Saturday, September 8, 2012

1 STC Saturdays: Se7en Deadly Sins, Se7en Deadly Models #6

Resentment fuels the green eyed monster.  It despises everyone around him and longs to inflict misfortune upon them.  The malicious driving force behind its motivations fuelled its purpose in life.  Never happy with what it has and always longing for the perceived superior qualities of those around him.  Emotional pains and knots of self worthlessness and a lowered self esteem have but consumed its' soul.  Schadenfreude has mutated this once benign creature into the green eyed monster that it has become.   Driven by the desire and pleasure to inflict misfortune to those around him.  Haunting and hunting along the peripherals of the imperium.  It plods along under a cloak of lead and its' eyes sewn shut with leaden wire.  What it is blind to is what it once had; god-given and humanly nurtured, in themselves.  Envy is all that remains.

To represent the envy that has consumed this creature of the the blight I am haunted by the fiendish nightmares of a ghoul.  Weighted down in a cloak of lead its hunchback shadow lurks amongst the shadows of your night.  Slightly stalking its' prey.  Having to rely on its' smell, taste, touch and hearing.  Stripped of its' ability to see what other have, stripped of its' primary sense of envy.  It has developed a supernatural sense of those around it.  Blessed by the Father of Decay with the gift of psychic sight this creature is able to find his victims with ease.  It may not be able to use its eyes for the purpose of envy but with its bestowed perception of Nurgle it mindless kills.  Distorted with the delusion that all those around it have something that he does not, it indiscriminately steals their lives and dreams away from them.

In terms of representing this model on table, there is no question that the imagery in my head is begging me to use that of a Fantasy Vampire Ghoul.  Stooped over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame it lends itself to Dante's Pergatory's leaden clock.  To further develop this ghoul into the monstrosity that I have envisioned I plan on using green stuff to sew its' eyes shut.  But what should I arm this envious creature with?  A sniper rifle perhaps?  Seems like the perfect weapon for a green eyed monster.  A paradox of imagery meshed into one deadly creature of the blight.

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  1. The Crypt Ghouls are among my favourite conversion fodder - good call on choosing the kit for your conversion ;-)

    As for the head with the eyes sewn shut, you don't even need to break out the Greenstuff: The Dark Eldar Hellion kit has a trophy of a wizened head with its mouth and eyes sewn shot. Then there's the champion from the Crypt Ghoul kit who doesn't have any eyeballs in the first place. And some of the heads from the Empire Flagellants may work as well.