out in contrast to popular belief.  For me though I see it as the final string to a severed tendon; dangling by only a thread.  I look down upon them as the ancestor to that of the Dark Apostle.  Their mouths spit out guttural and blood-flecked gibberish that bestow the gifts of Khorne himself on to his followers.  Khorne simply loves them for their inner blood lust and hate.  Not quite refine in their ways of worship he turns a blind eye to their innocent and ignorant ways.  In time they will come to understand its' wraith and traits but until then Khorne will hold their hand within his clenched fist of rage.

What makes the Blood God smile upon them is their inner urge to the spill the blood of those around them.  Rushing forth into the fray of close combat this army lacks an overall presence of long range support.  It makes up for this with the sheer audacity of their close combat proneness.  All but two units are branded to the horrors that await them in the arms of Donnybrook.  They are but a means to an end, a distraction, a tool of destruction and bloodshed.  The darkness of corruption runs rampant throughout this army.  From the conglomerate renegade guardsman that have shed their heavy weapons for intimate instruments of war.  Bathing the enemies of Khorne in the inferno flames of his rage.  Combine with the duel Rune Priest this unit provides a wealth of dexterity both in terms of destruction and deterrence.  While they rush forward to the nirvana of death their brethren in arms, the Grey Hunters, stalk the peripheral of havoc for opportunities of violence.  These four wolf packs are the heart and soul of this army.   They are but disciples of Khorne Berzerkers.  While the two lone wolves are but a distraction of malicious fortitude.  Only time itself will determine the fate of the Imperium, while many will fall in his name their will always be war and blood for the Blood God.

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8 Saturday Shout Out #19: Contest-STC Champion of Chaos

The darkness clouds the mind when you walk out of the light for 12 days in search of knowledge. The 12 days of chaos is now behind us but the Standard Template Construct isn't ready to turn its attention elsewhere just yet. To truly celebrate all that is evil and new with our hobby we felt now was the best time to kick off our first contest. A contest that will rewarded not only the followers of Chaos but those of the Standard Template Construct.  Two Champions of Chaos will be rewarded a $50 gift certificates from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  If you think you have what it takes for the Dark Gods to smile down upon you then head on over to the Standard Template Construct.

A boon of Chaos has mutated this very essence of this contest and all those that seek to be exalted by the Dark Gods.  As a messenger of to those that are seeking a new champion I have been granted to reward two more followers of Chaos.  In order for me to even look your way though you have to leave a foul hearted comment here, be a follower of Chaos, The Chaos Manifesto and Standard Template Construct.  One of you that are a devote cultist will be chosen randomly by the gods themselves to receive an undisclosed gift.  While the second one will be chosen by those of you who help spread the word of Chaos by posting a shout out on your own blog.  Ensure that you leave a blasphemous comment on this post with a link to your own blog if you want to be considered by the Dark Gods.  This Champion of Chaos will receive a GW gift certificate based off of how many new followers that the Standard Template Construct receives.

00-19 New Members = $5
20-29 New Members = $10
30-39 New Members = $15
40-49 New Members = $20
50-up New Members = $25

As it stands right now the Standard Template Construct has 123 followers.    If you are still standing here is dismay at which gift you wish to be blessed with you are wasting your time and that of the Dark Gods.  Go forth now and do as they have commanded and perhaps they will smile down upon your feeble soul in the month of December.

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0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins vs The Lost Room

Lost in the madness of discontent I began to foam at the mouth.  Blinded from the resentment of what what lurked behind the filth, I had to have what they were hiding from me.  Unable to comprehend the ether-scape of the world around me, I stumble into the darkness.  Relying on my other senses I cautiously looked for a way into their rooms.  Their rooms though possessed untold items of corruption.  I longed to caresses them in my delicate finger tips.  I longed to taste the acidic oder that each of them gave off.  Creeping deeper into the chaos I hunted for an opening that would grant me access; nothing presented itself though.  If I could not have the happiness that each of these items gave them then I would destroy all that stood before me and my envy.
What better way to represent the sin of envy then to house it in the chamber of a sniper rifle.  Embalming the model within the husk of a Vampire Ghoul I set forth on my journey into the inferno.  Along the way I scoured the fallen souls, of those who had given up.   A kroot rifle was the first item that I had found and knew at once that this would make the perfect weapon for envy.  I began to riffle through the dead bodies around me for I knew the final pieces to the golem were within my grasp.  A rotting marines corpse not only gave me an optic scope for reaching out into the horizon but a trophy for which to keep envy company.  I began to sculpt the envy into the decrepit sin that had once ruled its life.  Not wanting or allowing it to see what I possessed I gouged out it's eyes before I crawled out of the abyss. 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

4 Monday Musings of a Mantic #2: 1750 Space Wolves with IG Allies

Discontent rages through my veins at both the Chaos Space Marine Bible and at a local promoter's , rules for an upcoming tournament of champions.  Frustrated at his decision to only allow battle brothers, I felt that my renditions of the ruinous powers were flat footed.  I could not get myself to stand behind any of the list I created let out pour my heart and soul into raising an army for the Dark Gods.  Beaten and bruise I sulked into the darkness of the warp where my wraith festered from within.  Turning my stomach into knots while contorting my thoughts.  As the blade cut deep into my skin my blood began to pour out onto the altar. Curdling instantly as the arcane words spilled forth from my tongue acting as the catalyst to ignite the air around me.  Blood began to drip from my eyes and ears as I bowed down before him as the Blood God himself answered my prays.

The following list is dedicated to the loving memory of the Blood God himself, Khorne.  While it may not place emphasis on the notion of a favourite number it does put bloodshed first and foremost.  Have a looks first then cry fowl after you have analysis the blood stains from which this list was documented in.

SPACE WOLVES - Main Detachment
215 - Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Thunder Wolf, Runic Armour, Storm Shield,  Thunderhammer & Fenrisian Wolves x 2
210 - Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Thunder Wolf, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Frost Blade & Fenrisian Wolves x 2
085 - Lone Wolf:  Terminator Armour, Storm Shield & Chainfist
175 - Grey Hunters x 10: Plasma x 2 & Power Axe
175 - Grey Hunters x 10: Plasma x 2 & Power Axe
180 - Grey Hunters x 10: Melta x 2 & Powerfist
180 - Grey Hunters x 10: Melta x 2 & Powerfist
120 - Fenrisian Wolves x 15

IMPERIAL GUARD - Allied Detachment
060 - Company Command Squad: Autocannon x 1 
040 - Platoon Command Squad: Autocannon x 1
060 - Infantry Squad: Autocannon x 1
060 - Infantry Squad: Autocannon x 1
060 - Infantry Squad: Autocannon x 1
130 - Vendetta: Lascannons x 3 

1750 = Total Points
As you can see I have created not one but three large blobs of warriors.  The two Thunder Wolf Battle Leaders and their pack of hounds, forty Grey Hunters and thirty seven renegades.  Throw in a long wolf and a vendetta and I have a grand total of ninety seven dedicated followers of Khorne.  The concept is to simply overload my opponent with a plethora of targets; each durable in size and threat.  The biggest threat is the Wolf Guard Battle Leaders and their dogs of war.  These two beast are wrapped in a protective bubble of fur.  If that wasn't enough I threw in some storm shield for those vulnerable situations.  They are the tip of the spear; the main detraction that will be ramming itself down my opponent face.  Covering their movement while be the blob of renegades.  Sliding in to provide some extra level of annoyance is the Lone Wolf.  Last but not least I have a Vendetta to provide some anti flyer support and if needed to carry the Platoon Command Squad as means to grabbing an objective.  Overall I think I will have a blast playing with this army but thought some of you could help me polish it first.  Cheers.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins vs The Lost Room

The hairs on the back of neck prickled as I crossed over the threshold of the room.  Inundated from the miasma the flooded my nostrils, I staggered back.  Shocked at the pungent stench that overwhelmed my senses I had to force myself through the door way.  As I crossed into the unknown my heart skipped a beat at what I had discovered.  A first glance the average person would not know what they had they had walked onto.  The room itself was nothing more than your run of the mill hotel room but it was the items that had caught my attention.  Fixated on a plethora of mundane objects my eyes jumped from one to the next.  Lost amongst the carnal sins that raced through my mind, I quickly become lost amongst the chaotic thoughts that raced through my head.
As soon as my eyes gazed upon the desk I new that I had indeed found nirvana.  Laid out before was a mountain of plastic crack that consumed my soul.  Corrupting the essence of my existence I knew at once what objects I had to possess.  The knife, the clippers and the glue for without them I would cease to exist.  Together these three items would allow me to immortalize the decadence of decay in all of its rotten glory.  Like the pieces of a mind bending puzzle laid out before I struggled with the idea of what had to be done.  Rummaging through the various boxes and bits I searched for the inspiration that would capture each of our sins.  Unable to concentrate on one sin alone I knew that I would become consumed and lost in this room.  Time was all but forgotten.  Hours slipped into days; days turned into nights; nights transformed into weeks.  Unable to pull myself away from the room I set forth on task at hand;  the se7en deadly sins. 
I have still yet to emerge from The Lost Room despite spending the past three weeks within it's grasp.  Here in its various forms I have checked in and out from one hotel to the next.  From one incarnation to the next.  Each time smothered and inundated with the Father of Decays urge to commit one of the se7en deadly sins.  Each model a testament to foul nature that Nurgle represents.  Over the course of this spectral prison I documenedt my servitude to the Lord of Rot.  Each post will transfix your gaze upon one of the se7en deadly sins.  Each post will explore the thought process that went into capturing their attributes and virtues.  Each post a lost shrine to Nurgle and one of the se7en deadly sins.  

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4 Haiku Thursday #54: Once upon a...

fairytales and lies,
nightmares once upon a time
blackness stains our eyes

Thursday, November 8, 2012

0 Haiku Thursday #53: The Room

lost amongst The Room,
prickled by your heartless skin
seamless was my dream

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

3 WIP it Wednesday #30: The Dogs Days are Over

As I sit here in my chair I am reminded of the days gone bye.  Not from the twinkle of an eye but rather from the blink of it instead.  It was in that moment that my regal life flashed before my eyes.  Back to the dog days when Sirius ruled the from his throne in the night filled sky.  The best days of my life when under his iron fist.  He pushed not only myself but those around me to the brink of insanity only to pull us back up to do it again.  It was during this moment in time that I delved deep into the corruption of my soul.  It was here that I found the home I had been longing for.  Through the profanity the output I put forth I was able to achieve new heights.  I had thought I had left these days behind but in the twinkle that same eye there was hope.  A hope for change in my ways.  A change to go back to the laurels that I built this manifesto upon. 
The Chaos Manifesto was born out of my insanity for chaos itself.  A love for the madness that it provided my soul.  It unleashed me from the shackles of the imperium.  It freed me from the stifling grasp of corpse emperor.  More though importantly though it embraced me in the warm of the eye of terror.  Here I was able to recruit the dogs of war in the name of the Nurgle.  It was here that I was able to corrupt the emperor's own lap dogs with the blood of Khorne.  It was then that I lost my way...
Lost amongst the stars of Sirius himself I drifted aimlessly through the Warp.  Deep and deeper into the madness of the hot summer nights.  At some point along the way I had closed my eyes and just went to sleep.  I had given up on not only myself but the cause that I had once so strongly craved.  Now that I have opened my eyes from the slumber that I was hiding under I realized what I had done.  Struggling to regain a grip on the reality that swirled around me I flounder before the Dark Gods.  Hiding behind a cloak of shame I deceived those around me.  I deceived those who supported me.  For that I apologize.
The time for sorrow and regrets is done.  Now is the time to create that same twinkle that had lead me down this path in life.  With the sinister words of the New Testament of the Dark Bible echoing in my ears I feel that now is the time to take back the night.  Now is the time for the birth of a new Champion of Chaos.  A new Chaos Manifesto.  One that stands on the foundations that it was built upon.  I ask you my cultist to give that opportunity to share with you my vision of Chaos for the dog days are over.

Monday, November 5, 2012

7 Monday Musings of a Mantic #1: Cult of Slaanesh

Excruciating nightmares caused by an ecstasy of seizure.  Sleep has all but escaped my mind.  Spectres and effigies flash before my eyes. The pages of the encrusted tomb burned into my memories as I turn the filth encrusted pages.  Screams of pleasure reverberate as I the incantations spill forth from my lips.  I have indulged in the path of Chaos and for that paradise is lost.

Lost amongst the pages of the New Chaos Space Marine Bible I have been pouring over its pages non stop.  Slowly but surely I have been etching the words into my memory.  Letting the words themselves echo inside my skull. I bath my self in the carnal knowledge of the Dark Gods.  Wanting to share in my bliss I offer you my cultist a chance to share your thoughts and pleasures.  
The list below is my representation of a Cult of Slaanesh.  Utilizing both the Chaos Codex and the Imperial Guard codex I feel I have found a beast with two backs.  A limb is missing from this carnal glutton of an army.  I ask you my fellow followers of Chaos how I should spend the remaining 117 points (2000pt army).  If you feel my choice are of poor taste or that I have an uncanny fetish for the useless I beg you to share your thoughts with me by leaving but a minuscule comment below.

Chaos Space Marines - Main Force

180 - Chaos Lord: Mark of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh, Burning Brand of Skalathrax, Power Weapon, Sigal of Corruption & Gift of Mutation
250 - Noise Marines x 12: Sonic Blasters x 12
250 - Noise Marines x 12: Sonic Blasters x 12
288 - Chaos Bikers x 9: Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, Plasma Gun x 2 & Power Weapon
170 - Heldrake: Baleflamer

Imperial Guard - Allies

090 - Company Command Squad: Sniper Rifles x 4 & Camo Cloaks
065 - Marbo
050 - Platoon Command Squad #1: Sniper Rifles x 4
065 - Infantry Squad #11: Autocannon & Sniper Rifle
065 - Infantry Squad #12: Autocannon & Sniper Rifle
065 - Infantry Squad #13: Autocannon & Sniper Rifle

050 - Platoon Command Squad #2: Sniper Rifles x 4
065 - Infantry Squad #21: Autocannon & Sniper Rifle
065 - Infantry Squad #22: Autocannon & Sniper Rifle
065 - Infantry Squad #23: Autocannon & Sniper Rifle

100 = Aegis Defence Line: Quad Gun

Total = 1883
The Traitor Guard are here to provide me with a plethora of troops that can actually provide some fire power unlike cultist.  I loaded up on autocannons for their general all purpose attitude.  The fourteen sniper rifles are there to help stack the odds in favour at taking out targets of opportunity.  Making a Nob's head exploded or a taking out a Space Marine Sgt is huge in my mind and worth the points if I can kill just one.  Add in the Defence Line for the Company or Platoon Command Squads to man and I have some anti air and a cover save.  Marbo is there for butt bubbles and giggles.  Want to see how he does at contesting objectives and or taking out walkers.
The Chaos portion is two medium sized Noise Marine Squads that can lay down a torrent of fire while still being able to claim objectives.  More troops never hurt in my mind.  The Lord and his Bikers are versatile unit that can help provide fire power and should do fairly well in close combat.  The Lord himself is a beast and should be able to take down most characters in a challenge.  His Burning Brand of Skalathrax should help BBQ the fat off of any unit as well.  They do have the flexibility to be outflanked thanks to the Lords steed.

Once again I ask you my fellow followers of Chaos how I should spend the remaining 117 points (2000pt army).  If you feel my choice are of poor taste or that I have an uncanny fetish for the useless I beg you to share your thoughts with me by leaving but a minuscule comment below.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

0 12 Days of Chaos: Day 12

On the twelfth day of Chaos my true God's gifted to me
Twelve Champions Mutating, 
Eleven Cult Sacrificing, Ten Zombies Moaning, Nine Daemons Possessing, Eight Marines Screaming, Seven Skulls Exploding, Six Slayers Slaying, Five Strange Things, Four Chaos Lords, Three Tyrants, Two Chaos Marks and Daemonic Immortality

The Eye of Terror pulsates as it's tendrils stretch out across the galaxy.  Casting a dark luminous shadow over the Standard Template Construct, thousands flock to worship the Dark Gods.  With promises of a new age, a dark age of blood and war, many are enticed to sell their souls.  The gift of mutation enticing both cultist and Chaos Space Marines alike.  At the apex of a brave new world the followers of the Standard Template Construct and Chaos stand on the cusp of greatness.  This is their time.  The Age of Chaos is now upon us.