Saturday, September 22, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #8

Derived from one of the se7en deadly sins, this prince of hell represents all that is greed, wealth and avarice.  In excess of materialistic desires it deprives all those around it from all that is theirs.  A blight to all those that crossed its' path.  Bursting from the vaults of hell with negative influences it deceives its' victims like a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Howling in delight at the moon it inflames their hearts with its' unrelenting greed.

Nurgle cares little for Mammon and its' fleshly necessities but knew he could harness its' gluttonous ways for his own wants.   In order for one to serve both himself, the God of Decay and greed Mammon would have to be striped of all its' possessions.   Like gasoline to the flame Mammon this aggravated it with an uncontrollable avarice.   Bound by the fear of taking nothing into the after life Mammon steals all that he can lay his petty little hands on.  Never able to fill its' inordinate desire to acquire more than it needs Mammon is enslaved for eternity to the Father of Decay.

In order for me to represent this model I wanted to strip this model down to the bare minimum.  Just as in Dante's Purgatorio the soul of this greedy goblin would have to be stripped bare and laid face down in the ground.  Deprived from being able to see the worldly possessions of others this model.  Unfortunately part of this imagery would senselessly prevent the viewer from relishing in the beauty of its' simplicity.  To combat this flaw I plan on blinding this demon of the night with his own fatal flaw.  In gaming terms this model will be nothing more than a naked imperial guard.  Hands and head stretched outright Mammon seeks to bath itself in the greed that he once basked in.

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