Saturday, September 15, 2012

0 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #7

The acrid smoke cloaked it in a mist of hatred and fury.  My eyes wept blood and tears from the blinding effect of the swirling murk's anger.  Unable to endure the wrathfulness in my eyes I was forced to keep them shut.  I felt its' chilling voice dance across my ears as it whispered its' hate inwards to my soul.  The meekness in me cringed in fear as it chilled my bones with it's black silky voice.  It began to drown my mind in the murky water's Styx.  The inner demons inside me clawed their way to the surface of my mind.  Like a sailor to a deadly siren of the sea I began to drowning in the wrath of their claws and venomous teeth.  Drifted further and further away from the surface of reality.  I died not from the blade that had slit both of my own wrist but rather from the inward hatred that corrupted my soul.

The before me was not that of demon from hell but rather a reflection of what lurked deep down inside me.  Unable to withstand the inner hatred towards myself I had opened up a window into the eye of terror.  Like a flood gate opening up the demons that resided their tainted my thoughts with their malicious hate.  Unable to divert the dark black waters of Styx I submitted my mind to the suicidal tendencies that lurked under the surface.  Condemned by Dante's Purgatorio to the third level of it's hell.  Here I became the monster that I saw in my final moments.  Claiming me as a champion of his own the Father of Decay has lashed me to my own inward hate.  A minion of his corruption I now collect the souls of those like myself.  My weapon is the inward asperity and hatred that they project out into the warp.  Turning it against them I am able to drown them in the riptide of my own wrathfulness.

In terms of representing this model on the table I plan on utilizing the Cairn Wraith from the Warhammer Fantasy line.  The similarities between the word wrath and wraith are what have drawn me towards this model.  Diving right into the hatred of this models appearance I find myself thinking of a grim reaper.  Unable to shake the nightmares images that this figure conjures up I simple could not resist the temptation to convert it over to the forty first millennium.  To symbolize the acrid smoke that swirls around the condemned souls of suicide I plan on arming it with that of a meltagun.  This arcane weapon of destruction smoulders from its own inward hatred each and every time it is fired.

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